Effective expectorants in pregnancy

In order to avoid colds and viral diseases during pregnancy, it is necessary to take care of your immunity beforehand, even before its onset. However, this does not always work, and, accordingly, there may be a cough, a cold and a temperature when the woman is in an "interesting" position. Of course, first of all, when these symptoms appear, you need to talk with your doctor. In this case, the treatment can be very difficult, as many drugs are contraindicated in this period.

It is worth paying attention to expectorants during pregnancy, which can be used, since dry cough often causes discomfort and unpleasant moments. In addition, mucus, accumulating in the lungs and bronchi, can lead to serious complications.

If we talk about such mucolytic drugs as Bromgexin, Ambrobe, Ambroxol and the like, in the first trimester they are categorically contraindicated, since during this period almost all vital functions and organs are formed. At later dates, a specialist can prescribe any of these drugs, but only on strict indications, since the risk of a negative effect on the fetus still exists.

The antitussive drug "Codeine", close in properties to morphine, is not used throughout pregnancy. Other cough suppressants having a central effect, for example, "Sinekod", "Dastosin", "Oxeladin", not depressing the respiratory center, may be recommended at a later date (in 2 and 3 trimesters) in a short course and only after agreement with the treating doctor .

Good expectoration are expectorants in pregnancy, based on natural ingredients. In the pharmacies are presented various collections of medicinal herbs. In addition, you can refer to the arsenal of traditional medicine. It is believed that facilitates cough cherry juice (better freshly squeezed), decoction of the flowers of the viburnum (use the fruits of this plant).

Expectorant collection, offered in pharmacies, contains a large number of various medicinal plants, including chamomile, leaves of plantain, mint, coltsfoot, etc. However, there are also contraindications, for example, individual sensitivity to any component, So before using it is important to carefully study the annotation. You can prepare the collection yourself, for this in equal proportions take the common oregano, fruits (dried) raspberries and mother-and-stepmother (leaves). A tablespoon of mixed ingredients is poured into a glass of boiling water and insisted for some time.

It is recommended, as an expectorant during pregnancy, to drink on an empty stomach and before dinner a glass of warm water in which a small amount of soda and salt is stirred. The resulting solution can also be used as a rinse aid. Freshly squeezed cabbage juice with sugar also works great for separating sputum. In diseases of the respiratory tract, a decoction of cabbage with honey is used.

Expectorants during pregnancy are sometimes necessary. If in the first months you should not use medicines, but rather resort to folk medicine, then at later dates some medications can be prescribed by a doctor. So, the medicine "Stoptussin" is a universal remedy possessing antitussive and mucolytic action. Such drugs include "Glycodine".

It should be noted that expectorants during pregnancy should be used strictly in the dosage and according to the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor. Do not self-medicate. This will allow a woman to avoid negative consequences that can affect the fetus.

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