New Year's compositions of sweets: a delicious gift

New Year - the time of magic and fulfillment of desires, the time to give gifts to all who have value in our lives. Before this holiday, the question arises: what to give to friends, relatives and friends? If you can not decide which gift to buy, try to make it yourself. The best gift is the one that is made by ones own hands, warmth and a part of the soul are put into it. We offer several ideas how to create unusual New Year's compositions from sweets: they will surely please everyone, because what holiday does it cost without sweets?

Variants of candy compositions for the New Year

If you include fantasy and remember all the attributes of the New Year, you can come up with a lot of options for creating candy compositions. The most common way - to make a Christmas tree of sweets. They can be attached to a simple tape, as a basis to take a bottle of champagne or a cone of cardboard. The advantage is to give candies in green packaging or decorate them with green tinsel - so the Christmas tree will look like a living one. Another option: decorate a small decorative spruce with the help of chocolates, fixed on the beads: you will only need to place the garland on the tree beautifully, and the Christmas composition is ready. New Year's compositions of sweets can be small and compact, then they are convenient to decorate a bottle of champagne, without which this holiday does not do. You can come up with a large ensemble: dress up a doll in a Snow Maiden costume, decorated with sweets, make decorative sleds, carrying fir twigs and candy gifts to children. Another popular option: a bouquet of chocolates. In this case, let it be decorated in a New Year style, use golden and silver colors, diluting them with bright colors. One more idea: New Year's compositions from sweets in the form of hours, showing 23.55. In general, there are many options, and the choice is yours.

How to make a composition of sweets and what you need for this

To make an unusual sweet gift, you might need:

  • Candy in a suitable coloring wrapper;
  • One-sided and two-sided adhesive tape;
  • Glue gun;
  • Tape tape;
  • Wooden skewers;
  • Floristic foam or styrofoam;
  • Containers for bouquets, wicker baskets or sleds, bottles with champagne;
  • Tinsel, beads, ribbons, colored paper or fabric;
  • Spruce twigs or artificial fur-tree.

Then the process depends on which version of the song you chose. We will describe the option with the clock. You will need a round box in which you can add small gifts.
It is wrapped with corrugated paper, beads are spread out the dial and arrows, along the perimeter fixes tinsel. On the side surface of the clock fasten the candy on a double-sided scotch. Over the candies tie a beautiful ribbon of silk or brocade. On the front side of the clock glued cones, fir twigs, arranged with a pair of sweets in wrappers of a different color.

New Year's compositions from sweets - an unforgettable gift

Having made a loved one such a gift, you will leave a mark on his soul. It will emphasize your warm relations, disposition and friendliness. We described only some New Year's compositions from sweets, the photo is seen in this article. But you just need to remember all the attributes of the New Year, and, perhaps, you will realize one more original idea of such a tasty and pleasant gift.

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