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Jude Law: filmography and biography. Best movies with Judah Law

Some believe that an objective opinion can not be a priori, if only because the phrase "how many people, so many opinions" has always remained relevant. However, the opinion of the majority of viewers from all over the world converges in one: the "producer" of the most talented, successful and attractive actors who managed to make their way to the big cinema is the mysterious Albion. To date, when the world is moving with leaps and bounds, it's not surprising that actor Jude Law, considered one of the most beautiful artists of recent years, is the idol of millions of young ladies. They admire him and worship him. Films featuring Jude Law They are loved by adults and children, since many of them are designed for the widest possible audience.


It is believed that on the eve of the New Year there are real miracles. It is worth believing, since on December 29, 1972, a significant event occurred in the family of modest school teachers who, like all others, were preparing to enter the new year of 1973 - a long-awaited child was born. Boy. It was the second child in the family, modest and shy. Until the age of fourteen, Jude studied at the same school as his father taught, and bravely tolerated all the bullying of classmates.

But when the parents became aware of the tortures of his son, he was transferred to a private school, which was in Dalwich. It is worth noting that today the father and mother of the actor are the owners of the theater company in France.

Path to art

Parents of the future actor were inveterate theatromans and rarely missed the next premiere, even if it was not cheap. In particular, it was because of their passionate devotion to the world of art that Jude began to join him. Having visited many plays together with his father and mother, the boy soon discovered that he was also quite good at playing small skits. Parents, having a real pedagogical tact, encouraged his son, and already at the age of six he first came on the scene ...

Yes, it was here, in the children's play, that same Jude Law was born, whose biography is equipped with incredibly bright events. When he was twelve, he became a member of the National Youth Musical Theater and since then has clearly realized that he wants to connect his life with the theater and cinema world.


After parents rid him of the bullying of monster-like peers, who consider a modest and quiet teacher's son something like a whipping boy, Jude seemed to blossom.

1986 was marked for him by an important event - he first got on television and for the first time saw how things are "on the other side of the screen." And even if it was just a teenage sketch, which at that time was a great many, Jude was happy. He continued to dream of conquering television. And, it seems, his dreams began to slowly come true. When the boy turned seventeen, he received his first television role. Jude Law, whose filmography includes many outstanding films, made his debut in a small groom role in the television movie "The Gloucester Tailor," based on the story of Beatrice Potter.

First tours

Since then, the young man lost his head. He was delirious with television and after all, not listening to the persuasions of his parents, dropped out of school. Tempted by the producer of the television series "Families", who noted the winning appearance and potential of a novice actor, he received one of the central roles.

Do not forget Jude and the theater, so he was able to finally break out of London and see Europe. Together with the theater he went on tour in Italy, after which he again waited for a small role on television. It's funny - the future doctor Watson, whom critics and spectators consider the best after Watson Vitaly Solomin, was noted in a tiny role in the series about Sherlock Holmes.


His first major role, Jude Law, whose filmography is quite rich, was only in 1994. It was a youth thriller "Shopping", which later failed safely at the box office. But Jude, who played a young offender, clearly understood that the producer, who had prophesied to him the career of exclusively romantic heroes and mamma's sons, is wrong. The change of the image was to his liking, and the actor finally believed in his talent. By the way, this film was fatal for Judah in all senses - on set he became acquainted with his future wife, actress Sadie Frost.

Theater Award

After such a modest debut in cinematography, Jude hurried back to his native theater. Tragicomedy "Terrible parents" became a landmark for him - for the role here, he not only received his first theatrical prize named after Lawrence Olivier, but also got in touch with the shadow side of the acting profession.

The fact is that in the second act the actor had to play naked, which, it is clear, did not like his parents and conservative citizens who did not accept innovation in art. But the critics and young viewers of the actor appreciated and sympathized with him.

Interesting roles

Movies with Jude Law are good in that every fan of the actor, regardless of gender and age, can find in his paintings something really interesting for himself. Hardly adolescents who enthusiastically watched the modern "Sherlock Holmes" would be interested in "Wilde", in which Lowe played the irresistible Alfred Douglas, whom many considered the "muse" of the great Oscar Wilde. But the young ladies, in love with the work of the actor, this piquant picture fell in love. And two years before this film, Judah was lucky to play with Kathleen Turner in theatrical performance "Immodesty." In addition to tremendous experience, the young actor received two prizes at once: the Tony Award and the Ian Charleston Prize.

Perhaps, from this moment on, Jude Law, whose filmography began to be replenished with strange but talented pictures, really felt himself a versatile actor. Of course, he needed to learn a lot more. Separately I would like to mention the film "Addiction", which the society took rather restrainedly. The reason was the theme. Everyone knew that homosexuals in Nazi Germany were, to put it mildly, treated prejudicedly, but talking about it and even more making movies seemed even more shameful.

A great movie

It's safe to say that Jude Law is the darling of fate. All that he did for his acting career, it was given to him relatively easily. Of course, in many respects his classical beauty and truly British intelligence played a role, but luck can not be discounted.

A real breakthrough for Judah was a fantastic thriller "Gattaki", through which he became acquainted with actors such as Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Jude, who always had great respect for his partners on the set, was happy to work with people who have long found themselves in a big movie. Alas, the film did not have such success as we would like, but Jude did not despair. He was confident that his stellar role is yet to come.

A little more lucky actor in his native England. The film "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" again brought him praise from critics and spectators.


Jude Law, whose filmography is constantly replenished with new paintings, is a real lucky man. During his career he worked with real masters and studied at each of them. So, the actor's partners were Stephen Fry, Ewan McGregor, Ian Holm and the legendary Willem Defoe.

The first picture of a truly successful (and commercially viable) production was Anthony Minghella's "The Talented Mr. Ripley", in which Lowe worked with her peers: Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. Jude played a young handsome gigolo-dick Dick Greenleaf, who, without knowing it, became the object of the hatred and envy of Tom Ripley, a psychopath and a genius, brilliantly portrayed by Matt Damon. Ripley killed Greenleaf and took over his name and way of life. The film was a resounding success, and Jude himself finally got what he had been going for so long - world fame and nominations for the most prestigious cinema awards in the world. Alas, neither the "Oscar" nor the "Golden Globe" actor has not received, but the British Academy Award from him did not go away.

Today, the actor is at the height of his fame. Jude Law, whose height is quite high - 182 cm, thanks to his winning appearance and truly British aristocracy, causes admiration of his fans. His wife treats this with understanding and sometimes even communicates with her husband's fans. In conclusion, I want to say that many films with Jude Law, whose list every year is getting longer, are awarded with prizes and recognized by critics.

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