Mandarin tree at home - the golden fruit in your home

Going to grow a mandarin tree at home, it is better to buy dwarf or slightly grown varieties. They are less whimsical, and places take up a bit. For these purposes, early-ripening mandarin varieties, which originate from Japan, are remarkable.

Mandarin is an evergreen perennial plant. Belongs to the family of the rutas. The native land of the mandarin tree is South-East Asia. It has dark green leathery foliage. Blossoms homemade mandarin tree in spring with fragrant white flowers. The mandarin tree of the house will grow to a height of one meter. Fruits ripen closer to the autumn and can hang on the branches for several months. On one plant can ripen to seventy fruits.

Mandarins love sunlight, therefore, placing a mandarin tree at home, it is best to choose bright sunny rooms. And with the onset of spring heat, the plant feels remarkably fresh in the open air of the balcony or veranda. If there is a garden site, then you can prikopat mandarin in the ground, without removing it from the pot. In the winter months, a homemade mandarin tree is best placed in a light, cool room. The air temperature in it should not be above 12 degrees, this condition is necessary in order that the next year the plant bears fruit.

Watering the plant in the summer months is plentiful (several times a day), and with the onset of winter - shrinks to moderate as the earth's coma dries up (several times a week). Permanent water of room temperature is used for irrigation. To increase the humidity of the air to the desired degree, you should place a container with water near the plant. It is also necessary two to three times a day to spray the mandarin tree at home with water at room temperature.

From April to September, experts recommend each week to introduce into the soil of the mandarin tree complex mineral fertilizers or organic origin. If the plant is plentifully fertilized in the summer, then its fruits will have a sweetish taste as a result. It is necessary to water the plant and before you are going to apply fertilizer. In winter, the plant is fertilized in much smaller quantities, and it is best to stop feeding altogether.

He loves not only light, but also warmth. Therefore, try to maintain the temperature of the soil and air (with the exception of the winter period) at least 18 degrees.

Transplant mandarin tree at home is necessary every year in the spring until the plant reaches the age of eight. After this, you can transplant every two years. The optimal substrate for this plant is "Biohumus", you can also use the "Rose" primer.

Reproduction of mandarin occurs either by grafting, or by seeds and cuttings. If you are going to grow a plant from a bone, then you must do it immediately after extracting the seeds from the fetus. For planting, light, fertile soil is taken . The first shoots appear about a month later. It should be remembered that in the first months, tangerines grow quite slowly. This seedling will bear fruit only at the age of four to five years. Mandarin tree, obtained from the stone, must necessarily be planted, since it grows from the usual wild game with very small fruits.

Vaccination can be carried out in two ways: by a cuticle or eye. For successful vaccination, it is necessary to choose a time when the sap flow begins. Usually this happens in April. During this period, the plant bark is easily separated from the wood itself.

Mandarin tree at home is sometimes affected by red spider mite, various types of scales and citrus whitefly. Therefore, you should closely monitor the condition of the plant and take timely measures to destroy pests.

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