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The character of the series "In All Grave" by Mike Hermantraut

Mike Ermantraut is a fictional character of the already cult series "In All Grave", as well as his spin-off called "Better Call Sol".

Brief biography of the hero

According to the plot of both serials, where Mike Ehmantraut appears, he is a former police officer, head of the security service called Los Pollos Hermanos, and also a representative of Gus Fring, that is, a professional killer and a cleaner.

In addition, he has a license that allows him to deal with private detective practices.

Unexpectedly for the audience, the character reveals itself as a rather mild man, hiding under the guise of a ruthless killer.

The series "In all serious." Mike Hermantraut

His first appearance in this multi-part film occurred in the final episode of the 2nd season.

In the third season, Mike is already a full-fledged character who works for Gus. On his orders, he goes in search of Jesse.

In the fourth season, by the order of the same Gus, Mike Ermantraout, along with Jesse, go to collect cash from the caches of the dead. They also accompany Gus during his trip to Mexico.

The fifth season for Mike begins with the viewer showing how he rests in a Mexican medical facility, healing the wounds received in a shootout with a drug cartel.

At the end of the season Mike is forced to say goodbye to his granddaughter, as he is arrested by the police. All the looted money was stashed by Mike Hermantraut in the Taurus Model 66 car, which belonged to him.

The series "Better call Sol"

Then Mike appears from the first season. The viewer sees that he served more than thirty years in the police department of Philadelphia. Almost all policemen, including Mike himself, are corrupt, extortionists and scoundrels who constantly break the law.

Mike's son Matti followed in the footsteps of his father, becoming a policeman, however, unlike him, he did not want to take bribes. Matty decided to start fighting corruption and corrupt policemen. Mike advised his son not to climb into it, but just to go with the flow, but he did not listen to him.

Soon Matty was killed. A few months after the death of his son, Mike Hermantraut finds the perpetrators of his death and personally executes them, killing them with a pistol.

In the second season of the series, Mike works as a bouncer on Daniel, which gives him a considerable profit. All the season he carries out various assignments for him.

To date, it's already filmed 3 seasons of the series "Better call Sol", but it's far from over, so Mike Ermantraut will appear more than once on TV screens around the world. That pleases spectators and fans of both the series and the character.

Mike Hermantraut. Actor

For fans of both TV series created by the AMC channel, it's no secret that the role of Mike was performed by Honored actor Jonathan Banks, the total number of works exceeded 160.

The most famous works of Banks, not counting the above series, are the films "Francis" (1982), "Police from Beverly Hills" (1984), "Airplane" (1980), "Gremlins" (1984) and others.

Among the series, it is worth mentioning the actor's participation in the scoring of the popular animation project "Gravity Falls" (2012-2016), as well as "Dexter" (2006-2013) and "Ambulance" (1994-2009).

His acting career began back in 1971 in the series "Waltons". Then he became quite active in films and TV shows. His career was the highest in the 80's. XX century, then followed by a kind of recession, which fell in the 90's.

In the zero years of the twentieth century, the career of the actor once again went into growth. In many respects this contributed to the success of the series, which was mentioned earlier in this article. On the wave of their popularity, the actor again began to receive offers to participate in other film projects, which he gladly accepted.


Universal love and recognition of the series "In All Grave" made almost all of his characters, including Mike Ermantraut, cult. He has a large number of fans in different parts of our planet.

Therefore, the appearance of the hero in the spin-off of the main series caused a storm of positive reviews and enthusiasm from the fans. Jonathan Banks was very happy to play again a character who loved himself, as well as a million people.

The personality of the hero of the two series is very ambiguous. He can not be called positive or negative with confidence, he is more of an anti-hero than a villain. His fate is not easy, like his character. Actions are often very impulsive, which sometimes leads to a rather negative result.

However, such ambiguous behavior and actions of the hero make it more natural and "alive", as if telling the viewer that he is an ordinary person, who is prone to make mistakes and rash actions that can eventually lead him to the wrong path of life.

Perhaps it was this naturalness and plausibility, the profound study of his character and destiny that allowed Mike to become one of the favorite and most interesting characters of both serials, where he appears. It is for this that millions of people fell in love with him.

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