"Pear" figure type: features of making up a wardrobe

Narrow shoulders, a small chest, an aspen waist and lush hips - this is exactly the type of figure "pear", which can boast of Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton and Beyonce. And to create their own magnificent image, they use small tricks, which, it can be said with certainty, will suit all the owners of such a silhouette.

Pear figure type - the basis of the image

The most striking features of this type of female silhouette are undoubtedly lush hips, sloping or narrow shoulders and an aspen waist. It is by skillfully arranging the emphasis on them, you can create a beautiful seductive image.

Rule number 1 . Classics of business style - "White top, black bottom." Clothing for the figure "pear" is subject to this recommendation only if the kit is formed of at least two things, for example top and skirt. In the event that a representative of the fair sex will give preference to a dress or so popular overalls, then the color palette should be exclusively in dark shades.

Rule number 2 . The balance between the top and bottom of the composition is achieved by means of a visual increase in the line of the shoulders. There are a great variety of options for the latter: a special cut shape (a square or a boat), an elongated shoulder line in a jacket, special forms of sewing a sleeve into the shoulder armhole (flashlight or "hussar epaulettes").

Rule number 3 . Competent volumetric decor of the top and lack of jewelry on the bottom of the kit. In other words, a lady who has a pear figure type is simply obligated to emphasize her breasts with drapes, massive collars, stylized jabots, patch pockets. But the lower part, for example, trousers or a skirt, should be allocated exclusively at the expense of cut and fabric, but not with the help of pronounced decorative elements.

It is these three rules that form the construction of the correct wardrobe.

Type of a figure "pear" - clothes and variants of its combination

Whatever they say, but the most feminine element of the wardrobe was and remains the dress. But to choose it correctly is not a simple task. For "pears" should be selected not exclusively styles, in which the fashion designer placed emphasis on the level of the torso, chest and shoulders. Intricate cutouts, voluminous sleeves, bare shoulders, drapes at the chest level - all this can be in the dress of the "pear". But the hem is recommended to sew straight in the form of a trapezoid or with a slight pleating.

Pants, including jeans. Their ideal form can be considered those that have a light flare from the knee or straight. In such models, the leg visually acquires an ideal shape, and the hips will not stand out strongly against the calf background.

Blouses and jackets. All of them should have a clearly delineated shoulder line. This can be done using a cutout in the form of a letter "V", boat, square or using shoulder pads. In addition, it is desirable that the style of such clothes differed clearly marked with accents at the waist level: straps, hidden rubber band.

The best styles of skirts for this type of figure are trapezoid, a pencil skirt, flounces and a tulip skirt. The optimal length is one that fluctuates at the knee level. But from mini-, maxi- and midi-skirts should be discarded.

The figure of the figure "pear" means wearing shoes with heels. But from the ballet, slipper and other shoes on a flat move it's better to abstain, and leave it for hiking in the forest or training.

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