Ripario Hotel Group (former boarding house "Pribrezhny") in Yalta

In the summer, many are interested in information about where you can go to relax and recover. If you do not plan a trip abroad, then as a holiday destination you can consider one of the domestic resorts, for example, Crimea. The peninsula will appeal to any tourist, as here you can have a good rest at the sea, take a course of sanatorium treatment and see many historical and natural sights. In this article we want to talk about the resort complex Ripario Hotel Group. Perhaps this is what you will like.

A little bit about the complex ...

Ripario Hotel Group - a modern complex on the Black Sea coast of the Crimea. It is located in the territory of an ancient park, which once belonged to Count Orlov-Davydov. Currently, the hotel complex occupies a very large territory, more than 10 hectares. It was organized on the basis of the former boarding house "Pribrezhny" after a complete reconstruction in 2010-2011.

Lovers of beach and sea holidays will certainly appreciate the advantageous location of the hotel, on the beach near Yalta in the village of Otradnoe. By the way, Otradnoe is located between Nikita and Yalta.

The hotel is on the most beautiful Massandra beaches surrounded by mountains and the sea. Nearby is the famous Nikitsky Botanical Garden and the tasting room of the Wine Factory "Magarach". Ripario Hotel Group is located at: Otradnoe village, Maurice Thorez street, 5.

Residential hotel fund

Ripario Hotel Group is a fairly large complex consisting of a number of buildings (one-, two-, three-, and six-story buildings) scattered throughout the park. Each building has its own features and advantages, so guests have the opportunity to choose the most favorite building and room.

Infrastructure of the building "Modern"

The complex offers its guests an extensive and diverse number of rooms. Ripario Hotel Group Modern is a six-story building "Modern", reconstructed in 2010. The building is equipped with two modern elevators. On the ground floor there is the Spa-clinic, and on the first floor there is the reception of the building, the conference room "Modern" and the restaurant "Repario Modern", which offers the best European cuisine.

From the second to the fifth floor of the building there are rooms of the following categories:

  1. Superior South. These rooms have a large area and a balcony with sea views. They are equipped with LCD TVs, safes, refrigerators, air conditioning, all necessary furniture, telephone, kettle and furnished balcony.
  2. Superior North - apartment with a view of the vineyards and mountains. The rest of the rooms do not differ from the previous category.
  3. Comfort - burrows have more modest sizes in comparison with other categories, and here their complete set does not differ.

On the sixth floor there is a billiard room, a meeting room and apartments:

  1. Apartment A is a three-room suite with an area of 240 square meters, consisting of two bedrooms, a lobby with a billiard table and a fully equipped kitchen. Apartments are equipped with new furniture, safe, kettle, all appliances and a set of dishes. In addition, the room has a furnished balcony overlooking the coast and Yalta.
  2. Apartment D - apartment of 90 sq.m. The room consists of a bedroom living room, as well as a lobby with a pool table. The apartments are furnished with exquisite furniture and have a spacious balcony overlooking the sea coast and Yalta.
  3. Apartment C - spacious room with two bedrooms, kitchen and balcony. The apartments have an area of about 195 sq. M.

Ripario Econom Corps

"Economy" - the buildings are located in the park, 50 meters from the beach. Their numbered fund is represented by the following apartments:

  1. Econom - stand-alone mini-buildings, consisting of two rooms. Each has a living room and a bedroom. The apartment is designed for three guests. Near each house there is an equipped terrace with summer furniture and a barbecue.
  2. Econom Twin, Econom Single - the rooms are in the first building and face the north side.
  3. Standard rooms are represented by a variety of apartments, ranging from modest one-room apartments to improved two-room apartments.

Ripario Apart Hotel

Ripario Apart Hotel consists of separate cottages located on the territory of the complex:

  1. Apartment Home is a detached building in a park with an area of 120 square meters. If you wish, guests on the first floor of the apartment can be accommodated by the attendants: a security guard and a nanny. The cottage is equipped with all necessary modern equipment and exquisite expensive furniture. The house has a balcony, from which you can see an excellent view of the coast of Big Yalta.
  2. The cottage "Skazka" is located near the embankment, near the restaurant Ros Marinus. It consists of five bedrooms with three bathrooms, a living room and a balcony. Near the building there is a yard, equipped with a gazebo and barbecue.
  3. "White House" - a cottage in the heart of the park, which has its own closed territory. The building has two floors. On the first level there is a kitchen, a sauna, a living room and a bathroom, and on the second floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. These apartments are designed to accommodate six guests.
  4. Wooden two-storey building in the central part of the park, made in a modern design of natural materials. The cottage has its own yard (fenced). On the ground floor there is a living room, a bathroom and a large kitchen, and on the second floor there is a bathroom and two bedrooms.
  5. In addition, the complex is equipped with a number of apartments, which are located on different floors of a five-storey villa.

