What should I do to keep my beloved man loving?

It's great if you have a beloved man. But how to preserve that rampage of feelings, which was at first, for many years?

Be not only loved, but also a friend

Try to create an atmosphere of complete trust in your relationship. Do so that a beloved man could simply be himself with you, so that he does not need to appear strong and omnipotent. Either way, he will be weak in something. But the difference is that if you let him show this weakness, he will trust you more. He will share with you his thoughts, plans, fears and doubts, without fear of condemnation and contempt. If you show that you need an ideal man without shortcomings, his weaknesses still will not go anywhere. It's just that he will carefully hide them, not devoting himself to your thoughts and feelings.

If you think that a loved one has acted wrong, "turn on" a friend. Imagine that your dear is just your good friend. How would you behave in this situation? Usually men do not really need advice, they try to solve all the problems themselves. Just show support. You can say something like, "Yes, of course, you were not quite right, but what has been done can not be changed. Now let's build on what we have now. In any case, I'm on your side. Do not worry, we We will cope with this situation ... You are strong / wise / ... a person. Everything will be fine. " If you "cut" the darling, it will not change anything. If a man realizes that he was mistaken, he will scold himself for doing wrong things without you. Do not pour oil on the fire and put pressure on his self-esteem. Be allies. Let your favorite guy know that he is loved and appreciated with all his shortcomings.

Do not be "Mummy"

The maternal instinct is laid in us, but do not despise your unspent love for a man. He is an adult and an independent person, albeit it remains so. If you become superfluous to patronize a sweetheart, soon he can, as they say, "sit on your neck and legs to hang." Or he will become tired of your excessive guardianship and rise up against you. Both options do not suit us. Let your beloved man make decisions independently and be responsible for their consequences. Even if you see that his actions will lead to a sad outcome, do not insist. Express your opinion and leave it free to choose. Otherwise, instead of a support, you will get another child. A man is not capable of bright feelings for a woman who behaves like a mother.

Include feelings in full

Allow yourself to love! Love yourself and give caress, care and passion to your beloved. Do not let your relationship turn into a "sluggish schizophrenia." Let you have fun, joint hobbies, adventures. Do not let life "sour"! Experiment!

Also do not forget about any "pleasures". For example, write him a gentle or passionate SMS, when you're not around. You can come up with some original personal gift to your beloved man. Create your personal traditions - for example, in the morning to drink coffee and talk about something. You create your own life! Work on this.

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