"Saneng Aktion": technical characteristics, history, place on the market

SsangYong cars are not very popular, but very noteworthy. They differ in non-standard design and often a special design. So, until recently, SsangYong was focused on classic SUVs, while many others have long switched to crossovers. By 2011, and this manufacturer followed this example on the model "Saneng Aktion". Technical characteristics, a place in the market of this car are considered further.


Actyon is a compact SUV or crossover (in the second generation). It has been produced since 2005, it has been presented in the local market since 2006. During this time, one generation was replaced in 2011, however the first generation pickup remained on the conveyor belt until now and even underwent restyling in 2014.


SsangYong Actyon the first generation differs unusual, especially at the time of entering the market, the body for SUV, represented by a 5-door liftback (CJ) instead of the traditional station wagon. In addition, it is mounted on the frame. The length is 4,455 m, width - 1,88 m, height - 1,74 m.

Also, the car was released in the back of a pickup called Sports (QJ). It is larger by 0.51 m in length, by 0.02 m in width and by 0.01 m in height.

The weight of the car is about 1.8-1.9 tons.

The second generation of the model, named Korando C (New Actyon in the local market), received a more traditional 5 door body (CK) bearing structure. Its dimensions are 4.41 m in length, 1.83 m in width and 1.675 m in height. The weight varies from about 1.55 to 1.75 tons.


SsangYong Actyon was equipped with two four-cylinder engines.

D20DT. It is a diesel 2 liter turbocharged engine. Its capacity is 141 liters. With., The twisting moment - 310 Nanometers.

G23D. This 2.3-liter gasoline engine develops 150 liters. from. And 214 Nm. It is a licensed version of the OM161 Mercedes-Benz engine.

The first motor is the only one equipped with the "Saneng Aktion Sport". Its technical characteristics are identical to the engine of the normal version.

SsangYong New Actyon has three variants of power units in volume of 2 l.

G20. This gasoline engine has a capacity of 149 liters. from. And a torque of 197 Nm.

D20DFT. Diesel turbo engine of the same power. The torque is 360 Nm. Also before 2013, installed its version with other settings that allow you to develop 175 liters. from.


For all versions of the first generation of Actyon, a 5-speed automatic and manual gearbox are available, as well as two versions of the all-wheel drive system. The standard offered a system with a plug-in front axle and reduced gear, and a 2-liter engine was available with a permanent all-wheel drive. Pickup exists in the rear-wheel drive version.

New Actyon equipped with a 6-speed transmission. Until 2013, only the mechanics were available for the petrol version, both gearboxes for the diesel engine. After the upgrade, both engines began to be equipped with both mechanics and automatic weapons. Also, both versions are equipped, both front and full, automatically connected drive.


Actyon and New Actyon have a McPherson-type construction in front and a multi-link rear suspension.

All versions of both generations are equipped with disc brakes, front ventilated. For the first Actyon, wheels with a diameter of 16, 18 inches were available, and 16-18 inch wheels were fitted to the new car.


Production of the first generation of the model in the elevator liftback was stopped in 2011, and the pickup is produced to this day. In 2014, it was updated. Outwardly, the front part was changed mainly, and also diode lighting devices were installed. In the equipment added climate control. In addition, a little updated interior decoration, "Saneng Aktion." The technical characteristics remain the same, as the design has not changed.

SsangYong New Actyon, introduced in the market since 2011, also underwent a single upgrade in 2013. The external upgrade was done in the same way as for Actyon Sports. That is, the main changes occurred in the front. So, we installed another bumper, radiator grille, fog lights. Also modernized lighting: in the headlights and taillights integrated LEDs. In the equipment have added a multimedia system and some other options. Improved noise and vibration isolation. Very seriously updated the salon: installed a new front panel on the "Saneng Aktion". Technical specifications have not changed, however, from the range of engines excluded the 175-strong version.

Driving performance

The considered car is considered one of the best in this segment in terms of off-road capabilities, especially the first generation of "Saneng Aktion". Technical characteristics, its clearance corresponds to lightweight classic SUVs. Therefore, it is much better off-road than crossover.

The second-generation car was created in accordance with the classical for crossovers scheme with a bearing body and automatically connected all-wheel drive, unlike the first "Saneng Aktion". Its technical characteristics therefore correspond to crossovers, that is, it is more suitable for solid roads. And yet the car has good geometric parameters and clearance for this class of cars.

Dynamics and speed characteristics are not outstanding for the segment, since most analogues have more powerful engines. Actyon first generation in any version can accelerate about 165 km / h.

The same speed can reach the petrol version of the new "Saneng Aktion". The technical characteristics of the diesel modification provide it with a maximum speed of about 10 km / h. The fastest is the 175-strong version, capable of reaching about 180 km / h.

Place on the market

Actyon has not gained much popularity among local consumers. This is partly due to the fact that this model is very specific, especially the first generation. The car on a design represents a classical off-road car as the manufacturer was until recently concentrated on release of such cars. In the market more adapted for urban conditions are in demand. The manufacturer took this into account when developing a new generation of "Saneng Aktion". Technical characteristics, its price is between the budget and the middle levels of the segment. The cost of the simplest version starts at 0.95 million rubles. In comparison, the price of similar options is much more popular Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage is about 1.5 and 1.16 million rubles, respectively. A simpler model of Hyundai Creta is sold from 0.75 to 1.2 million rubles. The maximum version of New Actyon is worth 1.46 million rubles.

Actyon Sports is more expensive: from 1.24 to 1.63 million rubles. The main competitor is the Ford Ranger, which, with a close price range (1,186 - 1,515 million rubles), has a large range of engines. In addition, the higher complete sets of Actyon Sports overlap at a cost with the Mitsubishi L200 in the initial version.

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