Services included in the price of accommodation

Guests staying at the hotel have the opportunity to use all the services included in the basic package:

  1. Breakfast in the form of a buffet in the hotel restaurant.
  2. Use of umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach.
  3. Use of the pool.
  4. Visit the fitness center.
  5. Children and adult animation.
  6. Visiting the pump room with mineral water.
  7. One consultation of the resortologist.
  8. Replacement of towels once every three days.
  9. Daily cleaning.
  10. Change of bed linen every five days.
  11. Use of satellite channels and wireless internet.

We listed the standard package. However, the range of services may be wider when ordering rooms of higher categories.

Medical Center

Ripario Hotel Group 3 * is of interest from the point of view that it is not just a hotel with an incredibly diverse number of rooms, but a complex in which vacationers have the opportunity to improve their health during the holidays. Of course, the hotel can not be called a full-fledged sanatorium, but nevertheless there are some medical procedures for the guests.

Ripario Hotel Group has its own medical center, where you can get advice from the following specialists: otolaryngologist, pulmonologist, physiotherapist, pediatrician, balneotherapist and nutritionist.

In the basic package of each guest of the hotel there is a one-time free visit to the health resort that will be able to give advice on the need for certain therapeutic and preventive procedures. Resorts of the South Coast are famous for their curative effects on the body. Therefore, being on the peninsula, it is worth paying attention not only to beach and sea rest, but also to pay attention to medical and recreational activities. In this respect, Otradnoye settlement in the Crimea is quite suitable not only for swimming in the sea, but also for sanitation. The fact is that a mineral source (the first on the South Coast), which has a unique chemical composition and medicinal properties, has been found on the territory of the complex. Each hotel guest has daily visit to the pump room for taking mineral water.

If guests have sanatorium and health resort cards, the medical center staff offers a health course for respiratory diseases, urological problems (Saka muds are used) and general therapeutic ailments. In the arsenal of the complex there is a physiotherapy room, a bath department, an inhalatorium, a fitness room, a hydromassage and a swimming pool. There are also a number of masseurs and a dentist.

Services of the complex

Ripario Hotel Group (Yalta) has a well-developed infrastructure. On its territory there is everything you need for an interesting and comfortable stay. Everyone can go to the fitness room, located near the coast. The sports club is equipped with modern fitness and power simulators. In total, the gym has 30 simulators and two racetracks. If desired, visitors can order individual lessons with a personal trainer.

On the territory of the complex there is a field for playing mini football with a natural surface, a tennis court with night lighting, a spa. Animators with entertaining sports programs work for children and adults during the season.

In different buildings of the hotel there are six conference halls of different levels for conducting business events of any complexity. Among other things, there is an auto camping on the territory of the complex. The suburb of Yalta is popular with car dealers, as here you can always find a place for comfortable rest, unlike the overcrowded center of the resort. The hotel administration prudently organized a three-level parking for an auto-camping, equipped with a toilet, shower and electricity. Caravans, as well as other guests of the complex can enjoy all the amenities on its territory (swimming pool, gym, cafe, dining room, animators, beach, children's playground, tennis court).

Catering services

On the territory of the complex there are several restaurants and a bar, which guests have the opportunity to use.

The restaurant Ros Marinus is located near Massandra beach in a cozy and quiet place. The institution offers visitors not only a tasty meal on the terrace, but also a visit to the solarium. The restaurant is popular with tourists who appreciate the chef's culinary skills and unique panoramic views from the outdoor terrace. Romantic institution is worth a visit to enjoy its unique atmosphere. No less interesting is the restaurant Modern, located on the first floor of the eponymous corps.

Beach holidays

Massandra beaches are famous for their beauty and purity of water. The main advantage of the hotel is its location directly on the beach. The road to the beach from different buildings is from 50 to 70 meters. It should be noted that the complex has its own, closed to extraneous guests site on the coast with a pebbled surface. The beach is equipped with changing cabins, sun loungers, shower, awnings and canopies for a safe stay.

Weather in Yalta

Every year, many tourists seek to the Black Sea resorts. Among them, the southern coast of the Crimea is especially popular. Here nature has created the most unique natural conditions. Big Yalta is located in the zone of the Mediterranean climate, due to the fact that it is protected by the main ridge of the Crimean mountains. The southern coast has long turned into a single resort, which includes Simeiz, Alupka, Alushta, Livadia, Koreiz, Oreanda, Gaspra and Miskhor.

