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Truck Simulators: Truck Simulator 3D and Euro Truck Simulator 2

If you often spend your time with your mobile phone and like different games, then we would like to describe one very funny game, Truck simulator 3D, which belongs to the genre of "truck simulators". Of course, this development is most like the male sex, since a small number of girls love racing, while also on trucks. The game Truck Simulator 3D is developed in several variants. You can download this game to your mobile device, which works on the "Android" platform, and you can install the version for a personal computer. Today we decided to talk about the portable edition, as it currently has a high popularity and interests many users from all over the world. By the way, I would also like to note that the game - the simulator of trucks, which we presently, is incredibly exciting. It should be tested in practice by all fans of the genre.

Great entertainment

If you previously had to deal with different games in the genre of "truck simulators", and become bored in a few hours, then Truck Simulator 3D will be an excellent option for solving such a problem. If you are interested in this development, then we recommend reading its full description, which we will give below.


Simulators of trucks are now very diverse. Producers want to stand out from the competition. In the game Truck Simulator 3D, all actions will take place in the United States. Gradually you will be able to choose new trucks, and also for you the most interesting and exciting maps will be opened. In fact, few players are aware of the fact that this simulator provides a large number of a variety of opportunities that you can gradually use. Naturally, the more often you go into the application, the more functions for you will open. Here you do not even have to download the fashion, since everything has long been included in the game file itself. The main goal is to prove that you are the best truck driver and only you are worthy of awards and can be listed among the kings of the road. Achieving success will not be so easy, because there are different levels of complexity in the game, some users have to work hard to get through them.


In this game you do not need to park trucks, you will only travel around the United States and deliver goods to different parts of the country. Now for you we will give some details of this exciting adventure, and only after that you will be able to make sure that this project is really worthy of your attention. Note that many truck simulators, including Truck Simulator 3D, have special versions for the mobile platform "Android". The first thing that strikes us is that a valid US map is loaded in the application. You can ride through the largest and most famous cities. The physics of cars is also amazing for many users, because the project was developed by professional programmers who spent enough time to make their offspring almost perfect. Also, gradually you will be able to discover new cars that differ significantly in performance. According to experts, the game was really done on a professional level.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Modes of trucks "Simulator 2" supports a variety, and this is its difference from the above game. In this project, the skills of a long-distance driver will help you as much as the development of a large-scale economic strategy. Note that here artificial intelligence is approximated to the maximum of real life.

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