Incognito mode in Google Chrome browser

There are cases when the user has a need to browse the Internet pages of any content without "leaving traces" on the personal computer. Of course, you can then clean up the necessary folders, delete cookies and other hacks, but this is a waste of time. Incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser helps to "go unnoticed" when surfing on someone else's computer or on your own when you visit any content.

Regardless of the browser, when you visit Internet pages, enough personal and personal information is downloaded to the personal computer: temporary files (buffered videos and audio tracks, cached pictures) that are temporarily written to system folders and stored there for a while. This allows you to have access to the user's unprotected personal information.

In Chrome browser, the incognito mode was created to protect the cookies (special authentication data for authorization in social networks, mail and other services with registration). There are cases when it is necessary to keep complete confidentiality when working at the computer, without leaving the history of visits and downloads. In Google Chrome, the settings allow you to turn off the history recording, but it's not as convenient as full anonymity without unnecessary settings and additional actions.

There are other ways to remain invisible: specially software, manual cleaning of files and folders, special browser settings. But the incognito mode outperforms the simple hacks in its functionality and simplicity.

This article will tell you how to leave no traces when using the Internet and its resources, or how to become "invisible in the network."

The basics necessary for any ordinary user

The basis for storing and viewing data in any browser is the "History" or "View log" tabs. Anyone with access to a personal computer has access to them. Of course, they serve to simplify the work on the Internet and track their own actions, but they also carry a danger due to the openness and accessibility of such information to other people's eyes.

If you go to the same Google Chrome (settings), then you can see the links to visited sites for a certain time. You can also set the time period during which this data will be stored, or turn off the tracking history. But there is a fat minus in it: if you found the important page you need and accidentally closed it, you will have to re-run the entire Internet in its search, since there are no history of its visit.

In Chrome browser, incognito mode is an innovative innovation

This feature is available in a recent browser update. For a long time developers went to this event, doubting its need and thoroughly testing the beta version of the program.

Incognito mode is a special function that allows you to visit Internet pages without fearing for the accessibility and openness of history or visiting magazines, since they are simply empty! This means that you can not only surf the vastness of the world wide web, but also watch video clips, listen to audio tracks. But saved bookmarks and downloaded files will be visible.

How do I enter incognito mode?

You can use the menu, where there is a tab "open a new window in incognito mode." Or there is an option a bit easier: hot keys (ctrl + shift + n) will immediately open a new window for you in the anonymous user mode. To recognize a new window is easy, it is worth looking at the upper right corner, where the corresponding icon will appear.

It is worth mentioning that the new mode can be used when syncing with your Google Chrome account (there is no need to leave it). The anonymity of the data will be preserved even in this case.

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