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Per Mertesacker: career of the famous German footballer and defender of the London "Arsenal"

Per Mertesacker is one of the most popular football players in Germany. He has a remarkable, rather diverse career, which starts from a very early age. Well, we should talk about this in more detail, since the topic is interesting, especially for fans of German football.

How it all began

Per Mertesacker was born in the German city of Hanover in 1984. He started playing at the club called "Pattensen". There he was brought up by coaches, learned to master the ball, form his own style. However, in 1995 (when he turned 11 years old), Per Mertesacker joined the team "Hannover-96". There he spent no less time. Eight years after his transition, in 2003, he first appeared on the field in a match held within the Bundesliga. It was a debut, which became very special for him. After all, it was with this game that his stellar path to fame and numerous victories began. By the way, it is interesting that then he did not act as a defender. At that time, he served as a supporting midfielder. And as his coach and teammates say, it turned out well for the player.

Further successes

Per Mertesacker, whose biography is full of interesting facts about his career (the privacy of the data is not enough, since the German does not particularly like to divulge information about this topic), has exerted a lot of effort to become what he is now.

Despite the fact that the football player signed a professional contract with Hanover, he had to wait four more months in anticipation of the next invitation to the Bundesliga. But when the team was headed by such a coach as Edward Linen, he began to develop as a player of the basis. He could also be seen in the center of the team's defense. Needless to say, work on yourself and a constant game in the midst of a football battle made itself felt: in the near future, in the 2004/2005 season, the football player became one of the best players of the club.

Per Mertesacker in the "Hanover" for a long time did not stay and in 2006 moved to Bremen "Werder". The contract was originally calculated until 2010, but then the situation developed in such a way that Mertezaker stayed in his new team before 2012. At the same time, Pera was invited to the national team. In 2006 he spent absolutely all the games for the German team. He did not even get a single yellow card. By the way, it was for this that he was given a special nickname - Mr. Pure.

Career in the "Arsenal" and the national team

Mertesacker Per, whose growth is almost two meters, moved to London in 2011 and began to play for Arsenal. Initially, the contract was concluded for three years, but in England the German was delayed, as the 2015/2016 season has already begun, and he is still in the "Gunners".

In the German national team, the footballer also developed well. And in the past, this is said because, after winning the World Cup in 2014, Per announced that he is completing his team career. And so he won bronze and silver at the European championships (2008 and 2012) and the same awards at the World Cup 2006 and 2010. Decent success for a football player, who just turned 31 years old.

In general, I must say, Per Mertesacker is a great man. His biography shows us that the footballer has made great strides. He became the owner of the German Cup and the German League Cup. Also won the UEFA Cup. And with the "Arsenal" for four years, too, was the winner. So, for example, he is a two-time winner of the Cups and Super Bowls of England (all awards - two). But of course, the most important and important event in the life of this player (as, strictly speaking, all the other players of the German national team) is an indisputable and well deserved victory at the World Championships held last year in Brazil.

Personal life

And finally, a couple of words we will tell about how the personal life develops with such a famous football player as Mertesacker Per. With his wife, he has a wonderful relationship. By the way, she is also an athlete. Her name is Ulrike Stange (now, however, she is known under the name of her husband), and she is engaged in handball. There were young people from 2008. On Easter Sunday (namely in 2011, April 24) a common child was born. They decided to call their son the name of Paul. Only after the birth of the child they were married, and then not immediately, and two years later - in 2013. The wedding took place in one of the most picturesque places in Germany - in the castle of Marienburg. And in 2014, the couple had a second son. For this reason, Per even was late for the World Cup. But he still managed to play - this is the main thing. And his wife supported, and the World Cup won.

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