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Treatment of the liver after alcohol

In our life there are so many different temptations that are widely advertised both on television and with the help of external shields, that the greater part of the population is more and more susceptible to their impact. No one is no longer surprised by chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, and a cigarette in his hand has become an inalienable attribute of modern man. But few people think about the negative effects of alcohol on the liver and the body as a whole.

Treatment of the liver after alcohol will take a very long time. The success of this enterprise depends only on the number and frequency of alcohol libations, and no one can guarantee a positive result. And after all the liver receives the very first and strong blow from acceptance of alcohol, means, and it is amazed much more other bodies.

Treatment of the liver after alcohol will take place in several stages. To begin with it is necessary to remove an intoxication of all organism. The state of intoxication is alcohol poisoning in an acute form, followed by a negative impact of alcohol metabolites, which the people call the "hangover". What degree of intoxication a person received will depend not only on the state of health, but also on the amount of alcohol consumed, and also on the individual reaction to the composition of the alcoholic beverage. Three degrees are subdivided: heavy, medium and light.

With chronic alcoholism, one can speak of a significant defeat of all organs. In the presence of general weakness, yellowing of the skin and eye proteins, sleep disorders, reducing sexual function, it is worthwhile for a person to think about the future way of life. These symptoms speak of alcohol intoxication in chronic form. Treatment of the liver after alcohol in this case should begin with a complete rejection of any beverages containing a degree. A fairly difficult decision for a chronic alcoholic, but otherwise you can expect complete intoxication of the body with a fatal outcome.

Special harm can cause any drugs that are recommended for use with a hangover. Any medicine can have a stronger impact on the liver than a person received from taking alcohol. Therefore, the treatment of the liver after alcohol should begin with the withdrawal of the body of various components of such beverages. For this it is necessary to take special medicines - gepaprotektory. The action of these drugs is aimed at restoring the liver after alcohol and complete cleansing of the cells. The most common and proven drug is Essentiale Forte.

How to restore the liver after alcohol? In addition to taking specialized medications, you should organize dietary nutrition that will help to establish the proper functioning of the liver and the entire digestive system. It will be required to completely abandon fried and fatty foods, to consume as much fresh vegetables, berries and fruits as possible. It is worth spending a lot of time in the open air and doing simple physical exercises. It is necessary to increase the consumption of clean and fresh water, preferably without gases. To abuse mineral water it is not necessary, as it promotes increase in arterial pressure that can negatively affect state of health.

In addition to drug treatment, you can take advice from traditional medicine.

· Beet lavender kvass and garlic are good for cleaning the liver.

A proven means for improving blood flow is heating and compresses with corn, olive or castor oil.

· If necessary, clean the liver in a short time, you can use the herbal collection. To make it, you need to take one spoonful of a herb of a thousand-centner and bitter wormwood, as well as four spoons of thyme creeping. One tablespoon of the shredded collection will be poured with one glass of boiling water, then insist for at least 2 hours. Take infusion over a tablespoon before each meal.

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