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Vedic astrology: ruby stones and their esoteric meaning

Astrology pays great attention to the study of the magical properties of natural minerals, their connection with the signs of the Zodiac and invites people to benefit from the support of the natural forces and energies of nature, enclosed in precious and semiprecious stones. Of course, talisman stones can not be considered a panacea for all possible ills and problems. But it is quite possible for them to help in this or that situation, to activate the vital forces of the human body. Therefore, in astromineralogy, all the minerals known in nature are thoroughly studied and examined.

His Majesty the Ruby

Astrological medicine has noticed a certain interdependence between shades of colors, planets and precious stones. Cosmic radiation, the sun's rays spread out over the spectra, give a known sequence of colors (remember the story about the pheasant and the hunter?) - from red to purple. They have the strongest impact on our health. Therefore, to neutralize the negative impact of the Cosmos and strengthen the positive, stones of the appropriate color range can be neutralized: red, orange, yellow, blue, etc. Among them, one of the strongest are ruby stones.

  • The red ruby is a powerful astrological mineral that has concentrated the color of the Sun and has a direct connection with it. Wearing it develops in the people of the quality of the leader. True, he can also give too much power, so you should use his magic carefully. Ruby stones can be compared with antennas, locators, catching infrared radiation from the Cosmos. It is believed that these amazingly beautiful minerals increase the immunity of living organisms, resistance to disease. Therefore, from ancient times rubbish rubbish, as well as touching the polished surface of the stone to the body of the Magi, healers and shamans treated non-healing ulcers, leprosy, bone diseases and many other ailments.
  • In Vedic literature ruby stones are usually called the colors of fire, love, passions. It is with such concepts that their hot, hot color is associated. And in the culture of most European and Eastern peoples, red color has long symbolized love and that warmth of soul and tenderness that are associated with it. And they are stones of kings and emperors, rulers of states and peoples. After all, the ruby itself is recognized, along with the diamond, the most valuable and beautiful stone of the Earth. In Sanskrit, the name of the mineral sounds like "the king of all jewelry." And this is not surprising. Because ruby stones possess all the most important and valuable qualities for jewelry: high hardness and strength, beautiful deep saturated color, wonderful shine.
  • Red is the color of blood, vital energy, light. More than other precious stones, the ruby helps to neutralize the dark forces of evil, hatred and discord. Such properties are attributed to him in magic. People, whose activities are associated with the occult, tried always to have a high-quality crystal, strengthening their willpower and supporting in their own fears.
  • A red ruby is a stone that astrologers recommend to buy to anyone who has already reached certain heights in the professional arena: politicians, actors, businessmen, scientists. It will help to consolidate the achievements and will stimulate the further career and spiritual growth of its owners.

The only downside: Rubies not only supply their "hosts" with energy, but they also take away such from them, returning it back to the cosmic spheres. Therefore, it is useful to part with a stone from time to time - so that you can relax from each other.

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