Unique climatic conditions make the region incredibly attractive. In winter, the Black Sea gives warmth, softening the cold. The weather in Yalta is always much warmer than on the mainland. In the summer, due to the proximity of the sea, there is no strong heat. The uniqueness of the climate on the south coast is that the winters are mild and warm, and the summers are very hot, but at the same time not hot. Spring, as a rule, is protracted, but autumn, on the contrary, is long, but warm, it is called a "velvet season".

In many respects, the climate of the southern coast belongs to the subtropical type. The average annual temperature here is +13 degrees. The hottest month is July, during which time the temperature reaches a value of +24 degrees. Even in February, the harshest month, the temperature does not fall below +4 degrees. Numerous guests of the resort have long appreciated all the advantages of such a favorable climate in all respects and incredibly curative sea air filled with phytoncids of needles. It is thanks to this that Yalta is known throughout the world as one of the best climatic resorts. The peak of the tourist season, of course, falls on the summer months, when the sea warms up and allows tourists to luxuriate in its waves. However, in the remaining months the resort does not stop accepting guests.

It should be noted that the summer on the southern coast is dry, warm and long. Sea breezes largely reduce the scorching heat. In the summer months it is very warm here, in the absence of exhausting heat. The Yalta climate is drier than in the regions of the Black Sea coast of the same Caucasus. Sea water on the Southern Coastal Bank is warmed to a temperature of +22 - +24 degrees in summer. The swimming season starts from the end of May and continues until the beginning of October. From the first days of September comes the "velvet season". Due to the influence of the warm sea on the coast, good clear weather keeps till December.

Even the winter, I Yalta, as a rule, is soft and fairly short. Snow sometimes falls, but soon melts. But in the mountains at this time is a dense snow cover, allowing you to ski and engage in other winter sports.

Ripario Hotel Group: reviews

Continuing the conversation about the hotel, I want to pay attention to the reviews of people who have visited it. Is he really as good as the tour operators are? Analyzing the reviews, it is worth noting that the complex refers to those places about which there is an ambiguous opinion, as the responses of tourists are quite contradictory. But let's talk about everything in order ...

As we already mentioned, the hotel is located in the village of Otradnoe in Crimea, near Yalta. This location is both an advantage and at the same time a disadvantage. On the one hand, the buildings are in the park zone, far from the numerous discos and clubs. But on the other hand, you need to understand that the hotel is in some ways divorced from the outside world. If in the daytime you want to go to Yalta, then you can take a bus, spending 10 minutes on the road to the bus stop. Unfortunately, public transport runs very seldom (once in half an hour). In addition, you can take a taxi, but their choice is also not great. But in the evening there are problems with transport, it simply does not exist, that's why it is difficult to go for a walk, but it is quite boring all the time in the boarding house. According to tourists, the hotel is suitable for those people who do not plan active trips along the coast.

The territory of the complex is quite well-groomed, but small. Very pleased with the proximity of the beach. According to the guests, the coast is beautiful and clean.

Special attention should be paid to reviews of the hotel's hotel room. Tourists recommend not to reserve apartments from the category of "economy", because such rooms are small in size, and the windows overlook a blank wall. Rooms of a higher level are located in the building "Modern", located by the sea, the windows and balconies of the building overlooking the sea coast or the park area.

Dining at the hotel is organized according to the type of buffet. When booking rooms, you can choose the appropriate meal option: half board, full board or breakfast. Regarding the quantity and quality of food vacationers leave conflicting reviews. Tourists note a fairly simple and simple set of dishes on the buffet. Of course, no one remains hungry, but there is no special variety either. In the evenings, you can visit the hotel bar or restaurant, but for this you must first issue a hotel card in order to be able to pay for the order. Unfortunately, the usual calculation cards personnel do not accept.

In summer, children's animators work on the territory of the hotel, there is a playground with horizontal bars. Activities for adults do not hold, except for the evening disco. Children's programs do not differ in variety, a regular set of competitions is repeated every day. The hotel offers guided tours of natural and historical sites.

In addition, guests can visit the gym and tennis court. A pleasant moment is the presence of a heated pool with fresh water, which can become an alternative for swimming in the cold season, as it is in the spa center. In summer, vacationers try to spend most of their time on the coast by the sea.

The complex has its own pump room with mineral water. All guests have the opportunity to visit it, since this service is a standard set of services. In addition, for tourists there is a medical center, where you can get advice from some specialists and undergo a number of procedures that are paid separately. As a whole, the opportunity to get a little healthful rejoices, but you need to understand that the complex does not have the status of a sanatorium.

A beautiful green area with centuries-old trees is a real highlight of this beautiful and secluded place.

Instead of an afterword

In general, the hotel makes a pleasant impression, if you do not pay attention to minor shortcomings, and follow the advice of tourists on the choice of apartments for accommodation. The building "Modern" is equipped with good rooms and is located on the beach, which is why it is popular with the guests. We hope that our article will help you make the right choice.

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