"Lada Kalina 2" (VAZ-2192) hatchback: specifications, photo

Lada Kalina 2 (VAZ-2192) is the second generation of the family of domestic cars, produced by AvtoVAZ in 2013. Unlike the first generation, "Kalina 2" is produced only in the hatchback and station wagon. If we talk about the sedan, then to replace the old version of the "Kalina" came an updated "Grant", which later received its own development and also the body of a hatchback.

First glance

The basis of the car is a constructively revised body, taken from the first generation, but for the most part all innovations are borrowed from the "Grants". So, for example, VAZ-2192, a photo of which is published below, received from the colleague a negative angle of camber, body power structure, engine line and steering.

But still, if we compare the new generation of Kalina with the old one, we can see how much the engineers have worked to make the Kalina 2 more attractive and similar to a foreign car. To be frank, the second "Kalina" is an improved "Grant". It is worth noting more expensive materials for finishing, better sound insulation and motors more powerful.


Just want to say that after the failure with the steering of the first "Kalina" engineers had to work, and not for nothing - VAZ-2192 was extremely "obedient" and responsive. And the thing is that the steering rack had to be "shortened", leaving only 3.1 turns from the stop to the stop (in exchange for the former four).

Renewed and electric power steering - this time, money was not spared and equipped the car with a Korean mechanism, which, moreover, "tightly" attached to the body. If you take into account that on the previous "Kalina" fastening was carried out with the help of a rubber cushion, the result of new modifications turned out to be very impressive - the car perfectly passes any turns and very responsive to the rotation of the steering wheel.


If we talk about the suspension of VAZ-2192, then here too everything is updated. But only with respect to the first "Kalina", because the entire system has moved to the second generation of cars from the already issued at that time "Grants". Although the development of the suspension for the same "Grant" was based on the chassis of the old "Kalina", it was nevertheless subjected to thorough modifications. Firstly, the damper settings were changed and springs of increased rigidity were installed. Secondly, stabilizers of lateral stability also underwent changes in favor of increasing their thickness. In addition, as it was said above, VAZ-2192, the technical characteristics of which are quite acceptable for the roads of the countries of the post-Soviet space, received a negative angle of camber.

How is Kalina 2 managed?

There is an opinion among the people that the second "Kalina" can be compared in terms of handling with the good old "eight" - the steering wheel is responsive, and the car is perfectly "worth" both on high-speed direct and on winding roads. Energy intensity is in no way affected - in front of deep holes and potholes you can not even try to seriously hamper, because the car "flies" them with an enviable spasm.

In addition, if in a turn the wheel falls into an unplanned pit or rut, the updated "Kalina" does not lose control and safely continues to move along the specified trajectory. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the suspension and steering are working on everything "one hundred"! The only "dirty trick" that VAZovskaya "berry" does not like is small cracks and microroughness. On them the car now and then flinches and shakes. But still, this lack is not very evident, and it can be fixed by installing less rigid tires.


Anyone who owns a front-wheel drive VAZ of the old family, knows perfectly well how tenacious "mechanics" are murderous, unreliable and terrible. But in VAZ-2192 engineers took care of this moment as well - in the new "Kalina" a completely new gearbox is used! And all because instead of the old brass synchromesh gears of the first and second gears, new steel multi-cone synchronizers are used. In addition, the gearbox is now directly in the top position, which avoids oil leaks and also uses the drive with a cable. And even though the gears did not change, the box acquired a new life. Yes, the lever is no longer vibrating! Yes, there is not the same "Humpty Dumpty" in the neutral transmission mode! Accordingly, the mechanism works on a solid "five".

In addition, there is the option of installing an automatic transmission. Of course, the engine, coupled with the automatic transmission, has a slightly higher fuel consumption, and the dynamics suffers a little, but in any case, the "automatic" greatly facilitates life with frequent city trips. And what to say, the unit is perfectly tuned, not "kicked" and not "pushed", and this already suggests that the quality is really on top.


The line of engines of the standard "Kalina" on the "mechanic" is quite standard: with a volume of 1.6 liters there are variants with eight valves and a power of 87 liters. S., As well as models with sixteen valves and a capacity of 106 liters. from. But for variants with automatic transmission, only one engine option is offered: a 16-valve in-line engine with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 98 liters. from. In general, when choosing not to overclock fast. However, not so long ago, "AvtoVAZ" followed the footsteps of the first "Kalina", and the second "berry" got a sporting character in the body of a hatchback and a complete set of "Kalina Sport". It was here that the car received not only a more rigid suspension and an updated design of body kit, but also a power unit with a return of 118 liters. from. Until recently, the VAZ-2192 with this engine was considered the most powerful production car of AvtoVAZ, while the latter did not decide to go on a rather non-standard way. There was a following - there was a new complete set of "Kalina" with label NFR (Need For Race), the engine of which develops neither much nor little - 136 liters. from.! This is the best indicator for all the years of development of the domestic manufacturer.

Salon and appearance

As for the noise isolation of the cabin - it has risen to a new level, and the interior of the car has become much quieter. True, cheap pickings are not equipped with rear wheel covers, which forces passengers sitting on the second row of seats to hear absolutely all the clicks of tires about the unevenness of the road. But, as a whole, the result is more pleasant than on the previous version of the car. It is worth noting also a good finish of the interior, albeit plastic, but already of higher quality. The multimedia system allows you to use USB-drive and AUX connector from the factory, and that says a lot. The armchairs became more comfortable, and the overall comfort of the cabin increased thanks to the complete processing.

For the appearance of the car, not a bit ashamed - any foreign car could envy the beauty of domestic assembly. But there is no need to say any extra words, because everything is already visible in the photo. Pleasant, streamlined forms, a body that, despite the great clearance, does not seem to be cocked, all this makes the car look nice.

Repair of VAZ-2192

As for the practicality of the car, at the moment there are many disputes regarding this indicator. Many car owners complained about the strange behavior of the electric power steering, which used to be turned off, but after the car's "restarting" again came into effect. Of course, in the event of a breakdown of this unit, repairs can be a pretty penny. But do not despair, because official dealers give a good guarantee, and in case of identifying such problems, they will always be happy to help them to be eliminated. In addition, if you take into account the country of origin of the car, you can say with confidence that if you need repairs, any spare parts can always be found at attractive prices, and this can not but rejoice.

If the budget is limited, but you want a car from the cabin, then the choice, of course, should fall on the VAZ-2192. Kalina II (hatchback) is one of the most favorite cars in the whole territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the "neighbors" - in Kazakhstan and other nearby countries. Therefore, when buying a car, it is worth pondering and understanding that the modern AvtoVAZ produces such cars, which are not ashamed to sit behind the wheel.

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