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What does the bull dream about? ...

About what happens to a person in a dream, scientists of the whole world think for many centuries in a row. However, no one so really could understand the phenomenon of sleep, no one is ready to explain how an entire picture, real short films with an intriguing plot can appear before our eyes. Often we can not even remember what we dreamed, but sometimes, waking up, we are not able to throw the dream out of our heads all day.

At such moments, as a rule, we are tormented by one question: why did I dream about this? I'm not familiar with this (a), I'm so far away from it, I did not even think about it ... Why?

You can find answers in the dream book, thankfully, these benefits are now more than enough ... So if you decided to find out why you dreamed about Aladdin in a dream and what a camel is dreaming about, it 's time to look into a dream book - maybe there you will find an explanation Inexplicably, as reliable as possible.

Let's look at how to use a dream book, for example. Let's say you wanted to know what the bull is dreaming about.

It should be remembered that this dream is interpreted in every dream book in different ways. One value is good, the other is bad. And such disagreements in the interpretations do not mean at all that the interpretation is a lie. Every dream is a flow of information, and it can contain a clue, a solution to a difficult problem, etc. Therefore, do not underestimate your visions and dream books. So, what does the bull dream about?

In the ancient Persian dream book of Taflisi it is said that if you saw a bull in a dream, then in your affairs you are doing everything right, you are serious and wealthy. That is, you are acting in the right direction, and your line of behavior is the only true one. The children's dream book tells you that you are healthy and successful.

Before you look in the dream books, what the bull dreams about , you need to remember as accurately as possible what actions he did in relation to you, or you to him in your vision. This is very important, because it will help you to properly interpret the dream. Therefore, try to briefly and clearly formulate what you dreamed.

For example, if you buy a bull in a dream, you will certainly be waiting for success in your affairs and endeavors. And maybe you want to know what the bull, where you ride on, dreams about? The Persian singer will reply that this is a good sign: a high-ranking official will ask you for a favor. If in this dream your bull is black, then you should certainly fulfill the task received by the official - it will bring good benefits. And some wonder why the bulls are dreaming - not just one, but a whole herd. So, if you dream that you are controlling a whole bull herd, then, most likely, you will receive a promotion, you will become a boss, and in your submission there will be a lot of people. Perhaps this dream portends career growth for you. But if the bull picks you up on the horns or pushes you and throws you down, then be careful: maybe your colleagues are spinning intrigues against you, try not to fall for their bait and avoid being fired. If the bull hurts you, you need to be more careful doubly: your competitor wants to get your place, and he will do everything possible for this. If in a dream you kill a bull, then, as the Egyptian dream book of the Pharaohs foretells, your enemies will be killed. But do not take the murder literally - perhaps physically they will be intact, but morally - destroyed.

We must also remember the physical condition of the bulls. The more accurately you describe it, the better - so your dream will be more understandable. For example, you could just dream of a bull hide. Here you should already ask not the question what the bull dreams about, but the question of what the bull hide dreams about. If you saw this element in your dream, then you will have a good inheritance. By the way, if you saw the tail of a bull, then this vision has an identical skin value. Try to remember, skinny bulls were or well-fed. If they are strong and powerful, then prosperity awaits you.

So, we hope, with the example of a bull, you understood how to interpret your dreams. The same thing you should do if you want to know what a camel, an elephant, a dragonfly dreams about, etc. Whatever the dream, the pattern of interpretation is simple: as precisely as possible, formulate what you saw, since each element has a value.

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