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Musical Comedy Theater (Novosibirsk): repertoire, history, troupe

The Musical Comedy Theater (Novosibirsk) exists since the middle of the 20th century. He is one of the most famous and eminent in the country. Repeatedly his performances and artists became laureates of the most important theatrical prize "Golden Mask".

History of the theater

A multiple winner of various festivals and competitions, the organizer of various projects, a participant in various experiments - all this is a musical comedy theater (Novosibirsk). Its history began in 1959. It was then, on February 2, its opening took place.

In 2001, the Musical Comedy Theater became the Laureate of the contest "Window to Russia". The founder was the newspaper Kultura. Novosibirsk's music was declared the best musical theater.

Today it is one of the best and most famous theaters in the country. Every year, the actors of the Novosibirsk Theater of Musical Comedy take part in various competitions, both regional and all-Russian, as well as international ones.

The theater took part in the pilot project. His musicals "The Viper" and "In Jazz Only Girls" were broadcast online on the Internet in the framework of the festival "Theatrical Web."

To stage their performances, the theater often invites the cooperation of the best artists and culture of Russia:

  • Honored Artist of Russia Vl. Firer.
  • People's Artist Yuri Alexandrov.
  • Honored Art Worker Ekaterina Elfimova.
  • People's Artist Vyacheslav Okunev.
  • Laureate of the Golden Mask award Gleb Filshtinsky.
  • Honored Artist Ilya Gaft.

And others.

On the territory of the park of culture and leisure is the Musical Comedy Theater (Novosibirsk). Photo of the building is presented in this article.


The Musical Comedy Theater (Novosibirsk) offers its repertoire to the audience as follows:

  • "Silvia".
  • The Golden Chicken.
  • "And the dawns here are quiet."
  • "Cat house".
  • "Bat".
  • "The Wizard of Oz".
  • "Mr. X".
  • "Women's tricks, or How to seduce a man."
  • "The Bremen Town Musicians".
  • "Tristan and Isolde."
  • "Flying ship".
  • "Hanuma".
  • «White Acacia».
  • "Cipollino."
  • Cyrano de Bergerac.
  • "Puss in Boots".
  • "12 chairs".
  • "Zoykina apartment."
  • Charlie's aunt.
  • "The mystery of the third planet."
  • "Eight loving women."
  • "Baby elephant".
  • "Viper".
  • "A Tale of Cinderella."
  • "There are only girls in jazz."
  • "Khoja Nasreddin".


The Musical Comedy Theater (Novosibirsk) in the new season 2015-2016 will present several new productions to the public. The most anticipated of them is a two-act musical "Wii" based on the story of Nikolai Gogol. The performance is recommended to viewers not younger than 16 years. The libretto was written by Nona Krotova. The plot tells of three students who went on vacation and lost their way at night in the steppe. When they reached the first farm they came to, they asked to stay overnight. One of the three young men named Homa Brutus was determined to spend the night in a shed. There he turned out to be a strange old woman who turned out to be a real witch and decided to ride it. Homa managed to resist her charms and threw it off her back. But the old woman suddenly turned into a beautiful young pannochku. Now Homa will have to stay for three whole nights with a service near her body in an abandoned church. Khutorianka Alyona is a beautiful and clean creature, protecting the immortal soul of the protagonist. The musical is filled with mystical scenes, which alternate with reckless sketches of everyday life.


The Musical Comedy Theater (Novosibirsk) has gathered under its roof talented vocalists, dancers, choristers and orchestra members. The troupe consists of five laureates of the most important national theater prize "Golden Mask". Three of them have the title of People's Artist of Russia. They are: Alexander Vyskribentsev, Ivan Romashko and Olga Titkova. And two honored artists of Russia. They are Veronica Grishulenko and Vera Alferova. In addition, three more honored artists of Russia serve in the theater. They are Lyudmila Chaliapina, Marina Ahmedova and Vladimir Valvachev.

Artistic director

The Musical Comedy Theater (Novosibirsk) is headed by Honored Artist of Russia Leonid Kipnis. First he graduated from the theater school, then the institute and graduate school. Leonid Mikhailovich began his career at the Novosibirsk Philharmonic as a reader, and eventually became its artistic director. The theater of musical comedy Leonid Kipnis headed in 1995. He contributed to the development of musical comedy, with it the repertoire became more interesting, the performances now win awards at festivals. Leonid Mikhailovich is an enterprising and purposeful person. In 2004, the theater organized a festival called "Other Shores". Performances musical comedy 8 times became laureates of the "Golden Mask" and repeatedly diplomatists. In 2008 L. Kipnis became the laureate of the contest "Man of the case". In 2010, on the initiative of L. Kipnis, on the occasion of the Jubilee of the Great Victory, two theatrical performances were staged: "And the dawns here are quiet ..." and "In early May". In addition to the actors of the theater, the students of the Novosibirsk Conservatory took part in the productions .

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