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How to celebrate the New Year in Italy

The New Year is an international holiday, celebrated in all countries. And Italy is no exception. How to celebrate the New Year in Italy? With their own traditions, with wishes, fun and bright. On New Year's Eve , they wish you luck, health, prosperity and financial well-being.

Money for Italians is an important component of a calm and good life. They even found a product that looks like coins and symbolizes directly money, property and wealth. This is a lentil, without which there is not a single New Year's table in Italy.

In form, lentils really look like coins. And its use symbolizes prosperity and wealth, which they hope to collect next year. It is served with pork sausages seasoned with coriander seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and fragrant. By the way, pork is also associated with well-being and prosperity.

Many people are interested in how they celebrate the New Year in Italy, because this country has always attracted tourists. And in New Year's holidays, it is especially noisy and fun here. At midnight on the central squares of the major cities, festive bright fireworks are lit and dances are arranged. A festive lottery and other entertainments are held.

Smaller cities also do not get bored. Instead of fireworks, they are lit up with huge fires in the very center of the city, where all the residents gather to celebrate. And in big cities, grandiose shows are held where popular bands perform. Broadcasting is transmitted through television.

All the entertainment lasts until the morning, because it is very important in this country to meet the first dawn of the coming year. New Year traditions of Italy are diverse. So, in the south of the country, the tradition of always throwing out old furniture and things through the window is very popular.

This indicates that the residents are ready to accept everything new, and the old - to leave in the past. It is believed that new things will necessarily appear in the vacated place. Therefore, walking around the cities on New Year's Eve can be unsafe.

There is also a curious and unusual Italian belief that it is possible to attract good luck in the New Year, wearing only red clothes on the holiday. It is also very important for Italians whom they will first meet in the New Year on the street. It is bad to see a priest or a monk, it is undesirable - a small child, and a beautiful girl is very good.

It's no wonder that many are interested in how they celebrate the New Year in Italy. After all, apart from the usual noisy celebrations, a lot of attention is paid to traditions and beliefs. For example, in the provinces for a long time such a custom is honored: early in the morning of January 1, home should bring from the source a "new" water, which should be presented with an olive branch. It is believed that this brings happiness.

Gifts for this holiday to Italian children are not brought by Santa Claus (Babbo Natal), and the fairy fairy Befana, who flies on a magic broom at night and opens the door of the children's room with a golden little key. Then she fills with gifts specially hung for the fireplace children's stockings. And disobedient children leave a coal or a pinch of ashes.

How to celebrate the New Year in Italy? Just as they celebrate it with us. This, however, applies only to the place where the celebration is celebrated. Recently - in a good restaurant or in a noisy company in a nightclub. Moreover, the Italians are a cheerful people. Therefore, these days all entertainment establishments try to offer a special menu and diversify to the maximum entertainment program.

It is also worth noting the streets of cities. In the days of celebration they are illuminated with bright lights, decorated with garlands. There are costumed processions, concerts, folk festivals and, of course, traditional holiday sales.

On New Year's Eve in Rome, Christmas trees are set up in all squares and decorated with flowers and toys. And garlands with red ribbons decorate the balconies of houses, showcases of restaurants and shops.

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