L210 Epson (MFP): specifications, description, reviews

When it comes to high - quality color printing, most users recall the remarkable brand Epson. After all, this is the only company on the market that focuses on quality in damage to value. Uniquely the products of this manufacturer are not targeted to the budget segment. In the focus of this article - one of the most expensive representatives of the company, L210 Epson (MFP). Specifications, descriptions, testimonials and testing of the printer in the laboratory will help the potential buyer decide whether the purchase device is worthy.

Positioning in the world market

The IFIs are positioned in the business class segment. This is indicated not only by the availability of high-quality photo printing, but also by the cost of 20,000 rubles. However, many home users who have a desire to have professional equipment at their fingertips prefer the L210 Epson (MFP). The manufacturer went to meet customers and provided initially its product with a continuous ink supply system (CISS).

However, all the professionalism of the device ends on the print functionality, because the device in question has a cheap CIS-head for image scanning. This fact does not allow the IFIs to be comfortably located in the business class. But first things first.

Declared printing specifications

With the Epson L210 printer, the printhead can print on paper at a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch. It is this factor that makes it possible to print high-quality photos. But the other characteristics can cause a smile on the face of the user. The manufacturer said about high printing speed: 27 pages in monochrome and 15 pages in color. Such indicators are inherent in professional studio devices.

During the testing, many owners have determined that printing one photo on the entire sheet takes about a minute. On what basis the producer announced a high speed of operation - is unknown. Perhaps, it is a question of printing drafts, but in such cases the manufacturer is obliged to notify his users about this before buying.

Compatibility with operating systems

Another mystery to be solved by the owner who bought the printer Epson L210: how to establish a full-featured work with the operating system? The manufacturer stated full support for Windows, MacOS and Linux. In fact, the device is defined in the system and provides a standard set of functions for managing the printer. But for fine-tuning the print quality in color, you need specialized software and a driver for controlling the hardware.

Problems with the integration of the functionality of the MFP in the system will have all the owners of PCs that have the Linux OS at hand. To configure the printer Epson L210 they have to go through the console, creating their own configuration commands. A little easier to work will be the owners of Mac OS - a ready configuration for management can be found on the Internet. And only to owners of Windows OS of any modification is enough to download the package of utilities from the official site of the manufacturer Epson.

Oddities in the operation of the scanner

As the professionals note in their reviews, the claimed scanning resolution of 1200 x 600 dots per inch is not in any way compared with the 48-bit color depth, announced by the manufacturer. The resolution automatically assigns the device to a budget class, and recognizing hundreds of billions of shades is already a professional level. Mutually exclusive factors cause distrust of some users to the Epson L210 printer. The price of the MFP puts everything in its place - for a CIS-head installed, the depth of 24 bits (4 billion shades) is the limit.

Do not expect a potential buyer of this device and great potential from the copy function. The manufacturer has limited the amount of creation of blueprints on the hardware level. Only 20 pages in one pass of the scanning head. To find fault with this indicator does not make sense, because the print head of the printer should not work for wear. In addition, the Epson L210 diaper with large volumes of printing will not have time to absorb excess ink.

Print Quality

What did not find fault with the testing process - this is to the quality of printing. The requested resolution when transferring images to paper is maintained by the printer. And do not forget that the device is inkjet. Epson L210 has the size of one drop of 3 picoliter. For comparison: the budget representatives in the market of printers, the size of the drop is 5-8 pl. A professional equipment used in photo printing studios has a parameter of 1.5 picoliter.

The Epson L210 multifunction device is divided into four containers. Many shop assistants assure that the printer uses 4 colors when printing. In fact, three colors are used (cyan, magenta and yellow). In the fourth container - black paint. By the way, if you mix the three listed colors in the same proportions, the paper will have a monochrome picture. In professional devices, paints are distributed among six containers and more, so it's pointless to talk about the printer's belonging to the studio technique.

About multimedia

From an expensive printer Epson L210, the price of which exceeds 20,000 rubles, many buyers expect more functionality than a representative of the budget segment. First of all, we are talking about portable printing from storage media. After all, in the courtyard of the XXI century, and the device simply must have a built-in card reader and liquid crystal display for previewing photos. In this printer there is nothing like this.

Does not know how to L210 Epson (MFP) and work without connecting to a computer. The banal creation of blueprints in an autonomous mode is not provided for it. This problem is solved by installing a specialized firmware for a device created by folk craftsmen, but this step is forced. It is unfortunate that a serious brand did not deign to worry about end-users.

The implementation of refilling cartridges

Maintenance and refueling are clearly the merits of the Epson L210. The owner can buy ink in banks of any size and from any manufacturer (including Chinese and Ukrainian brands). All you need to do to the user is to open the top cover of the continuous ink supply system, remove the bypass air valve and fill in the paint of the desired color. No syringes, blowing of tubes, removal of protection from the print head is not present. Everything is implemented easily and simply.

By the way, professionals in the field of office equipment and printing recommend not to spend money on the purchase of large amounts of ink. As noted earlier, the size of one drop is 3 picoliters, which means that the printer will not use paint as quickly as it does for low-cost counterparts. The main task of the owner is to control the level of paint in the containers of CISS. If the ink runs out and the air gets into the system, then the service center can not be dispensed with.


The device L210 Epson (MFP) is uniquely suitable for home use for people who need to print in color a large amount of information, including photos in high quality. And let the initial price of the printer does not bother, because for inkjet devices the cost of printing is important. This MFP is lower than many laser printers - it's a serious indicator in the market of office equipment. Do not forget about the simplicity of service - pouring the paint from one jar to another is much easier than doing complicated procedures using syringes.

The shortcomings in the device include the work of the scanner. In fact, this is a fiction. A low-quality scanning head limits the use of the scanner and copier in handling color photographs. The lack of multimedia (reading memory cards) is also a negative for many owners of multifunction devices. Before buying, professionals recommend to determine the functionality that is necessary for users to work. And if we are talking about high-quality and inexpensive printing in color, then the preference should be given precisely to this printer model in the market of office equipment and printing.

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