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Igor Petrenko - the filmography. Actor Igor Petrenko

Domestic cinema is full of paintings in which actor Igor Petrenko starred. Filmography of the artist to today includes bright and diverse roles.

How Petrenko became an actor

Igor was born into a military family (August 23, 1977), and his father, of course, dreamed of seeing his son with epaulettes on his shoulders. But time was not stable, the army was falling apart, and the family did not object that the boy entered the Plekhanov Academy and was preparing to become a manager. Igor passed the exams, but did not want to study there. There is a story that, passing by the theater school, Petrenko saw the crowd and was surprised that in the world of the theatrical craft, too, it is necessary to go through studies in special universities, earlier it seemed to him that the actors were exclusively offspring of acting dynasties. From excitement, the guy decided to try himself on the entrance exams and entered immediately to all Moscow theaters. Chose theatrical school. Shchepkin, the young man was struck by an inscription under the portrait of the famous Mikhail Semenovich: "Priestly act or get out!" And he was fascinated by a courtyard inside the school, which seemed to him some special "oasis" in which he saw his place. After school, young actor Igor Petrenko began to serve in the Maly Theater.

Movies: The Beginning

One of the first works in the cinema - the role of Roma Zolotov, a representative of the "golden youth" - the twenty-three-year-old actor played with great psychological urgency. The hero thoughtlessly burns life, but being a thinking and sensitive young man, he thinks about whether he lives right. This character of the role to taste and shoulder to an artist such as Igor Petrenko, whose filmography is full of images and charming scoundrels, and selfless heroes.

In 2002, Father Petrenko's dream came true to see his son in military uniform, although it happened not on the real parade ground, but on the set. The actor was approved for the role of Lieutenant Travkin in Nikolai Lebedev's film Zvezda based on Kazakevich's story at the very time when he dreamed of playing Fandorin in the TV version of Boris Akunin's novel Azazel. This detective on the screen he did not have to, but Lieutenant Travkin became the "Discovery of the Year" at the film festival "Nika". In the image of a brave and resourceful commander, Igor Petrenko, whose filmography contains many historical film images, was extremely organic. His heroic appearance, serious open face became for many a way a Russian soldier, bold, honest, internally free. This viewers saw him in the film story "Cadets", in a fantastic action movie "Forbidden Reality", in the adventure film "We are from the Future-2".

Facets of character

The best films with Igor Petrenko differ ambiguity of personal qualities of the character. In the melodramatic thriller "The Driver for Faith" by Pavel Chukhrai (2004), Igor Petrenko created the image of a handsome, internally unformed sergeant who, being the will of the case in the higher spheres of the then nomenclature, is aiming to make a good career and not think too much about moral values. But in an extreme situation, he manifests an unexpected nobility for himself.

Pechorin and others

In 2006, the actor created on the screen an image of the textbook character Grigory Pechorin. In Petrenko's interpretation, the clever and bilious hero was deeply unhappy. In one of the interviews the artist told that he sees Pechorin as a light romantic, whose ideals were deceived by reality, why he began to mock at human weaknesses and passions and suffer painfully himself.

In the same year, Igor Petrenko appeared in the guise of the treacherous Luchezar in the cash adventure action movie "Wolfhound." And in 2009, in a duet with actress Maria Poroshina, he participated in the documentary-game series "The World History of Betrayals", where the actor had to talk about people who for some reason descended to betrayal, or play these characters. The film was unusual and interesting. In 2009, the band also saw the tape based on the eponymous novel by Nikolai Gogol "Taras Bulba", a cruel story with a heroic and tragic ending. Petrenko played the youngest son of Taras - Andria, a romantic who is true to his Cossack honor. Love and duty tell him to go over to the side of the enemy, and brave Andriy does it and perishes at the hands of his uncompromising father.

Our new Sherlock Holmes

If you carefully read the stories of Conan Doyle about the great detective of all time and people, you can be sure that the image created by Igor Petrenko (photo - in the article), very accurately falls into the nature and habits of Holmes. Young, impetuous, intelligent, direct, stepping over convention, a brilliant expert in detective work, who refused wide erudition and deep knowledge in those areas that are not connected with criminology. This turned out to be our new Sherlock Holmes. Yevgeny Mironov, Konstantin Khabensky, Sergey Bezrukov claimed this role, but Igor Petrenko became Sherlock. The filmography of the immortal works of Doyle is so great that playing another Holmes was a certain risk. Petrenko initially avoided the samples, was not sure that the character would succeed. But he played this role excellently and was completely unlike the legendary detective acted by Vasily Livanov in the Russian tape of thirty years ago, neither on the eccentric and rational genius in the reading of the Englishman Benedict Cumberbatch, nor on the purely Hollywood version of the hero, performed by Robert Downey Jr..

A Hero for All Seasons

Fans of historical films certainly remember the action-dramatic series "Cedar pierces the sky." The breakthrough into space of the two superpowers was a dramatic and colored unique aura of the national idea. Petrenko played a young scientist Sergei Lykov, obsessed with a dream of flying into space. The time of action is 1940. By involuntary denunciation of his beloved woman Lykov is arrested, in Stalin's dungeons he meets with one of the founders of the Russian space, the Queen. Life severely treats the hero, after the conclusion he remains in the Siberian wilderness. Particularly touching is the final scene of the film, when the Queen is represented by several contenders for the right to be the first cosmonaut in the history of the earth, and he chooses Yuri Gagarin, because he sees the same sunny open smile of the romantic and dreamer on the boy's face, which he remembered in Lykov's face.

Another brave and noble image actor Petrenko created in the adventurous series "Otryv". Here the material became the actor's familiar theme of Stalin's repressions and camps. In the center of history - a daring and wonderful attempt to free from the circumstances, but independent internal people to escape on the floating Karelian island. And again, in the role of Alexei Mitrokhin, the amazing actor Igor Petrenko was extraordinarily convincing and in a manly way, whose filmography by now contains more than forty works in the cinema.

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