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Dreambook: what do you dream about a suitcase? To collect a suitcase on the road - what does this dream mean?

To believe in dreams or not is a perennial question for many. Some consider night visions to be just a game of imagination and immediately forget about what they dreamed of at night. Others, on the contrary, are waiting for the arrival of new dreams and consider them as clues that sometimes help in life. In addition, there are those who believe that believing in different meanings of dreams is nothing more than an attempt to shift all responsibility for what is happening in life to the power of night visions.

There is an opinion that it is during sleep that the brain of a person gets the opportunity to rethink all the information that was received per day, and through the dream to demonstrate what events were major and which ones were secondary. It is thanks to the dream that our subconscious can sometimes prompt a way out of the predicament or find the answer to a difficult question, and all we need is to remember and then correctly interpret what we saw.

During a rest at night all people see dreams. However, they can not always remember their vision the next morning. And regardless of what pictures flash before our eyes, when we sleep and see a dream-desire, a dream-memory or a prophetic dream, we always want to unravel the meaning. Why? Yes, just because it is in a dream that each person is alone with himself, their experiences, aspirations, expectations and fears. Sometimes it is precisely the correct interpretation that helps to better understand yourself, your feelings and actions. In a dream, you can see a story or just some pieces. Very often our visions are repeated, which makes them want to understand and explain even more.

If you like to solve dreams, then you should be curious how different dream books interpret identical objects.

So, if you remember your vision and can retell it in the morning, you will be able to understand what it means. But solving the meaning of sleep, do not forget that the same symbol in different people and in different situations, most likely, will have the opposite meaning.

Knowledgeable people have long begun to attach importance to their visions, recording all the information and comparing them with those that happened later. So began to appear the first book of dreams, which, many times refined and republished, help to understand the signs of our subconscious today.

Dream interpretation: what does the suitcase dream about ?

Now consider what the suitcase in a dream can mean, and also the actions that are associated with it. So, have you seen the travel bag?

As in real life, and in a dream, the carpet symbolizes a journey and not only. If you look into the dream book, a suitcase in a dream - to failures or travel. Therefore, in order to properly explain this symbol, it is necessary to remember as much as possible how exactly this object was dreamed of. Suitcase in life can be associated with work or leisure. Therefore, not only the size of the travel bag, but also the content, is important, it was your personal or someone's baggage.

As you can see, in order to specify the meaning of a symbol in a dream, it is necessary to pay attention to all the nuances. So, what is the meaning of the dream book?

A suitcase in a dream quite often means your inner desire for change. Perhaps you want to change something radically. What is the meaning of the dream book? Suitcase, if it's new, it can mean for a man - a new connection with a young woman. But for a girl the suitcase indicates, on the contrary, its integrity. And how else does this dream interpretation dream? To collect a suitcase means a very quick and pleasant trip. Another significance is that in reality a person who has seen travel bags in his dream is trying to bring certain clarity and order into his life or affairs. And what does this vision mean for someone who often goes on a business trip? What does the dream book say about this? Collecting a suitcase means that there will be success in the future. Although only if the person checks their packed bag.

So, a suitcase in a dream is both a fast journey and a long trip. In addition, it is the travel bag that can portend a serious enough quarrel with a close person or a strong disappointment. If in a dream a large suitcase is or is lying, then it can portend to you a lot of hard work. But if you carry travel bags, then in this case the dream shows your financial difficulties.

Dream portends changes in life

To understand all the meanings, let's try to systematize all possible variants.

If you dream a suitcase in which there is a mess - get ready for quarrels and unsuccessful trips. But if things can not fit in travel bags, be prepared for the fact that your business will expand, and business will come to success. If you look through a dream book, a suitcase empty in such a book means disappointment in marriage or a symbol of your gullibility. While the travel bag of gifts means quick love joys. Certainly, such a vision pleases. And if in a dream you bought a new suitcase, then reality is likely to soon a new acquaintance.

Luggage size

A suitcase is large and very bulky, but without things - your road will be long, but in vain. Accordingly, a large travel bag (filled) will be a harbinger of a long and successful trip. A small suitcase with things - a walk or a short trip that will help solve important issues.

Filling the bag

Depending on what is filled with your travel bag, the dream books also have several interpretations. So, a bag with paper money - a symbol of successful success in business, if it is filled with copper money - on the journey you will receive an important fateful acquaintance.

Old or new?

Your bag is dirty or slightly torn - wait for mild ailments or quarrels at work. A brand new traveling suitcase portends important negotiations, but the old and shabby is a symbol of the fact that you miss the past.

