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LCD «New Switzerland»: reviews about the residential complex, layout and description

Vsevolozhsk, being the center of the eponymous district and having excellent development prospects, is actively built up by new housing complexes. One of them is called LCD "New Switzerland". It effectively stands out among its neighboring buildings with its architecture of ultramodern style. This applies not only to the appearance of its facades and buildings in general, but also to the layout of apartments, public areas, and adjacent areas. Live here for those who managed to buy an apartment, it will be comfortable, but also prestigious.

However, for the residents of any complex, the comforts that the developer provides them and the quality of work always come first in importance. What in this regard can boast LCD "New Switzerland"? What kind of infrastructure will there be, a transport interchange, what kind of ecology is around, which is also important, how is the construction progressing, and most importantly, when, finally, will holders receive long-awaited keys?


The city of Vsevolozhsk is located next to St. Petersburg. The center is only 25 km by car. The neighborhood of Bernhardovka is located even closer from the northern capital, which is one of its main advantages. In the south-western part of this neighborhood and began to build LCD "New Switzerland". The place has been chosen very well, because next to it is a large transport artery - Khristinovsky Prospekt, along which you can reach the Road of Life in a matter of minutes. From this point to the Ring Road only 7.8 km. The address of the new complex: Pochtovaya Street, 16. It is between the Sovietskaya and Bibikovskaya streets. Prospect Khristinovsky is located 300 meters from the LCD, a little further passes the railway. The complex is surrounded by urban buildings, where for a long time everything has been landscaped, there is a developed infrastructure, around cleanliness and order, many green spaces.

Transport facilities

With regard to transport accessibility, you can rate 4 out of 5 LCDs in New Switzerland. Vsevolozhsk does not yet have a metro. From its western outskirts to the nearest metro stations, and this is the "Prospekt Bolshevikov", "Dybenko Street" or "Ladozhskaya", 14-odd kilometers.

The residents of the complex can get there by shuttle bus No. 430, and on the minibus No. 530 you can reach Finlyandsky railway station. Public transport stops are located 300 meters from the LCD. 200 meters further there is a railway station. By train, you can also come to the central transport hub - Finland Station, spending only 20 minutes.


Interest holders of LCD "New Switzerland", of course, it is nice to realize that they will live in a beautiful and ecologically clean place. There are no industrial enterprises in the district. St. Petersburg from Vsevolozhsk is relatively close, but the distance is quite sufficient so that the suburbs do not reach the harmful emissions of industrial enterprises. Near the LCD, literally 350 meters, flows the river Lubia, and begins the park Sofiyivka, smoothly turning into a forest.


"New Switzerland" - a residential complex, which has already changed three developers. Started the implementation of the project company Stroyservis. Then the complex had the name "Bernhardovka". Then the relay was transferred to the developer "Onyx". Although he has a good reputation, but it also did not work, and the LCD went under the patronage of the company "Pro-Invest", which is completing it at the moment.

This is a whole group of companies, formed in 1999. Initially, she was engaged only in supplies of finishing and building materials. The priorities of the management were the professionalism of the employees, flexibility in solving the tasks set, an individual approach to all clients without exception. As a result, Pro-Invest quickly became one of the leaders of construction holdings in the Leningrad Region. Now, along with supplies, it performs the whole complex of works on the erection of real estate - from design to implementation to consumers. Together with the New Switzerland LCD, Pro-Invest is working on the projects of the Officers LCD, which is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of this year, and the Pavlovsk Etudes LCD project, due in 2019.


The complex "New Switzerland" is small in scale. It occupies only 3100 m 2 . In this area, 2 houses are being built. The first smaller complex, it is planned to build only 30 apartments. In this building there are 5 residential aboveground floors and 1 non-residential, ground floor. The second complex, for 100 apartments, has 1 basement floor and 7 above- ground floors , of which the first is an administrative and economic floor, and from the 2nd to the 7th - residential. In the courtyard of the complex, the developer plans to equip recreation areas, a place for children's games and a sports ground. In the basement floors parking will be placed. In addition, additional parking will be done on the local area. On the first floor of the seven-story building will accommodate 13 pantries, offices, lounges, bargaining points, billiard club, cafe, wheelchair.

Despite the fact that no other infrastructure is planned to be built, the holders of LCD "New Switzerland" leave the reviews benevolent. Within a radius of 2500 meters from the complex there are shops Pyaterochka, Magnit, Dixi, a hospital, private medical clinics, a polyclinic for adults and children, several pharmacies, a gymnasium, a lyceum, four schools, more than ten kindergartens, four refuellings, Shops, there is even a boarding house.


