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Aliexpress in Russian: how to place an order? How to fill out the address on Aliexpress?

The relevance of goods from China is growing every day. Thanks to the online store Aliexpress to buy an inexpensive and high-quality thing, whether it's clothes, shoes or electronics, anyone can. In this article you will learn not only how to choose a seller and place an order, but also about how to fill out the address on Aliexpress and in case of an unsuccessful purchase open a dispute and get your money back.

What is Aliexpress?

The largest online store became known to users of Runet in 2010, when the site was fully adapted to the Russian-speaking audience with a convenient conversion of prices into rubles. The Aliexpress website in Russian is a large portal where buyers and sellers meet to make profitable transactions. The advantage of this online store is that on it you can find very high-quality and inexpensive goods with free delivery anywhere in the world.

Did you like the clock for $ 1? Boldly order them from the seller and rest assured that you will not have to pay for shipping. That is why the Chinese online store has become such a popular source of profitable purchases in Russia and CIS countries.

Today in Aliexpress not only retail, but also wholesale purchases are made. It is advantageous for individual entrepreneurs to purchase lots of inexpensive goods for sale in retail chains and stores. In addition, on Aliexpress you can find copies of famous brands of clothing, watches and equipment, which is also in high demand.

How to choose a quality product?

Everyone knows that Chinese goods are not famous for their quality. That's why you need to be very careful about shopping on Aliexpress. But the site helps to easily navigate the quality of goods and the good faith of the seller. So, what is worth paying attention to:

  • The seller's rating, which can be checked in his personal profile.
  • Feedback from other customers about the selected product.
  • Terms of delivery and payment.
  • The analysis of the prices at other sellers of the similar goods, to find which it is possible, using a form of search on a site.

How to place an order on Aliexpress?

First you need to go through a simple registration procedure, indicating your reliable contact information. On the page of the goods you like, you need to choose the color, size, etc., and also carefully study the terms of delivery of the order. In most cases, the seller provides free shipping.

After selecting all the parameters, you need to click the "Buy Now" button. On the appeared page of filling in the form it is required to specify the address and contact phone correctly. The delivery address on Aliexpress is one of the main parameters of a successful purchase. By specifying incorrect data, you risk not receiving the parcel at all.

How to fill out the address on Aliexpress?

Many users face some difficulties in filling out the delivery address. In fact, there is nothing difficult in how to write an address on Aliexpress. It is necessary to understand that for the Chinese post the main criterion will be the country, for example, Russian Federation. And then, in what city or region will the parcel go, is the concern of the employees of the "Post of Russia". Therefore, you can fill in the address in the following ways:

  • Enter the data in any online translator and get the English version, write it into the order form. For example: Gagarin Street in the English version will look like Gagarin Street and so on.
  • Fill the address with translit. In other words, rewrite the Russian variant of the address in English letters. For example, ulica Gagarina. For correct transliteration, you can also use online services.

The experience of most users shows that the latter option is much more acceptable for employees of the "Post of Russia", who are not always competent in English. How else can I get acquainted with the ordering on Aliexpress? How to fill out the delivery address and correspond with the seller, you can also learn from experienced buyers of this well-known online store.

After the seller sends the order to your address, he must send the track code, which you can track the movement of the parcel. However, for small items worth 1-2 dollars, the track code is not necessary. And the seller must notify his customers in advance.

Forms of payment for an order on Aliexpress

After filling the address on Aliexpress it turned out correctly, you can proceed to the calculations. Another advantage of the online store Aliexpress is the various ways of paying for the order without commission system, which are convenient for all categories of buyers:

  • Electronic commerce ("Qiwi-Wallet" and WebMoney).
  • Payment by Visa / Master Card.
  • International Western Union translation.

Aliexpress is holding an interesting event for new users who are going to pay their first order with the help of "Qiwi-Wallet". When you buy a small, but nice cash bonus is credited to your account - 50 rubles.

Before placing an order, please check with the seller exactly which settlement method it supports. According to the rules of the system, dispatch of goods is carried out only after payment of its full value.

How to open a dispute and get your money back?

Of course, no one is immune from unsuccessful purchases. This can concern both the quality of the product or its size, and the deformation of the packaging during shipment. To protect the rights of buyers, the Aliexpress system provided a convenient system for crediting funds to the seller's account. That is, while the buyer does not receive the goods and is not satisfied with his stated compliance, the seller will not receive money blocked in the system.

If the buyer is dissatisfied with the thing, he can open a dispute and make his claims to the seller. To do this, you must without fail take pictures or shoot the process of opening the parcel on the video. Thus, the buyer will always have the opportunity to defend their rights. The correspondence with the seller can be conducted in English, using any online translator (how to fill out the address on Aliexpress with his help, we reviewed above).

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