A natural hair care product is colorless henna. Reviews, tips for use

Every woman from an early age tries to follow her hair, creating new images. At first it's spits, tails and haircuts, then they smoothly turn into coloring, highlighting and other procedures, from which the hair is very hard. Hair eventually break down, fade and even fall out.

To restore hair after waving or dyeing, as well as prevent seasonal loss, you can use a variety of cosmetics . From hair loss, masks and balms, which include colorless henna, are a great help. Reviews about these products can be found in publications that are devoted to beauty and health, cosmetics and useful advice.

Many people use henna, but not everyone knows what it is. In fact, henna Iranian colorless is a natural product of plant origin, widely used in cosmetology. In addition to beneficial effects on the hair and scalp (it is used for hair loss, dandruff, itching, allergies to cosmetics), it also works well on the skin. There are a large number of masks for face and body, which also include colorless henna. Comments written after applying these tools indicate their effectiveness and availability (henna is a low-cost product that is grown in sufficient quantities to satisfy the market).

Use henna and in pure form (in the form of a powder), on its basis, natural sparing paints for hair are made. By itself, henna gives the hair a copper-rusty hue, and in combination with other components can get a lot of options: from red to chestnut and even black. For therapeutic purposes, henna is colorless, reviews of it, however, say that after applying and subsequent hair coloring, even such henna can give a yellow shade to blondes, so that owners of colored hair of light colors should use it with caution.

To strengthen hair, you can simply buy colorless henna in a dry form (the cheapest option) in the pharmacy, make a mask of it and apply it to the hair before washing your hair. There are a lot of recipes for masks, which include colorless henna, reviews after their use can be read usually right after the recipe itself. Some simply make "mush" out of it, diluting with warm water, and use it as a mask.

True, there is a henna and a couple of shortcomings (without them, probably, there is not a single remedy). In addition to the fact that its application can affect the color of hair during staining (or melioration), henna is very poorly washed, since it is a grain of the plant. Sometimes it just has to be combed under the shower, especially the owners of long hair. But for the sake of luxurious strong hair, you can spend an extra 10-15 minutes in the shower. In addition, the procedure is sufficient to conduct once a week (or 2 times a month).

It turns out that most of the problems associated with hair loss, is solved perfectly by a simple colorless Henna - the reviews speak for themselves. But blondes for henna (even colorless) are better treated with caution, checking in advance whether it will leave some shade on the hair (however, owners of light hair need to be careful with any means that can leave the memory in the form of an undesirable shade).

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