The false panel - what is it? False panels for kitchen and bathroom

Before you start the independent repair or renovation of the design of the living space, you need to familiarize yourself with all available options on the market. It is worth noting that their range is huge. Thanks to this, it is very easy to choose the necessary texture, color range, decoration. Designers recommend paying attention to the false panel.

What is a false panel?

By broad definition, this can be called the use of any overhead material for interior decoration or practical use. Its scope of use in the house is completely unlimited, as is the raw material from which it can be made, as well as their combinations (including plywood, fabrics, soundproof varieties, etc.).
In a narrow understanding, a factory removable falsh panel made of wood, chipboard, MDF, PVC, metal, plastic, ceramic tiles is immediately apparent. As a rule, it has a beautiful facing, at least on one side. The scope of the factory parts is limited depending on the properties of the raw materials from which the product is made.

If the choice of registration takes into account only personal preferences, then it is necessary to choose the right combination of materials and think over additional decoration, for example, the use of light sources. This solution will help in the case of aesthetic rejection to quickly change color, perception of the ornament, etc.

A false panel is used for kitchen, bathroom, hallway. If you choose the right material, it is perfect for finishing bedroom or living room. Practice shows that this kind is ideal in cases where it is necessary to hide the ineradicable shortcomings of walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or what you need to have constant access (pipes, shields). Rarely they are used as simple or sliding partitions, doors.


From the above, we can conclude that the appearance of false panels can be absolutely anything. Select a complex color or shade of the future finish is not problematic, you can make a pattern of many small drawings or, conversely, to collect a whole large picture of small elements. The false panel (prices from 2500 rubles and above) is presented in the market of building materials by a wide choice of color solutions and ornaments.

This material can be an excellent imitation of ceramic tiles, masonry or wood.

Disadvantages of false panels

If you use the false panel properly, then, as a rule, it has absolutely no disadvantages. The only thing that can serve as a limitation is the use of certain inappropriate materials in the field of application. For example, in the kitchen, it is undesirable to install a panel with a low level of fire resistance. It's at least unsafe. It is not advisable to use in the bathroom false panels of a material that is susceptible to moisture.

Features of false panels

Once you have decided on the appearance, you can begin to study the materials that make up this type of decoration, as well as its additional coverage.
The false panel made of chipboard is very fragile, it breaks down from moisture and temperature changes. It is clearly not suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. Partially these drawbacks of materials are eliminated. For this, water repellent impregnation is used, so that the area of possible use will increase significantly.
The use of a false panel describes the saying "Master's business is afraid" well. If you approach the installation with the mind, there will be no shortcomings (this also applies to installation). The main advantage is universality. This kind of decoration can be chosen for absolutely any room, as there are absolutely no restrictions in appearance.

Use of false panels in the kitchen

The false panel for the kitchen is most often mounted around the perimeter of the work area. Inserts of various shapes are also used to hide water pipes and meters. In the first case, a surface is installed that is easy to clean. In the second - a small section of the wall with a window, which is needed to not disassemble the entire wall, if necessary, is enclosed. When you install some of the sets at the bottom there is an interlayer between the floor and the place where the legs are fastened. There are panels for beauty and easy cleaning of the floors.

Bathroom flush panels

The false panel for the bathroom opens wide possibilities for bold solutions. It all depends on the imagination. The whole room is designed according to the idea or a certain part of it. Most often, the wall is sealed around the wall, to which the bathroom adjoins, a special adhesive tape forming a corner is used in the place of touch. This is done so that water does not flow through the cracks to the floor. Also often the sliding panels are installed under the bathroom itself. It turns out a homemade locker, in which you can remove some things. The bathroom should be well ventilated, so do not close the ventilation. At high humidity, fungal bacteria can appear on the surface in the form of mold.

How to mount a false panel?

The method of installation depends on the place of application. The simplest and fastest installation of a conventional wall involves the following steps (using a level):

  • To the wall with equal intervals are attached horizontally racks with long grooves;
  • Usually in each false panel on the sides there are special locks, they are inserted into each other;

  • A wall of the necessary length is assembled;
  • Pruning is performed;
  • The thresholds are set at the bottom and top, on which it will be possible to "roll" the wall;
  • On the inner side mounts are mounted, which will be inserted into the grooves (if they are not, then use a silicone adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape);
  • The floor corners can be fixed from below, the top is fitted;
  • All joints, where the construction is connected to the wall, are covered with decorative corners.

If the false panels are for a floor or a ceiling, then the mount must be different. The floor and ceiling are first leveled (the ceiling panels are identical to the wall panels ). It is desirable to fasten the floor firmly to the floor, so that the cloths do not suffer from deformation due to a constant load.

Installation of a false panel is the most acceptable procedure for the arrangement of any living space, whether it be part of a room or the entire interior. Installation is simple, but requires certain skills, and the scope and design will be to the liking of any consumer.

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