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The third one is not superfluous. What is given for the third child?

The birth of a child for the vast majority of families is a welcome and happy event. There is nothing to measure this great joy of the birth of a new person. Parents are preparing for this meeting. And here often there is a material question, after all creation of conditions for a life of the small member of a family costs very much. Especially it concerns families in which there are already children.

Parents know that a state that declares support for families with children, pays a one-time allowance for the birth of a child, makes monthly payments until its 18 months of age. And after the second baby, mother has the right to maternity capital. And what does it take for a third child? In this case, parents have the opportunity to expect the same payments as after the second. A one-time benefit will also be paid at birth. In 2012, its size is 12,405 rubles (another district coefficient is added ). This benefit can be obtained by either the parent or the person who replaces them. If the future mother turned to a woman's consultation at an early pregnancy (up to twelve weeks), then she is entitled to one more incentive payment - 465 rubles with a district bonus.

Mom should know what is required for the third child , as for the second, the receipt of maternal capital. This fairly decent amount (387,640 rubles) can be used for certain purposes - for pension accumulation of the mother, for solving the housing problem, for the future formation of the newborn.

In addition to these one-off payments, the family will receive a monthly allowance until the baby is 1.5 years old. The amount that makes up this allowance corresponds to forty percent of the average monthly earnings of the parent. By the way, here the family can choose who will be more profitable to go on leave to care for the newborn - mom, dad, or another relative. Each of them has the right to do so.

Time passes, your baby is already walking around and funny, and you need to know what is given to the third child when he grows up. If he visits a kindergarten, one of the parents will receive monthly compensation for the payment of maintenance in the preschool. For the third child it reaches seventy percent.

Another privilege for the family will come from such a kid. The amount of the salary of one of the parents, taxed, will be reduced by 3000 rubles (and not by 1400, as after the first and second). This privilege is valid until the time when the total annual income does not exceed two hundred and eighty thousand rubles. Parents will be able to retire a year earlier, thanks to such a baby.

Having given birth to the third child, the family becomes a new status and becomes large. In accordance with this, she receives a number of privileges and privileges. If the parents decide to improve the family housing conditions, they will be able to take advantage of what they give for a third child: to issue a mortgage for a maximum period of 30 years, the first payment can be made only after three years, and the state will compensate monthly payments on a loan of 75 Percent. A large family has the opportunity to pay for utilities (gas, water, electricity, telephone) with a 50% discount. Thanks to this kid, all the children of the family will receive prescribed medication free of charge until the age of 18. That's what they give for the third child.

Parenting is a responsible and difficult job. Given this, the state adds each parent five days to annual leave for the third and each subsequent child. Children from a large family have advantages when enrolling them in pre-school children's institutions.

What is given for the third child? As you can see, a lot. And still, the main thing is not what gets for him, but what he gives. And this is the incomparable joy of creating a human being.

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