The complex "New Switzerland" was conceived for a very original project. Here we use non-standard solutions for glazing, setting angles, the concept of placing one house in relation to another. Entrances to both buildings are located from the yard, which is planned to be made without fencing and protection. Entrances to public facilities (cafe, billiard club and others) are planned to be made separate from the opposite side of the building.

In the spacious entrances of both buildings will be located elevators, but the question of the expediency of the presence of the concierge has not yet been decided. The construction of the LCD "New Switzerland" is carried out in a monolithic frame manner. External walls are built by technology for the northern regions. That is, they are provided with three layers, one of which is insulating with an isover. A distinctive feature of the complex is the installation of gas boilers in each apartment, which will enable residents to independently adjust the heating output.

Apartment layout and features

In the housing estate "New Switzerland" from the developer of the company "Pro-Invest" the housing stock has 130 apartments. They have a distribution by type.

In the first building:

  • 64 units of one-room apartments with a total area (S) from 23 to 48 m 2 ;
  • 30 units of two-room, S = 51 to 66 m 2 ;
  • 6 units. Three-room, S = from 76 to 77 m 2 .

In the second building:

  • 20 units of one-room, S = 40 to 45 m 2 ;
  • 5 units. Two -room, S = from 59 to 64 m 2 ;
  • 5 units. Three-room, S = from 76 to 82 m 2 .

All apartments in the "New Switzerland" are rented only with a rough finish (glazing of loggias, electrical installation, connection of communications, screed floors, plastering of walls). The layout of many apartments is as non-standard as the design of buildings.

The options are as follows:

  • The entrance hall is spacious, but without a dressing room, the bathroom is combined with a bathroom, the kitchen is of regular shape with an area of 8-9 m 2 , the room is either regular or trapezoidal with slanting corners, the loggia is very large with a width of 6.25 m and is located at the level of the kitchen and the room.
  • All elements of the apartment are standard shape with classic straight angles, large entrance hall with dressing room, separate bathroom and bath, kitchen from 10 m 2 , large loggia.
  • The spacious entrance hall, combined bathroom and bath, kitchen and the rooms are spacious, trapezoid, the loggia is small in the form of a triangle.
  • There are also a number of apartments without loggias and without balconies.

LCD "New Switzerland": reviews, prices

The complex began to build in 2012, at the same time put the apartments on sale. The starting cost of one-room was up to 2 000 000 rubles. Now there are almost no apartments left on the market, but you can buy them on assignment. The cost varies in the following ranges:

  • One-room - from 2 400 000 to 2 875 000 rubles;
  • Two-room - from 3 302 800 to 3 773 000 rubles;
  • Three-room - from 4 343 000 rubles.

With LCD "New Switzerland" there are:

  • Sberbank.
  • Transcapitalbank.

You can buy an apartment by paying 100% immediately. In this case, there is a discount of 100,000 rubles. You can also make a mortgage. Conditions in banks are different. So, in "Transcapitalbank" the loan is given for 30 years, subject to an initial payment of 20% and a rate of 12%. There are several mortgage programs in Sberbank. For any of them, the loan is issued for no more than 30 years, the initial payment can be from 10%, the rate is suggested from 10.75 to 12.5%.

Progress of construction and execution of work schedule

LCD "New Switzerland" fell into the category of "long-term construction". It began to build in 2012, putting the deadline in the third quarter of 2015. But even by the end of this year, the communications and facade work in the small building were not completed. The deadline was shifted to the second quarter of 2016. And again the builders did not have time to complete the planned work. About "New Switzerland" showed a report in the news, saying that the deadline for delivery of the complex was again shifted for the fourth quarter of 2016. According to the schedule of works, it was necessary to complete the glazing of the facades, the installation of ventilation, the finishing of the MOSFET, the installation of the heating system and the installation of gas boilers, as well as landscaping the territory.

As of 01.12.2016, part of the works, including the facades and the installation of the heating system, was completed, but there was no complete improvement. The final delivery date was set by the developer for the first quarter of 2017, but the building permit was extended to the third quarter.


In Bernardovka should become one of the dominant LCD "New Switzerland". Reviews of the housing complex co-investors, patiently waiting, when they are given keys, are quite positive.

The dignities of future tenants:

  • Good ecology around the complex;
  • Satisfactory transport interchange;
  • A good infrastructure, while many objects can be reached on foot, without using transport;
  • Unusual design of buildings, modern, beautiful;
  • Presence in each apartment of gas boilers.

Notable shortcomings:

  • Multiple transfer deadlines;
  • In the area of the construction of "New Switzerland" there are not enough reliable communications, to which the complex will also be connected;
  • The absence of pre-finishing in the apartments;
  • Prices are higher than the declared category of housing.

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