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Incomplete disassembly of PM: order, standard

Due to its design, small size and weight, the Makarov pistol is considered an ideal weapon for carrying, attacking and protecting, as well as for shooting at short distances.

Disassembly and assembly of PM: types when applied

Checking the ability to use the Makarov pistol, knowledge of its design and the purpose of all its components is carried out by conducting a complete and incomplete disassembly of weapons. These procedures are also carried out in certain emergency cases, when the gun must be cleaned.

Incomplete dismantling of the PM is carried out in the case when the gun needs to be cleaned, lubricated all the parts, and also to test its combat capability.

Full disassembly is recommended only if the gun is heavily soiled, if it has been exposed to rain or snow, dropped into the water. The mechanism of the weapon, exposed to such influences, urgently needs to be thoroughly cleaned and checked.

A complete disassembly of the PM is a procedure that is rarely resorted to. This is due to the fact that it greatly reduces the resistance of the mechanism and its components to wear, which reduces the operational life of the weapon.

A complete disassembly of the PM is also performed during the transition to a new weapon lubricant. Also, it is performed if necessary to repair the entire mechanism of the pistol or its individual parts.


  • Assemblage / disassembly PM is carried out on a flat surface. This can be a table or bench, the surface of which must necessarily be covered with a clean oilcloth.
  • When deconstructing the PM, it is very important to ensure that the extracted mechanism and its parts fit on the table surface in a certain order. It is recommended to put them in the same sequence as they were extracted, excluding their blows against each other. The work should be done very carefully and carefully, without excessive effort.
  • If more than one gun unit is collected / dismantled, but several PM pistols, then the parts and mechanisms must be numbered. This will facilitate the assembly work, since the assembled parts can not be confused.

Incomplete disassembly of PM

The procedure includes such consecutive stages:

  • Removing the magazine from the handle.

The gun should be in the right hand, and with the index finger left to the limit the shop latch. At the same time, it is necessary to pull out the bulging part of the magazine cover.

  • Checking the chamber for the presence of a cartridge in it.

It is produced when the fuse is switched off. The bolt must be secured in the rear position by means of a gate delay. This will give an opportunity to inspect the chamber. The shutter is released to its original position by pressing the gate delay.

  • Separation of the shutter from the frame.

Trigger bracket is pulled downwards with a skew to the left with its further deduction. The rear part of the shutter goes up, and the shutter itself, with the help of a return spring, moves forward.

  • Removing the return spring.

It is screwed from the barrel by turning on itself.

After the incomplete disassembly of the PM is performed, the assembly procedure is performed in the reverse order.

On the complete disassembly of Makarov's pistol

The order of disassembling the PM consists of the following operations:

  • Separation of the sear and the gate delay from the frame.

It is produced by simultaneously pressing the shank in the trigger and the trigger.

  • Removal of the sheathed spring from the gate delay.

It is carried out with the help of the protrusion protrusion. The whisper and shutter delay rise up and separate from the frame.

  • Separation of the fighting spring from the frame and handle from its base.

Using the blade located on the wiper or the shutter reflector, it is necessary to remove the screws and move the handle to the rear position. The fighting spring is removed by pressing it against the base and removing its gate located on the handle. This will make it possible to extract a fighting spring located on the tide of the base.

  • Separation of the trigger from the frame.

To do this, you need to unfold the descent hook to the limit forward, and the trigger moves in the direction to the trunk. This will pull the trigger.

  • Separation from the frame of the pull rod and cocking lever.

Trigger rod with its rear end is raised upwards with the simultaneous removal of its trunnion from the hole in the trigger.

  • Separation from the trigger frame.

To do this, remove the trunnions on the trigger from the special nests that contain the frame. This is done by turning the hook shank forward.

  • Separation from the fuse and blower bolt.

The safety flag after its turning to the upper position is taken from the socket to the side, which will allow it to be withdrawn from the nest.

  • Separating the ejector from the shutter.

Before operation, the ejector hose must be recessed with a protrusion protrusion. The ejector must be untwisted along the hook until it exits the groove.

  • Disassembly of the pistol shop.

It is produced by squeezing the feeder spring with the simultaneous removal of the magazine cover, which is possible due to the protruding part in it. After this, the feeder spring is firstly extracted first, and then the feeder itself.

After the work on complete disassembly was carried out, the Makarov pistol is assembled in the reverse order.

How is the assessment of the incomplete disassembly / assembly of the Makarov pistol?

You can submit the standard of disassembly of PM by completing two tasks with a special assessment scale. For their implementation a certain time is allocated:

  • Incomplete disassembly of the PM for an assessment of "excellent" must be completed in 7 seconds. The time, which exceeds 10 seconds, testifies to the unsatisfactory possession of weapons and ignorance of its design.
  • The assembly of the Makarov pistol is carried out after the completion of its incomplete disassembly. On the evaluation of "excellent" this procedure must be performed in 9 seconds. Completing the task in 10 seconds. Corresponds to the evaluation of "good". If the time spent on the assembly exceeds 12 seconds, this indicates that there is poor theoretical knowledge.
  • Shop equipment. The task is designed to charge eight cartridges.

"Excellent" - the task is completed in 16 seconds.

"Good" - 17 sec.

"Satisfactory" - 20 sec.


The PM is considered a classic pistol designed for civilian and police use. Despite the fact that the Makarov pistol is not capable of producing 100% speed and target shooting, it is widely used both in shooting conditions and in combat conditions. The Makarov pistol is still in the arsenal of the Russian Federation army, with its gradual replacement by more sophisticated weaponry structures, such as Yarygin's pistols.

But the most powerful competitor of the PM pistol is the PMM - the Makarov pistol is modernized, equipped with an enlarged magazine with twelve high-pulse cartridges (in PM there are eight) with a capacity exceeding the capacity of standard PM cartridges.

Bullets for the Makarov pistol are endowed with increased stopping power: they do not have a solid core. This provides the possibility of using Makarov's pistol by law enforcement officers when working in the city.

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