Dresses with feathers: aerial exotics for extraordinary occasions

Spectacular, lush, airy dresses with feathers in the new season will not leave any fashionista indifferent. The trend is gaining popularity for several years in a row, and the designers demonstrate all the new models and ideas of styling. Modern fashion considers a dress with a feather decoration as an element of an evening or elegant, festive image. With difficulty, this outfit is suitable for styling for every day, except in exceptional cases. It's very important to choose the right hairstyle, shoes and accessories for a feather dress, to get a balanced image, not a "miracle in feathers," as stylists and critics say. What should I pay attention to when choosing a dress? Let's look at the details.

Types of feathers

Modern designers prefer to work with feathers of a peacock, an ostrich, an exotic duck, and also artificial materials. Fluffy decor can turn any dress into a work of art, cause admiration and delight of connoisseurs of fashionable clothes. Dresses with feathers, depending on the choice of color, will make you a romantic fairytale princess or fatal female vamp.

Fluffy decor was used by designers from time immemorial. Earlier, feathers of heron, flamingo, eagle, ostrich, peacock used wide popularity. They were whole lush clouds, in which the women of fashion were wrapped. Such dresses cost exorbitant amounts and were available mainly to noble aristocrats and wealthy heirs. Today, a dress with feathers can be selected for every fashionable woman for a spectacular appearance at a party or a celebration. Depending on the quantity and quality of the fountain decor, the cost of the outfit also varies.

Feathers on a skirt

The most common models in the new season are variants with feather skirts. Usually, a tight top of the bustier type is combined with a lush bottom. Separately it is necessary to designate the presence or absence of straps in this version of stylization. Minimalism in the upper part allows you to balance a magnificent skirt from feathers and, thus, pick up a dress for almost any type of figure. Stylists recommend choosing the length to be guided by the silhouette features.

A dress with feathers on a skirt is most optimal for girls with a chiseled, tight figure. The texture of the feathers gives an extra and often undesirable volume. Therefore, owners of lush forms should prefer models with air decor in the upper part. In general, stylists recommend dresses with feathers on a skirt, knee-length or on the floor. They are most harmonious in the depiction of the feminine silhouette.

How to wear a dress with feathers

The first and main condition is the presence of a special case. Dresses with feathers look feminine and glamorous, emphasizing the mood of the holiday and the extraordinary nature of the situation. Parties, weddings, dinner parties and events, corporate parties and romantic dates are just some of the options for stylization.

For those who doubt their boldness and do not know how and with what to wear a dress with feathers, stylists recommend to stop on the model of black color. This option is universal and will be appropriate for any case. Dress with feathers in itself is a key element of the image, you just need to supplement it with basic details. Minimalist hairstyle, expressive, but restrained makeup, classic feminine shoes and a simple clutch shade will shade your exclusive outfit.

For important events, models of dresses in which feathers are combined with leather, satin, velvet, silk, lace and embroidery are appropriate. More simple options - a combination of air decor with cotton, chiffon or knitwear. Let's look at the three most common stylization cases and their features.

1. Wedding dresses

One of the most solemn options is a wedding event. Dresses with feathers can emphasize the splendor, elegance and majesty of the image of the bride. Often, the air decor in this case is combined with the decoration of stones, rhinestones, embroidery, lace. Feathers can adorn the bodice or skirt, and also be present in the decoration of shoes and accessories. To such a magnificent dress it is better to pick up a restrained feminine hairdo with smooth locks, in order to emphasize the silhouette in contrast. Each bride can choose a wedding dress in an exclusive style in both modern and vintage style (in the style of the Great Getsby).

2. Evening dresses

For a solemn event, you can pick up a dress with peacock feathers. It will add a fiery turquoise overflow and luxury into the created image. Long evening dresses with peacock decor look best in black, but experiments with a color palette are also possible.

3. Dress with feathers for graduation

The cocktail version will decorate any prom party. Here you have the opportunity to choose the length at your discretion. The most popular version of a cocktail dress with feathers (photo is in the article) is a tight top with open shoulders or straps and a lush bottom with classic shoes.

Even the most demanding fashionistas will be able to find the best outfit in the spirit of this trend. World celebrities and fashion bloggers in abundance demonstrate new styles and presentation of dresses with feathers, which will become a rich source of inspiration for the unsophisticated.

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