Motor wipers: maintenance and repair. Do not work wipers: what to do?

The windshield cleaning system on the car should be serviced periodically. This is necessary for her to work properly, because the system can refuse at the most inopportune moment. To avoid this, you need to follow a few simple guidelines. Let's see how the engine of the janitors is serviced and repaired, what are the weaknesses of the system and what to pay attention to first.

Safety on the road above all

Whichever electronic security systems a car is equipped with, it is necessary to follow all this. As practice shows, least attention is paid to janitors and the elements of this system.

Many ignore the symptoms of failure of the same motor, trapeze janitors or injectors. While working - well. That's why the system remains unattended from the purchase and until the sale of the car. However, the wiper motor has its own specific resource, which increases significantly if the unit is serviced periodically.

Do not work wipers: ways to eliminate breakage

In the event of failure of this unit, it is recommended first of all to pay attention to the mounting block and the integrity of the fuse and relay. If everything is in order, then we proceed to the next stage. When no fluid is applied to the windshield, it is immediately necessary to check the lines. It is likely that one of the tubes jumped off the tee and the omyvayka just pours out under the hood.

To correct such a situation is quite simple. It is necessary to remove the lining under the hood and connect the hose to the tee. In some cases, the procedure can be performed without dismantling the protection, simply by bending its edge.

Checking the highway, go to the nozzles. Over a long period of operation, they can clog. To clean them, you can use the most common needle. If the wipers do not work after this, then go to the motor.

Repair of the wiper motor

This node in most cases is performed unattended, that is, not collapsible. But experienced drivers do not stop this. Especially it concerns those cases when there is no extra money for a new motor. To do this, we take the fabric for metal. You need to cut the motor at the transition point (step). We disconnect into two parts and see the anchor, winding and core.

All these parts are usually not in the best condition and usually have traces of corrosion. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the motor components. This is fine grained sandpaper or other similar means. For example, the engine of the VAZ wipers has such a weak point as an oil seal. Over time, it cracks and lets the liquid into the body, causing the parts to become covered with dirt and begin to rust. This can disable the device.

Rubber Seals

Gaskets and gaskets are made of rubber. Over time, they lose their positive properties. Due to temperature changes, they become dubbed and cracked, the same happens due to an aggressive environment. For this simple reason, the oil seals need to be changed periodically.

If you do not do this, it is possible that the device will fail. At the next maintenance of the glass cleaning system, it is desirable to change the oil seals and rubber gaskets.

Do not forget that the wiper blades themselves are also rubber and they should also be checked regularly. Often, replacement is carried out once a year. If the brushes are made of silicone and of high quality, they can pass for a couple of years, but hardly more. This is due, again, to temperature fluctuations.

Replacing the wiper motor

If the time and desire to do self-repair is not, you can just buy a new motor and install it in place of the old one. But first of all you need to make sure of its malfunction. Often, it happens in the wiring, a fuse burns or contacts become oxidized. All this can lead to the fact that the motor will not give signs of life.

We check the wiring at the points where it is connected to the motor. You can use a multimeter. If the voltage is applied to the contacts, then it's the motor itself. If not, first check the condition of the fuse, and then look for a break in the circuit.

All these procedures will not take much time, but the result should eventually be. For such work on SRT can take several thousand rubles, or even more. Therefore, it makes sense to do it yourself. If the matter is still in the motor, then it must be changed or repaired.

Steering column malfunction

This node often fails on vehicles with high mileage. Usually it is serviced throughout the life of the vehicle. Over time, the contacts burn off, which becomes the main cause of malfunction of the stern switch.

It can both be repaired independently, and simply replaced with a new one. The second option is naturally expensive. Depending on the car brand, the switch can cost from 2 to 20 thousand rubles. It is quite logical in this case to do repairs, especially since there is nothing complicated in this.

We dismantle the switch and conduct a visual inspection for defects. If there are burnt out contacts, then we pick up the soldering iron and fix the situation. Almost always the stalk switch can be repaired, exceptions are only cases of broken boards, although there are craftsmen.

Let's sum up the results

The price of a janitor's motor is very different depending on the car. Usually it costs several thousand rubles for a VAZ and is more expensive for foreign cars. If only the pump changes, then everything is simpler. When the whole assembly with the electric motor leaves for replacement, the cost of such a pleasure is not small.

In any case, it makes sense to audit the system, find the failed parts and try to repair them, if not go - change to new ones. It is worth highlighting the following main malfunctions of the glass cleaning system according to the main features:

  • Do not work janitors at all speeds - most likely fuses blown or their contacts oxidized;
  • The system operates only in intermittent mode - the relay may be damaged;
  • The gearbox works and the brushes do not move - the teeth of the gear are lagged or the crank nut on the gear is not tightened.

As for other breakdowns, then everything is individual. In one case, the problem can be covered in a faulty injector, in another case in a pump. A thorough inspection from the smaller to the larger in any case will lead you to the node that failed.

For example, the motor of the rear wiper is broken extremely rarely, since it is not operated so intensively. Modern cars are equipped with one pump, both on the front and rear windows. This somewhat simplifies the task, because the less details in the node, the more reliable and simpler it is.

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