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Collecting natural amber is called amberophilia. It is called "Sea Tears", "Sunny Gift" is a poetic and very beautiful name. Adherents of this stone collect collections of ornaments, figurines, various hand-made articles, but fossil amber nuggets are of particular interest. Petrified resin has the most unusual colors, shape and size. Experts have up to 250 varieties of it, the differences are not only in color, degree of smoothness and transparency, but also in the place of occurrence. The colors of the stones are extremely diverse: the color of honey, cognac, wax, black tea, from bright golden to brown. There are watery-transparent, reminiscent of ice, greenish, cherry, black and many other colors and shades.

The most valuable specimens of collections are inclusions - clumps of fossilized resin with a petrified insect inside. There are stones containing spiders, beetles, termites, cockroaches, cicadas, crickets and many other insects. Amber is unique, containing a shell of a shellfish, a web or a bird's feather. Rare collectors can boast of a specimen, inside of which stiff sketches of life, for example, mating insects, a fragment of an anthill with ants. Amber products containing inclusions of insects are not cheap and are not sold in stalls and kiosks.

Strong> Collecting natural amber is an unusually fascinating, unusual and mysterious activity that gives the age of nuggets. A piece of petrified resin in the palm of your hand, mentally carries to the seashores, sand dunes, bright sun.
In its depth sparkling multicolored lights, illuminating the diverse landscapes of different eras.

Collectors acquire such stones with inclusions not only because of its unusualness, the stone is the bearer of the history of the planet. After all, specimens of living creatures, enclosed in stone, make it possible to draw conclusions about the development of the animal and plant world of the Earth. There are nuggets, which since the formation of more than 50 million years. In those distant times animals lived on Earth, forests and plants grew, extinct in the process of evolution.

In recent years, there have been cases of fake natural amber using modern synthetic resins. Such falsification is fairly easy to recognize. A natural stone is always warm, sunny, radiating positive energy. Most importantly, it is never cloudy and dull.

Since ancient times there have been beliefs, as if this stone brings happiness, well-being, protects from harm. The ancient Greeks symbolized it as a sign of victory, and believed in it, as in an amulet. The stone was called the name of the star from the constellation Taurus - "Electron": radiant and warm, it seemed, it was a particle of the star Elektra. Assumed that it increases the energy of the owner, gives confidence and strength.

Currently, collecting is the most common hobby in the world. According to polls conducted, 52% of respondents answered that collecting is their most favorite occupation for them, which brings to their life many positive moments. Such an occupation favors the filling of the home with a special atmosphere, when the favorite objects emit their energy. In addition, thanks to this hobby widens the horizon of a man who wants to learn as much information about his favorite things.

It should be remembered that collecting is associated with a heavy workload, in the sense of time, because it will be necessary to search and read a wide variety of information, communicate with other amateurs, go to benches, auctions and shops. Although, all this will bear fruit.

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