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UoPilot is a product with a long history. As the name suggests, it was created for the Ultima Online game, which was sensational in the last century. She appeared in the world in the distant 1997 and immediately gained numerous admirers around the world. But just like in modern MMORPGs, it had one small drawback: in order to become a powerful warrior, magician or elf, the player had to sit at the computer a lot, repeating the same dull actions thousands of times.

Smart people, who know how to write programs, quickly realized that such a pastime would be avoided by so many players, and this product appeared - UoPilot. Scripts, which help describe all the actions of the program in the game, are quite simple, creating your own is not difficult. In addition, immediately after the release of this application, the players who used them began to exchange the scripts that they created, which greatly contributed to its popularity. After all, not everyone is friends with the basics of logic and not everyone is given the first time the science of creating scripts for UoPilot.

But like any other, albeit once very popular game, Ultima Online came down from the queen of MMO games, and the vacant place was hurried to take LA2, WoW and other titles. And since most of the players switched to new projects from the old ones, they took with them UoPilot, whose scripts have more than once proven their attractiveness in automating repetitive actions. After all, human laziness did not become less than a year in less than a year! Not surprisingly, in the forums of new projects, UoPilot sections quickly appeared, scripts for repetitive actions spread with the speed of a forest fire. As a result, Blizzard was forced to even specifically alter the client of his game, so that programs like those described in this article could not make an imbalance in the world of WoW.

Since those who were not afraid to use automation received a huge advantage over the rest of the players, they could leave their character in the game all night long, and he all this time earned gold for them and thus helped them to get ahead. Unlike the creators of WoW, NKSoft, which gave the world of LA2, was not so critical in the fight against products that allowed its users to achieve a preponderance in the game due to not quite fair methods, for which it was often criticized in the past. And some critics do not let up until now.

As a result, up to now UoPilot is functioning perfectly in this game, scripts for various actions, sometimes quite complex (for example, for pharmaceutical NPCs), are very popular in the relevant sections of the forums.

Let's talk a little about how to use this program. After you download and unpack it to your computer, start it from the place where it was installed.

Next, choose the game in which you plan to use Uo Pilot. The scripts for this game are most likely already installed in your copy of the Pilot, but if they are not, you should search for them. It is always better to learn how to write the control code on examples.

When the game is selected and the script code is inserted in the "Script" field, you should start the application in which you needed the UoPilot clicker. From the application, go to the program window, then move the mouse cursor over the game window and press Ctrl + A.

To fix the required repeatable actions, select the option "play", then return to the game.

And do not forget, UoPilot will work as long as the game window is active, so do not turn it off.

Here in brief all the wisdom of using this very interesting program that makes life easier for all those who do not want to sit sleepless nights at the computer, but also does not want to lose time. Someone considers the use of this software cheats, someone believes that its use is acceptable, but he will never do this.

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