Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? The answer is found!

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? Many future mothers are asking this question, because you want to look good all the time, and the overgrown roots do not add attractiveness. There is still no exact answer. Studies conducted by scientists did not reveal the harmful effect of paint on the fetus.

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? The first is "no" if you care about your baby.

According to some experts, ammonia and other chemicals, which are part of various paints, can get into the blood. Confirmation of this fact has not yet been found. But pairs of ammonia when breathing still get inside, and they, as you know, are quite toxic. Particularly negative effect of the pair of this substance have on pregnant women prone to toxicosis.

It is also not recommended to use chemical dyes for hair during the formation of the placenta, which protects the future child. Completely the latter will be formed by the twelfth week.

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? The second is "no", as in such a means, as a rule, contains ammonia, which very much dries the already weak hair in this period. Therefore, if you decide to change the color of your hair, then get a paint, in the composition of which this substance is not included. It is advisable to buy in specialized stores. Another option - you can use shade tinctures or weak dyes. But in this situation it is also worthwhile to take advantage of balms that moisturize and nourish your hair. By the way, in this period it is desirable to make masks in order to strengthen the structure of the curls. Of course, you only need to use natural ingredients.

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? The third is "no", as it is better not to make cardinal changes in the structure of the hair to be calm for the health of the fetus. But still, to dye hair or not - this is a personal decision of every future mother. It must always be taken into account that the result of this procedure can be quite unexpected, both in color and as staining of strands. This is due to a change in the structure of the hair.

What color to dye hair pregnant?

A good substitute for "chemistry" can be natural dyes, for example, henna and basma. They are easy to find in any store, but they are quite inexpensive. But you need to consider that they are very persistent, after their use, another paint may simply not "lie down" on the hair. Therefore, you will have to wait for the complete flushing of the natural dye.

A beautiful shade of pregnant blondes will help get a decoction of ordinary chamomile, but the procedure will need to be repeated several times. You can get a golden brown color with onion peel. Persistent staining can give a decoction from the walnut shell. All these natural ingredients will not only give a beautiful shade to the hair, but will also be strengthened. In addition, all these drugs are absolutely harmless to the fetus.

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy? The first "yes", but only in favor of natural dyes. From this time, you need to stop using chemicals.

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