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Potatoes in foil in coals: the best recipes. Potatoes with fat in foil on charcoal

A picnic is an event that everyone loved and expected with impatience. Naturally, the main dish for any departure to nature is a barbecue (as an option - barbecue, although for our people it is almost the same thing). But only meat is not very interesting. Usually to it "accompanying" take the most different vegetables, eaten fresh or baked on a lattice. And of course, baked potatoes. However, not everyone likes root crops, plastered with ashes (although this has its own charm). If you belong to this category of people, you will surely like potatoes in foil (cooked in coals). It does not stain your hands and at the same time keeps all the flavoring qualities baked. In addition, you can experiment with it, diversifying the taste.

Potato in Spanish

It is not known why this recipe is called Spanish - it has long been used successfully in many countries. But since it was so customary, let it be believed that it is the Spaniards who are its authors. Preparing such potatoes in foil on coals is simple and does not require special additions to itself. Large enough tubers are taken, washed and dried. The foil is cut or torn into pieces, into which it is possible to wrap the potatoes. Inside put potatoes, it is poured a little olive (Spanish recipe!) Oil and sprinkled with salt. The tuber is soaked on all sides and tightly packed in foil. Hot coals move apart, they are laid "silver eggs" and are left at the same time, which is required for normal baking in the ashes.

Spicy plates

Potatoes in foil in coals do not necessarily have to be baked entirely. Sliced, it is even faster prepared. It will be very fragrant if you cut the tubers with thin plates, lay them on a piece of foil, add salt and sprinkle with a mixture of chopped onions, thyme and dill. The bundle will be about ten minutes old, only somewhere in the middle of the process it will be necessary to turn it to the other side, for uniformity of roasting.

Potato sandwich

The whole discovery can be potatoes in coals in foil, the recipe of which is supplemented by very tempting ingredients. Tubers are small, but not really too tiny. If the skins you do not like, you can clean it, but usually the potatoes are just washed and cut in half. The seredins are poured, and inside each potato is put a piece of sausage or ready meat, coated on both sides with plates of cheese. Potato halves are folded, the connected tuber is wrapped in foil and buried in coal for about a quarter of an hour. It has been experimentally established that this potato is the most delicious in foil (in coals), if it is "stuffed" with slices of smoked chicken breast.

Potato shish kebabs

If you have unused skewers, try using them to achieve a rather non-standard result. Take a small potato, cut in half. Hungarian bacon or spicy brisket cut into thick cubes. String them alternately on the skewer, tightly wrap with foil and send to the brazier. Get a very delicate potato in foil in coals with a nice meat addition. If you like a crust, then with an almost ready "shish kebab" remove the packaging and place the skewer on the intended place (not at the bottom of the brazier) until the appetizing "sunburn" appears.

Ukrainian fantasy

The national product of this country is in perfect harmony with popularly loved tubers. Potatoes with bacon in foil, baked on coals, quite suitable for shish kebab, or can be eaten and just like that. The tubers are washed, not too large just halved, the giants are cut with thick plates. On the flat part, a shallow mesh is drawn, which is sprinkled with salt, pepper and ground thyme. Parts of potatoes are shifted onion rings and thin plates of fat, combine into the original tuber and wrapped in foil. This delicacy is baked in the usual way.

Sour cream recipe

The offered potatoes in the foil on coals do not bake very long, but it requires some preliminary manipulations, which must be done at home before going to a picnic. Tubers are cleaned and cut into medium slices. A glass of medium-fat sour cream is combined with salt, ground pepper and seasonings - hops-suneli or Italian herbs will be just right. The sauce is poured into a pot of potatoes and mixed. Already on the spot slices are laid out in one layer on the foil sheet, wrapped and hiding in the coals. Readiness is checked by any sliver directly through the packaging: if it comes in softly, then you can eat.

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