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Restaurants Chita: addresses, rating, menu

In the capital of the Trans-Baikal Territory - the city of Chita - more than three hundred thousand people live. One of the favorite ways of spending leisure time among local residents and visitors is to visit public catering establishments. We offer you information about the most popular restaurants of the city with a description of their location, cuisine, quality of service, feedback from visitors.

Popular Restaurants in Chita

The city has a large number of places where you can eat delicious and inexpensive, as well as a good time. We will tell only about the most popular institutions.

"Niyama." This is one of the most famous and visited restaurants of Japanese cuisine in the city. Many readers will be interested to get information about where he is. So, write down or memorize - Anokhin street, house 66. Numerous visitors note that any dish from the menu offered is characterized by excellent cooking quality, and the service is always at the highest level. Here you can taste real sushi and rolls, learn more about the variety of Japanese cuisine. The internal situation favors the creation of a good mood and coziness, for which this place is so much appreciated.

Restaurant with a nice, homely name - "Van Vanych . " It is located at: Petrovsko-Zavodskaya Street, 56a. Love couples and big, friendly companies like to come here. If you search for restaurants in Chita for a wedding, then choose your choice at this institution with a pleasant interior, live music and quality service. If necessary, you can retire in a separate room in a quietly intimate conversation. The original design of the prepared dishes will not leave indifferent any visitor. In the menu you will be offered classic dishes of European cuisine. A highlight of this institution is the holding on Wednesdays of Spanish evenings.

Restaurant "Golden Horseshoe" is located in the heart of the city, along the street. Tchaikovsky, 24. This institution attracts guests with exquisite interior and high-quality service. The offered dishes of European and Japanese cuisine will leave a pleasant feeling of satiety and the desire to come here more than once. Especially delicious in the restaurant "Golden Horseshoe" prepare steaks. In cold weather, you can keep warm with a cup of aromatic coffee, in the warm season the friendly staff will offer you refreshments.

Favorite institutions of the city

What other restaurants in Chita deserve attention?

"Mom Roma". This lovely restaurant serves traditional dishes from all regions of Italy. The restaurant is located along Lermontov street, house 9. Unusual interior, tasty dishes and courteous service make visiting a restaurant a real holiday. In the menu a large number of Italian salads, pastas, desserts. Also there are various master classes, in which anyone can take part.

Beer restaurant " Guranich ", located along Amurskaya street, 107a, is one of the favorite places of citizens. There are always a lot of visitors, so those wishing to relax in the "Guranche" should book a table in advance and make an advance payment. The restaurant consists of two halls for 100 seats. The creation of a cheerful, friendly atmosphere is facilitated by live music. One of the highlights of the menu is the freshest beer (more than 10 varieties), which is prepared in the institution itself. If you want to have fun and unforgettably spend time - come to "Guranich"!

Do not be upset if in the article you will not find information about your favorite restaurant, because in Chita there are a lot of them. We only talked about the most famous and visited.

Restaurants Chita: rating

In the city there are a sufficient number of establishments in which people like to come not only from local residents, but also from other regions. We offer a list that includes the best restaurants in Chita. Guest feedback is based on comments left on forums, discussions, social networks.

  • In the fifth place - "Van Vanych."
  • The fourth occupies the "Guranich".
  • On the third - "The Golden Horseshoe".
  • The second place is "Mama Roma".
  • The first one is "Niyama".


Let's take a closer look at what the best restaurants in Chita offer to their visitors.

  • "Niyama" - a wide variety of Japanese cuisine. Among them: "Chao Gio with chicken" (fried chicken with chicken filling), "Cha Gio with vegetables", "Ebi Tempura" (shrimp in batter), "Chizu Igay" (blue mussels with cream sauce), as well as large Assortment of rolls and sushi.
  • The restaurant "Mama Roma" offers an abundance of Italian cuisine at very democratic prices. Be sure to try spaghetti with cherry and basil, tomato soup, Caesar salad.
  • In the restaurant "Golden Horseshoe", in addition to the main menu, you will be offered lenten dishes: vegetable pancakes, cabbage schnitzel, buckwheat noodles, etc.


Restaurants of Chita are distinguished by delicious food, cozy interior, friendly staff and a warm attitude to their guests. Come to the institutions mentioned above, and you will see for yourself!

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