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Victor Chukarin. Biography of the legend of Soviet gymnastics

Chukarin Victor is a gymnast whose biography is known to many residents of the former USSR. In 1940-1950-ies he became a legend of Soviet, as well as world sports. Viktor Ivanovich combined universal physical training, circus virtuosity, dexterity and devotion to the cause. All his life Chukarin devoted artistic gymnastics. This article will describe a brief biography of the athlete. So, let's get started.

Start of classes

Victor Ivanovich Chukarin, whose biography is described below, was born in the village of Krasnoarmeysk (Ukraine, Donetsk region) in 1921. Soon the whole family moved to Mariupol. There Vitya got acquainted with gymnastics. His first coach was the physical education teacher VP Popovich, who saw talent in the boy. He taught Chukarin the basics of gymnastics and instilled a love for this sport. After finishing school, Victor entered the metallurgical technical school. But he was more and more involved in gymnastics. Therefore, the young man decided to change the school. He moved to Kiev and applied to a sports school.

Master of Sport

In the capital of Ukraine Victor Chukarin, whose biography is well known to most modern gymnastics fans, met Ajat Ibadulayev (absolute champion of the USSR). The athlete became for the hero of this article a mentor, friend and role model. Soon Victor was in the team of the city. In 1940, Chukarin performed the Master of Sports standard at the Ukrainian Championship. The young man was ahead of ambitious plans, but they were violated by the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War.


Chukarin Victor, whose biography is in most sports encyclopedias, immediately went volunteer to the front. In the fall of 1941, he was captured and passed all the horrors of fascist concentration camps. The athlete returned home only in November 1945. Viktor was sent to work at the Azovstal enterprise as an instructor of physical culture. Over time, he returned to the gym, often training in the evenings. But his physical condition was strongly affected by his stay in the camps. Therefore, at the age of 24 Chukarin started from the very beginning. In the same period, the young man entered the Institute of Physical Education (Lviv).


In 1946 Victor Chukarin, whose biography was full of various events, went to the USSR championship in gymnastics. The athlete took only 12th place. The following year, Victor made a more successful and became the fifth. At the same time, Chukarin had a trainer - Pyotr Timofeevich Sobenko. He headed the chair of gymnastics at the institute, where the hero of this article studied. Victor became a favorite student of Sobenko. Cooperation was successful, and in 1949, at the national championship, the athlete won the USSR champion Ajat Ibadulayev.


Victor Chukarin, whose biography became an example of imitation for gymnasts, long prepared for this event. The athlete has trained hard and hard. For this reason, he made a splash at the Olympics in Helsinki in 1952. Victor won 4 gold - horse riding, supporting jump, absolute and team championship, also 2 silver - bars and rings. Chukarin repeated his triumph in 1956 at the Olympics in Melbourne. Here Viktor replenished his own coin box with medals of all merits: 1 bronze (free performances), 1 silver (exercises on a horse) and 3 gold (bars, absolute and team championship).

Leaving Sports

After this grandiose victory, Chukarin decided to finish his career. He finished speaking, but he did not quit gymnastics. Viktor Ivanovich switched to teaching. In 1950, he received the specialty of a trainer-teacher in the Lviv GIFK. In 1963, the hero of this article became an assistant professor at the gymnasium. Eight years later Chukarin headed and worked in this position for quite a long period. It was thanks to the efforts of the former sportsman that a strong gymnastic school appeared in Lviv.

Last years

In addition to teaching at the Institute, Victor Chukarin, whose biography is presented above, coached the national team. He passed his experience to young athletes, having brought up dozens of masters of sports. In 1972, he was awarded the title of "Honored coach of Ukraine." In the same year he became a judge of the international category and a coach of the Olympic team of Soviet gymnasts. Victor Ivanovich died in Lviv in 1984.

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