In a dream, things fall out of your suitcase - they will move you along the career ladder.

What is it made of?

In addition, in the dream is important and the material from which the bag is made, which you take on the road. If your suitcase on wheels, you can quickly solve complex problems, leather - you expect a lot of work and a good reward for work, plastic - a messenger of the rapid completion of the business started.

The meaning of sleep with a suitcase

You pack a travel bag and put light summer clothes in it - you will have a pleasant romantic trip. If you put other people's things, then in real life you often use someone else's thoughts to achieve your goals. The suitcase falls from the hands - you make a mistake that can be fixed. Stack unnecessary things in a travel bag - to be distracted from the main thing, inability to achieve the set goals. What does it mean to throw away a suitcase in a dream? This means that you cancel an important trip or postpone the trip.

There is one more interpretation, which gives the dream book. A suitcase to lose is a warning that someone will soon take advantage of your intellectual work or try to steal your ideas.

If in a dream you carry a bag in the house, then this indicates a reluctance to go on the upcoming trip.

It matters, and the place where you pack a travel suitcase. If you do it in a friend's house - sleep announces a reliable partner, but if you are in a hotel or some other unfamiliar place - an outsider will come to your business.

Dream Interpretation: stole a suitcase or forgotten in a dream

What does the night vision mean, you stole a travel bag? This means that you have to go on a trip instead of a colleague or boss.

If you left somewhere a bag, then what does the dream book say about it? Forgetting a suitcase means missing out on some great opportunities for further growth and development.

Certain things

You put your underwear in the carpet bag - a little adventure awaits you on the trip. And if you put dishes in it - wait on the road for a noisy feast. In a dream, you wipe your bag, so in real life you always in advance count your steps.

Empty or full?

Buying a new and empty suitcase in a dream shows your chance to replenish your intellectual knowledge. But the full and heavy, on the contrary, speaks of your large baggage of knowledge, which is time to pass to the receivers.

If in a dream you collect a bag ...

It is worth noting that there are various dream books. These books interpret the same meaning sometimes completely from opposite positions. For example, let's take a new family dream book. A suitcase with things in a dream to see is interpreted in it as an addition to the family, whereas a dream book for a bitch describes the same dream as promotion. Similarly, different interpreters and the meaning of sleep in which you pack a travel bag explain differently. If you look at the dream book, collect things in a suitcase, it is explained as actions aimed at bringing order to life and solving difficult situations. While other sources of interpretation of this dream are different. Let's consider them: to collect things in a suitcase in a dream - a quarrel with a close and dear person, in connection with which you will say to each other a lot of excess. And what else about this vision gives an interpretation of the dream book? Collecting a suitcase on the road for a woman means an early betrayal, but for a man - the decision to understand their sexual relationships and preferences.


So, to solve your dream means to step closer to yourself, your inner self. That is why many like to determine the meaning of each vision, especially if the dream books interpret it from the positive side and promise the coming of pleasant events. But very often it happens that the meaning of the dream book does not coincide with the consequences that come after the vision. Why it happens that way, even very experienced researchers find it difficult to say. After all, the topic of sleep has not been thoroughly studied and therefore it always raises many questions that still remain unanswered. Therefore, we advise everyone: trust your own inner feelings more. It is your subconscious mind that will help to accurately explain the night vision. Even if you had a completely ordinary dream about a suitcase, this does not mean that the subconscious can not allude to you on some important events. Therefore, if you like to solve your visions, do not think that most of them are empty.

And yet, in order not to forget what you saw, try always to wake up slowly and without fuss. Sharp sounds, rapid lifting or someone else's question can lead to the fact that you immediately forget the dream and, of course, can no longer explain its meaning. It is very useful to always keep a dream diary where you should write down everything that you saw, and then compare it with events from life, making the appropriate conclusions. To correlate what is happening out of sleep is necessary not only with its present. An important role can also be played by events from the past.

Solving a dream, you always need to find the main image in it and first work it out. Everything is important here: color, size, location, as well as the feelings you experienced. In addition, personal associations that can cause objects in a dream are very important. That is why dream books do not always correctly interpret someone's visions. After all, they, as a rule, demonstrate the result of someone else's experience.

In addition, it is worth noting that very rarely dreams interpret the future and are dream-predictions. In most cases, night vision is a display of fear or dreams. But if you learn to read them correctly, you can change your future for the better. Therefore, it is always better to try to unravel the secret world of dreams than to regret about missed opportunities.

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