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Central Ring Road of the Moscow Region - scheme and features of the object

The Central Ring Road refers to the central ring road of the Moscow Region (the diagram is presented below). The Central Ring Road will be much longer than the existing MKAD. The decision to build such a wide ring was made taking into account the prospects for further expansion of Moscow and the suburbs, increasing the intensity of air pollution in the city and transport overload.

The Central Ring Road of the Central Ring Road

The total length of the new highway will be 525 km. According to the project, construction was to begin in 2011, but it was postponed until 2016. The year of completion of construction should be 2022. According to other sources, the construction will be completed much earlier - in 2018. At the same time, all works require about 300 billion rubles. On the scheme of the Central Ring Road, shown in the figure, you can see where it will pass.

Travel on the new road will be possible only on a fee basis. Free will remain traffic on the nearby road - the Moscow small ring.


The track will consist of 8 lanes (4 in one and 4 in the other direction). In the middle will establish a separating barrier. The motorway will not enter the territory of the settlements. At the junction with other highways complex systems of interchanges will be created. According to the decision of the authorities of the Moscow region, the development of roadside infrastructure will go no less than the construction of the highway itself. This amount will be about 350 billion rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of the project

The construction of the central ring road of the Moscow region under the scheme will allow to take away a significant part of the transit traffic from the capital. This will lead to a decrease in the traffic load of the capital and a decrease in the level of air pollution. It is assumed that the route will improve the economic situation in the region. Lower the cost of goods transported, as the fuel consumption of trucks will decrease, and the time for delivery of goods to destinations will be reduced.

The disadvantages will be the introduction of fare to compensate for construction costs. According to ecologists, such a route can worsen the ecology in the Moscow region. There are also grounds to believe that during the construction process, the use of funds will not take place for the intended purpose, and additional expenditures from the state budget are possible.

In 2012, just over half the population spoke out against the construction of a toll motorway.

Ensuring road safety

Throughout the world hundreds of thousands of people die every year from an accident. Active motorization in our country also caused a large number of victims on the roads. In addition, many routes are poorly equipped with security systems, or they are completely absent. Therefore, at present all motorways under construction and reconstructed are equipped with road safety systems. The Central Ring Road of the Moscow Region will not be an exception. The route scheme assumes the equipping with modern traffic control systems. Along the road there will be rest areas, roadside cafes. This will enable drivers to rest and gain strength, which will reduce the likelihood of an accident. The track will also be equipped with tracking points for weather and heliports.

Construction of the central ring road

For the construction of money will be allocated from different sources. Both public funds and private companies will be involved. The state will allocate subsidies, as well as attract funds from the National Welfare Fund. In total, there are 5 stages of construction.

After the completion of the work, a single operator for the entire road will be appointed. He will be selected on a competitive basis.

Work on the project of the Central Ring Road of Moscow Region (the scheme of which has already been approved) continued for 4 years - from 2008 to 2011. More than a hundred organizations and institutes specializing in design work were involved in the development of the project. The head organization was the company Soyuzdorproekt, which, at the moment, is represented in the form of OJSC. The central ring road began to be built after Vladimir Putin signed an assignment in April 2012. During the contest held in 2014, the organization Stroygazconsulting LLC was chosen. It will lead the construction and overhaul of the first sections of the motorway.

In 2018, it is planned to open a constructed site for free passage. Its total length will be 49 km, of which about half will be held in the suburban area of Moscow.

The first stages of construction and the nearest plans

The construction began on August 26, 2014. The opening ceremony of the first stage was attended by the Mayor of Moscow S. Sobyanin, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Governor of the Moscow Region, the Director of Rosavtodor. The construction of a CCP was called breakthrough for the city of Moscow, the Moscow region and the Central District. Contractors are sure that creating a large number of interchanges will make the road too congested, which will reduce the maximum permissible driving speeds and make the route look like a city street suffering from traffic jams. Therefore, the number of interchanges can be reduced.

Approximately 120,000 cars can be redirected from MKAD to a new route by the end of 2018. Great problems in the construction is not expected, since the road will go to sparsely populated areas.

Landscaping of the adjacent territories will be carried out in the zone of a kilometer strip on either side of the highway. It will include the construction of engineering infrastructure, roadside service facilities, logistics centers. This will create a large number of new jobs.

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