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The scariest movie in the world. List of scary movies

Why do we love horror movies so much? We go to the cinema to shake for a few hours from every rustle, and then suffer from nightmares? Someone will say that this is stupidity and masochism - revel in your own fears, but true lovers of the genre will wearily object that it's all about the banality of everyday life. We are mired in routine and therefore appreciate the emotional outbursts that give the most terrible movie in the world.

Shake required!

Why do people look at horrors? The answer is simple: they do not have enough adrenaline. The cave man was simpler - it was enough to go hunting and enter into a fatal battle with a mammoth. The modern world is more calm, and finding the necessary share of adrenaline is more difficult. You can, of course, sit on a motorcycle and jerk at the serpentine, but most people have the instinct of self-preservation too strong, and therefore they are in search of a safe dose of adrenaline. I must say that the drive and the state of excitement is perceived by man as a strong drug of natural origin; All feelings are exacerbated to the limit, emotions and experiences acquire a new sweetness. It's no wonder that many simply "sit down" on horror movies. The most numerous category of fans of the genre are teenagers and young people. But even solid uncles and aunts can on occasion occasionally look at the horror films in order to feel the chill that ran down the back.

The emerging problem

I must say that over the years the skill of the creators of horror movies is growing, but here the fantasy threatens to self-exhaustion. The modern viewer is fed up and more meticulous about what the horror movies offer. We are not afraid of torn limbs and a sea of blood. Aerobatics are achieved when the movie hits the living, makes you shudder from every sound. The usual "meat" with a bloody maniac causes melancholy and is not particularly impressive. This type of film clearly demonstrates the moral disintegration of society and its amazing need for violence. These pictures are terrible for their proximity to reality, but they do not hurt the strings to which the best and best scary movies are aimed.

Another type of horror film

It is quite another matter - films about the other world, about mystery and invisible forces. Such pictures can add gray hair on the temples. The genre is preferred by people with a penchant for mysticism, self-interest. The plot of such films is always bright and confusing, as a result, reveals the human essence and secret fears. The picture of this type excites fantasy, frightens and captures. A striking example was the movie "The Silence of the Lambs," where Anthony Hopkins brilliantly played Hannibal Lecter with his unusual taste preferences and a quirky mind. No wonder the main character listens to the speeches of the lecturer, after all he is clever, cunning and incredibly charming. She is scared, but very interesting. Yes, there is also a good goal - to find a maniac whom the Lecturer reads like an open book. The picture is rich in emotions and emotions. There are bloody scenes here, but they cause the trembling of horror, and not disgust. The "Silence of the Lambs" is annually added to the list of terrible films of the century.

Attention to

The creators of horror films stake on the interest and attention of the audience, they recreate the situation with a choice and nonverbally appeal to the audience, encouraging it to unite with the main characters. People are curious by their nature and always seek to find out more about the inexplicable, the mystical and the unidentified. Often, such an interest becomes an emotion positive, even if associated with a negative. Films reflect a large number of our secret fears and phobias, are their visual representation. Heroes on the screen are afraid of heights, disasters, wars and maniacs, they are afraid of darkness, insects and snakes, revived the dead. But cinema always aggravates the situation and exacerbates it. If the modern spectator was at the epicenter of such a problem, he would hardly enjoy emotions, but sitting in his home chair he experiences his fears, enjoying comfort. It turns out that very scary films treat our phobias? Yes, this is so, and the treatment takes place at a convenient time and in a place convenient for the patient.

Places in the chart

Surely in your home video library there are a couple of your favorite horror films that you review from time to time, still empathizing with the main characters. Each person feels authorized reviewer, issuing their own list of scary movies recommended for viewing. But there are special ratings with indicators collected around the world. In Russia, the top ten hit parade closes the 1992 film "Touch", where the hero-investigator examines the case of mysterious deaths in an ordinary family. The atmosphere of the film seems familiar to the modern man in the street - the gray life of the 90's. After viewing it is really scary to live, you have to walk and look around. On the ninth place of the rating is the Spanish picture of 2011 "Reporting from the wedding", shot in the genre of pseudo-documentary. A sense of catastrophe is pumping, and inevitable. The spectator is defenseless before the unfolding chaos. Young people viewing is not recommended, can lead to black thoughts. The eighth place is occupied by the American film of 2010 "The Last Exorcism of the Devil," where the main character is a monk exorcist from the south, thriving on the expulsion of demons. One day he encounters a real evil and is literally lost from fear. Honored seventh place in the picture "Wii" in 1967, from the distant USSR. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol and completely conveys the atmosphere created by the master. The thin edge of a nightmare and humor, corrected by virtuosic acting, frightens from the first shots. At night you can not watch, you will not get to sleep. The sixth place is taken by another American picture: "Shining" in 1980, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. Critics say that this is the worst movie in the world, but now the film seems somewhat crumpled. The protagonist in the role of Jack Nicholson writhes insane faces and immediately seems suspicious. The sea of blood and an empty hotel give references to classic horror films. Watch is recommended for general development, but the impressions are very ambiguous.

