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Gameplay Fallout 3: passing a mediocre shooter or life after a nuclear war?

What we promised

The player will have to explore a huge world, or rather, what was left of him after a nuclear war. Civilization, in the usual sense of the word, is no more, the remnants of the surviving population are divided into factions, and someone is trying to find a place under the sun alone. This project is a role-playing game, where the decisions made by the player, affect the plot and have certain consequences. The outcome of the game largely depends on the decisions of the player, in addition to the main storyline of Fallout 3, the passage of which takes only a dozen hours, the main character expects an incredible number of additional quests.

In Fallout 3, quests that do not belong to the main story are not necessary to complete the game, but these missions allow you to gain additional experience, skills, equipment and weapons, without which survival in a world that survived a nuclear war is simply impossible. The player will have to shoot a lot, perhaps, too - after a couple of hours of gameplay, the role-playing game begins to seem like an ordinary shooter. The gameplay of Fallout 3, the complete passage of which takes an average of about 100 hours (including secondary quests), for 70-80% consists of shooting. Sad, but true.

A player can join different factions or explore the world alone, the main goal of the protagonist is to search for the father who left the shelter 101 in which he lived with his son and other survivors. The father of the protagonist left without giving his son any instructions about his goal, and he leaves the shelter 101 to find him. Theoretically, Fallout 3 is a very original project with a twisted nonlinear story, surprising the player with unexpected twists, almost the game was a very mediocre craft.

What we got

Instead of the original role-playing game, gamers were presented with a very mediocre shooter. In theory, you can go through this game without a single shot, but in practice everything, alas, is gloomy: the stealth mode does not work correctly, in addition, the peace-loving character has a very limited choice of possible actions. The game and pushes the hero to take up arms and shoot. In Fallout 3, the passage of the storyline is more like a long walk through the radioactive garbage dump with a gun at the ready than the life of people after the end of the world.

Secondary missions are very diverse, but the reward for them is of almost no value - a player, most likely, even spent cartridges will not pay off. The only advantage of secondary quests is the experience that allows you to improve existing skills and gain new abilities. It's worth noting that half of the abilities are simply useless, since the gameplay was clearly not completely worked out.

The choice of small arms in the game is really huge, but the hand-to-hand arsenal is rather meager. Locations are very monotonous, before evaluating the work of game designers, you should ask yourself if they worked on it. Of course, they worked, but looking at the dull and monotonous world, you can not at once tell. However, something really surprises the game - a system of step-by-step shootings due to the automatic guidance system. Skirmishes in this mode look very good.

A huge selection of armor and equipment - lyrics and no more, yes, there are many protective means, but there is almost no sense from them. Among dozens of protective suits there are 5-7 really worthwhile specimens. As promised by the developers, the player will be able to get a dog accompanying him on the road, they also kept their promise about the weapon production system and various items that the protagonist, in the presence of certain abilities, can collect from the garbage. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of this game can be talked for a very long time, unlike merits. If you expect Fallout 3 to pass as it was in the 2nd or the 1st part, then you will be very disappointed - instead of evolving, one of the best series has degenerated to the level of a shooter of the average hand.

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