How do the mites look under the skin, and what kind of danger do they represent for us?

Spring brings with it not only the spring mood, but also aggressive mites. How do the mites look under the human skin? What kind of danger are they in themselves? These and other questions will be answered in our article.

Where are they found?

Typically, ticks live in areas with a fairly dense vegetation. By the way, the opinion is erroneous that these arachnid parasites jump on us from the trees. In fact, ticks sit on the grass and randomly cling to our clothes, and then crawl under it, looking for the most vulnerable to the bite place.

Where do the mites bite?

Before we find out what the mites look like under the skin, let's figure out where they bite us. In principle, these creatures can suck anywhere, but the most popular places are:

  • neck;
  • Axillary hollows;
  • Inguinal folds;
  • And other places with thin skin and abundant blood supply.

Getting on the body of a person, a tick searches for a long time, where would it suck. Note that this process can take up to 4 hours! During this time, the parasite can be found.

How do they bite?

If the tick was not found in time, then it begins the process that is most important for itself. He bites the human skin in such a way that we do not even feel it. Then he just digs into the wound.

Do you know why we do not feel their bites? Because these parasites know how to allocate a special analgesic substance.

How do the mites look under the skin?

Externally, the sucking tick becomes like a large mole with protruding paws. If you suddenly feel that a new birthmark has suddenly appeared on your body - be wary! Sometimes such birthmark can be a significant danger for you! This is how the mites look under the skin!

It is curious that on animals these parasites look somewhat differently. It is understandable: cats and dogs are not able to pull the mite on its own until it dries up their blood and turns into a ball. Have you seen what a tick looks like in a dog? This is a real gray-green ball! Look at the photo below.

What time can they be on our body?

The attached tick can hang on our body for several days! Then there are two options for the development of the situation:

  • A sucked blood parasite falls off on its own;
  • Begins to penetrate into deeper layers, multiplying and provoking a dangerous infection - encephalitis.

What if you found a tick?

  • If a tick is found on your body, you must contact the emergency room.
  • If you can not get qualified help for some reason, the tick will have to be taken out by yourself. Do not yank it at once, so as not to tear your abdomen. For half a minute, shake the parasite out of the way, and then carefully and smoothly remove it.
  • Do not cauterize the parasite sticking out of your skin with alcohol, do not oil it and do not sprinkle with salt.

Instruction sheet

So, let's sum up all the above.

  • The symptoms of a tick attacking you are quite imperceptible - its bite is painless.
  • After the introduction of anesthetic fluid, the parasite begins to suck its proboscis to one of the blood vessels and thus feed.
  • Since the mite is usually found until the moment it disappears, the main sign of its presence is a protruding abdomen resembling a birthmark.

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