Five leaders

Closes the list of prize-winners of the 2002 film from Great Britain - "28 days later", telling about the virus of aggression, which became the Apocalypse for peaceful England. The fourth place was won by the "Witch of Blair: course from the other world," the picture of 1999, the USA. The tape for those times was filmed for pennies, but it was she who became the striker of the genre of pseudo-documentalism and made her authors millionaires. So, the top three: the top of the scary movies closes the united work of Canada and France - "The Martyrs" in 2008. The film creates tension with the first frames, and then does not let go. After the finals, it's hard on the soul, it's a terrible sight. At the premiere, many viewers lost consciousness. Why wait from the second place in the ranking? A surprise from Japan, which still specializes in a few other genres. The film of 2002 - "The Curse" causes hallucinations in particularly impressionable viewers. The creators were simply invited to look into their version of hell, and it really scares.

On the podium of honor

And, finally, the winner. Top scary films led by the picture "Paranormal phenomenon" in 2006. The same genre of pseudo-documentary, but with the original story inside. According to a number of film critics, this is an unconditional contender for the title "The Scariest Movie in the World". Another part of the film series has appeared and it is obvious that the theme is fertile. However, now there is no advertising that accompanied the first film. Then there were rumors that the actors did not play, and lived their lives in the process of filming, and the main character and completely after the shooting lost ...

It's scary, it's horrible!

Of course, the taste and color of no comrades, so that any rating can be catastrophically incorrect in your case. Therefore, the most zealous list lovers - the British - decided to carry out a cardinal calculation and expand the general list to 25 paintings. It got all the contenders for the title "the most terrible movie in the history of cinema" from the start of the film industry and to this day. Many directors were recognized in this genre, for example, Alfred Hitchcock, who made the film "Psychosis". To the horror film, this tape has an indirect relationship, rather, it's a psychological thriller based on the novel by Robert Bloch. In the center of the plot is a maniac with a split personality and his victim, who was in an unfortunate time in an unfortunate place. And Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau with his tape "Nosferatu: Symphony of Terror" became the pioneer of the theme of vampirism in the cinema. The black and white ribbon and the terrible grimaces of Max Shrek exude the atmosphere of the otherworldly and mystical. Classics in the private category "the worst movie in the history of cinema" is considered to be "Exorcist" by William Friedkin, as well as "Call" by Hideo Nakata and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" by Toba Hooper.

Doubtful choice

There are in the gold annals of horror paintings that have little connection with fear. For example, the Swedish picture "Let me in" by Thomas Alfredson. The film is very interesting, but not terrible. In general, it can be watched even by children without fear for their psyche. What can not you say about the "Night of the Living Dead" George Romeo and "Black Sabbath" Mario Bava. It should be noted that for a long time characters with a dubious reputation have ceased to be negative. For example, the film "Interview with a Vampire" makes a typical bloodsucker a tragic and romantic character, who knows how to love and experience. Why should you be afraid of this? You can rather fall in love with him. A lot of criticism received all parts of the "Very Scary Movie", where they showed parodies of the most famous and very scary films. This is one of the most successful attempts to dare in films over your own film industry, and self-irony deserves praise and respect. The main character - Cindy - just attracts failures. From a gloomy, but sexy schoolgirl, she transforms into a journalist with a troubled personal life. Cindy solves all problems with humor and the help of others, so she is not afraid to remain alone with a living skeleton, a black hole or a maniac.


It turns out that it is difficult to sum up all the fruits of the film industry and highlight the scariest cinema in the world. The audience's tastes change, and the only thing that remains is the fact that fear attracts and excites. What will we fear tomorrow? And a year from now? Who knows. In the hands of the directors only general themes, and the popularity of the cinema depends on their ability to fantasize. Do you want to tickle your nerves? A good horror film, like real wine, only gets better with time. So choose a product that has been tested for years. For example, this can be considered a picture of "Frozen" Adam Green. By the way, the picture is quite fresh, she is only 5 years old. The plot is simple and frightening - three young people get stuck on the lift, having gone skiing. The base has already closed, and no one will remember them until next Friday. It is worth paying attention to films made on the books of masters of horror. This is the "1408" by Michael Hafstrem. The plot is based on Stephen King's novel and the story of the poltergeist. The story is typical, but terribly terrible. Well, we can not fail to mention the good old "Nightmare on Elm Street." This is undoubtedly the most terrible film of the year in 1984. It is advisable to watch at night, but then you will not have to sleep, since Freddie will be on the lookout and come for you in a dream ...

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