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"Life as it is": actors of a touching film

Do you like good movies? Pay attention to the picture "Life as it is." Actors will not be able to please you with their talented game.

The main characters are Holly and Mercer. After the first date, the couple did not even think of meeting again. However, there is such a thing as fate. The goddess of heroes, Sophie, is deprived of her parents. They are tragically killed. Now, according to their will, all the care for the baby falls on the shoulders of Mercer and Holly. In a word, it's no wonder so many fans have won a film called "Life as it is." The actors showed an incredibly touching story. About love, about understanding, about family.

"Life as it is". Actors of the magnificent film

So, more. Actors and the role of the film "Life as it is" are chosen perfectly. The film was directed by Haygle Catherine (Holly), Duhamel Josh (Eric Messer), Lucas Josh (Sam), Smart Jean (Helen), Love Fazon (Walter), Hendrix Christina (Alison Novak), Nangiani Cumail (Simon) and many others . In a word, the film "Life as it is" of the actors gathered very talented. To look at their work means to receive real pleasure.

Katherine Heigl

The film crew of the film "Life as it is" stands out in the first place thanks to the game of this wonderful actress. Catherine was born in 1978 in Washington. Literally immediately after the birth of the future star, the whole family moved to New Kennen. My father was the financial director. Mother - the sales manager.

At the age of fourteen, the actress made her debut in the movie titled "That Night", after which she was noticed by the director Steven Soderbergh. He invited her to shoot the movie "King of the Hill." A year later, the girl played in the drama "My father is a hero." For this work, Catherine was nominated for the film "Young Hollywood." This movie masterpiece was followed by a succession of the following: "Prince Valiant", "Make a wish," "Dublyshi." At this time, the actress moved to Los Angeles and began to withdraw more and more often. Practically every year receives the next prize.

In 2007, the girl marries the singer Kelly Josh. Over time, the couple adopt two girls. The actress is also known for her charity work. Supports a special program "Donation of tissues and organs."

Josh Duhamel

In the film "Life, as it is," the actors perfectly played absolutely everything. Josh Duhamel is a vivid example of this. The future artist was born in 1972 in North Dakota. My mother was a teacher of physical education. My father worked in the advertising business. Parents divorced almost immediately after the appearance of his son. The boy stayed with his mother, but the father in the upbringing of Josh did not stop taking part.

After graduation, Duhamel enters the State University of Mainot at the Faculty of Biology. In parallel with his studies, the guy is in favor of the University team for American football. A little later becomes a model. Begins to appear in music videos and various commercials.

The actor made his debut on the screen in the series "All My Children" in 1999. This role was followed by many other works. However, the audience accepted it only after the shooting in the film "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Well, the greatest fame brought him a film about transformers.

In 2004, I met Fergie, the soloist of the ensemble Black Eyed Peas. Five years later, the couple formalized their relationship officially. Currently, the couple live in California.

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas was born in 1971 in Arkansas in the family of a doctor and a nurse. When the future artist was thirteen years old, the family moved to Washington. There, the guy took a great interest in the school acting group. And I was able to achieve great success. After graduation I went to Hollywood. From morning till night I went to various castings. As a result, he achieved small roles in the films "Desperate Dad", "Survive" and "Child of Darkness, Child of Light". Gradually, the acting career developed. Josh began to be invited to appear in Australia.

Special fame came to the artist in the 2000s. After the screenshots of the paintings "Dancer", "American Psycho", "You can count on me", "The weight of water", "The Ninth Session", On the very bottom, "he gained special popularity. Subsequent pictures: "Unfinished Life", "Stealth", "Hulk", "Poseidon", "Playing by other people's rules", "Red Dog", "Love Management". Josh Lucas's wife is Enriquez Jessica. In 2012, the couple had a son.

So, in the film "Life as it is" (2010), the actors played just superb. Spend your free time watching this movie. Be sure, you will not regret!

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