Ragged bangs are back in fashion

What are the types of bang? This question can not be given a monosyllabic answer, because each client is individual, and the hairdresser is free to combine the kind of bangs that are suitable for a particular specific type of person. Below are only the main varieties of possible bangs.

A straight fringe. Straight, made with a blunt cut, bangs will give expressiveness and stylish accent to any hairstyle. The length of it can vary: be above the eyebrows, to the eyebrows or to cover the eyebrows.

For hairstyles in the classical style the most characteristic are the bangs to the eyebrows. Such hairstyle elements are popular at all times and among all ages. Straight bangs to the eyebrows are appropriate in traditional classic and elegant hairstyles.

A straight fringe, covering the eyebrows, will give the image a share of extravagance and mystery. She looks more fortunate on thick, lush hair.

However, one should take into account the fact that a straight long bang does not suit the owner of contact lenses and glasses.

A short fringe can be either straight, dentate, or stepped. Gradually moving away from the classical style in the direction of the underground, you can see that the possible variations with different hairstyles increase in geometric progression.

Slanting bangs. This element of the hairstyle is perfect for a square or rectangular shape of the face. Also, the slanting bang looks good in hairstyles made from long straight hair. This species, however, is not recommended for use in hairstyles with curly hair, since it is characterized by smoothness and an underlined cut.

The most popular among modern beauties uses oblique torn bangs. Ragged bangs or, in professional terms, graduated, is the decoration of many extravagant hairstyles, for example, in the style of "rock" or "punk". Ragged oblique bangs are suitable for long hairstyles and for short combined haircuts.

The structural layered bangs on the thick hair look impressive. Ragged bangs, in fact, has much in common with it, because there, and here, the same method of slipping is used. Layered bangs perfectly suits the owners of a narrow, elongated face, then
Time as an asymmetrical torn bang smooth out the square cheekbones and give the square face a greater "ovality".

Finally - advice for those who like to experiment with the hairdo yourself:

1. The torn bangs are reached by a method of sliding scissors from the top downwards on a lock on equal dry hair.

2. When self-hairstyle at home, do not cut your hair at once shortly - leave a path to retreat.

3. The asymmetrical torn bangs will look good if you smooth it with a hair iron and apply a little wax.

4. When deciding on a new experiment with a hairdo, be aware that the new style will have to be constantly maintained, which may require daily styling.

If you do not like to style your hair every day, avoid frequent use of hair dryers, forceps and hair iron (or you have hair problems, and you do not want to heat them again), you should think twice before deciding on a radical shift Hairstyles. Ragged bangs require daily care and styling on curly hair, as well as short haircuts on fine hair.

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