How to charm and how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence?

So, you met a guy on the Internet. Typically, the style of communication depends on the resource on which the acquaintance occurred. More often these are popular social networks "VKontakte", "Classmates" and various dating sites. Beginning of communication is usually like this: "Hello! How are you? "Or with the photo rating on the page. The main thing is that a little primitive and dry communication grows into original love correspondence over time. To begin with, lovely girls, look into yourself. Before you learn how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence, think, virtual communication is a way to diversify your everyday life? Do you think about making an Internet acquaintance with this person into the real world? Remember that we are always responsible for those whom we tame. If you fall in love with a guy by correspondence and give him a false hope - this is a way for you to raise self-esteem, then this is ignoble on your part and does not need comments.

Love by correspondence

But if the partner in virtual communication really touched you emotionally, then go ahead! It should be understood that by correspondence, love may arise, but not love itself. Moreover, on the Internet, people tend to fall in love with the image they were presented with. In real life, it is often far from virtual. So, dear girls, how to attract a guy by correspondence?

Rules for infringers

Dear girls, you should know that the Internet is much easier to please a guy than in real life. This is due to the fact that there is no direct contact with a man. So you will less worry and think about your messages better.

Carefully read your status in social networks and information. Despite the fact that many seek to distort personal data about themselves (hide age, indicate an unreal job or study), it is still not recommended to do this. If you still decided to embellish your profile, then you can do it only superficially, not focusing on something specifically. According to some, in the virtual world, guys are less focused on the external appearance of the partner. But this is not so. Try to upload your interesting photos to social networks. After all, the appearance reflects the inner qualities of a person. Men are known to love eyes. The only thing, avoid vulgarity and vulgarity. If you want to give the picture an erotic shade, then it should be thin.

How to attract a guy by correspondence? If you are the first to notice on the network a photo or comment of a nice young man, you can show your positive attitude towards him. For example, to evaluate your favorite picture or to say hello! At the same time, make sure that the messages have been compiled correctly. Carefully read the answers of the interlocutor in order to harmoniously build comments in response.

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence

Before you understand that you want to continue communicating with a guy and even fall in love with him, gather as much information about him as possible. What are his hobbies? In which professional field is involved? Or in what specialty is the study?

It's great if you know how to cheer up a guy. By correspondence, you can wittily joke or successfully insert during an anecdote. Feeling that the guy is interested in you, do not hide your own emotions towards him.

Naturalness always attracts a man. He will be pleased to read the lines about what people think about him, are bored and even care. Would not it be superfluous to ask a person about how his beloved cat is living, or from what dishes was the companion's dinner? Remember that the more points of contact you have with a guy, the easier it will be for him to be interested in you and mutual attraction.

How to fall in love with a guy by correspondence? The main thing is to observe the measure in everything. With the responses to the messages to pull is not necessary, but a small pause in communication are welcome! So you give the interlocutor by correspondence time to evaluate the communication with you and the ability to be slightly nervous on account of his absence!

What not to do with the correspondence?

In virtual communication, focus more on gay topics than on sad topics. So you will answer your question: "How to charm a guy by correspondence?" The plaintive and aching person is unable to maintain long-term attention. If you even complained to your pen-partner in your life, do not make it a daily habit. After all, your goal is to attract and fall in love with a guy by correspondence, and not just find a friend who can cry.

The reaction of the guy to the messages of the partner

So, you tried to follow the advice that was given above. How to understand a guy by correspondence? Firstly, if you have established a fairly intimate communication, then an emotional connection will necessarily appear. This you easily understand by the desire of the man as much as possible and more often to correspond with you during the day. He himself will scribble messages to you with questions: "Where have you gone?" Or "I'm bored without you."

Secondly, he will share his thoughts, desires, plans and consult with you. This is what you need! You are on the right track. If the guy in his messages unconsciously writes "I was thinking about us", "we are with you", "together", be sure that you almost achieved your goal.

A few words about seduction

How to seduce a guy by correspondence? Of course, when you no longer doubt that you are attractive to a young man, you should not abandon the sexual style when communicating with him. This is a disarming way to seduce a guy by correspondence. At the same time you will choose erotic smileys or sensual description of your tender emotions or actions - a matter of taste and imagination!

Steps to a real meeting

Any virtual correspondence is a springboard to building relationships, unless, of course, you want to stay for a guy just a pretty object from the Internet. Surrendering to harmonious communication, a loving guy will ask you for a phone number or offer a real meeting. Everything depends on your geographical location and financial possibilities.

Remember that in search of an answer to the question of how to fall in love with a guy by correspondence, you too fall into captivity of awe. Therefore, before meeting with a partner, do not invent anything extra about him. Lean on only that information and image that managed to fix in your subconscious. All this will help you avoid negative emotions in the future! What if the guy, despite his reports that he is keen on you, is delaying a real meeting? Firstly, you can offer yourself a dinner together in a cafe, if you live in the same area. Secondly, try to unobtrusively know the reason for this behavior.

After all, not every member of the stronger sex can admit to his financial difficulties at the moment. Show tact, patience and understanding in this matter. Do not hesitate to tell the guy that you are ready to wait, or offer your option, which is not burdensome in terms of money for both. Your delicate attention, positive attitude and tender energy emanating from emails are necessary conditions for the guy to fall in love with you even on virtual correspondence.

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