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How useful are oranges? Which is more useful: orange or tangerine? Vitamins in the orange

How useful are oranges? This issue is especially concerned with those who are not indifferent to such a citrus fruit. It should be noted that today oranges are available at any time of the year. Moreover, their price is so low that they can be consumed at least every day. But not all people do this. This is due to the fact that many simply do not know how useful oranges are. After all, most often, this citrus is acquired only because it is sweet, bright and from it you can easily make a beautiful fruit composition for a festive table.

So let's fix this situation! Consider an orange in terms of its usefulness.

General information about orange fruit

Before we find out how useful oranges are, we decided to present to you the history of its appearance. After all, not everyone knows that such a citrus is the fruit of an orange tree, which two and a half thousand years BC was cultivated in China by crossing mandarin and pomelo.

In European countries, this citrus was first introduced by Portuguese seafarers. And immediately after such an event it became very fashionable to grow orange trees on their garden plots. As is known, for this purpose, special glass structures were built-greenhouses. Today, such citrus grows throughout Central America, as well as along the Mediterranean coast.

The word "orange" was borrowed from the Dutch appelsein, but often such a fruit was also called pomme de Chine, that is, "an apple from China."

How useful are oranges?

In addition to the fine taste with a little acidity, the orange has a wide range of medicinal and healing properties. This is because in a small fruit is a huge amount of nutrients.

Oranges are rich in vitamins such as A, P, C, B and D. In addition, they contain a storehouse of macro and microelements. Among them, I want to especially highlight iron and copper, which are extremely necessary for those who suffer from anemia. The juice of this fruit perfectly quenches thirst and is often used for febrile illnesses. It is also worth noting that oranges are recommended not only to arouse appetite, but also as a means to get rid of excess weight.

Features of a bright and beautiful fruit

In addition to the above, the orange has anti-aging and antioxidant properties. With regular use, it is able to remove from the body metabolic products, as well as slags and toxins, thereby preventing the development of many diseases and premature aging of the body.

The orange contains almost 120% of the daily norm of ascorbic acid. In view of the fact that it contains a lot of dietary fiber, it is often used to support normal weight. After all, it is the fibers that swell and increase the volume of food that help create a feeling of satiety. Thus oranges are low-calorie - in one fruit of the average size contains only 70-80 power units.

What vitamins in an orange prevail?

As mentioned above, this fruit contains a huge number of different vitamins, namely:

  • Vitamin PP is about 0.2 mg.
  • Vitamin A - 8 mcg.
  • Beta-carotene - about 0.05 mg.
  • Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is almost 0.04 mg.
  • Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is about 0.03 mg.
  • Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B3, is about 0.3 mg.
  • Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, is almost 0.06 mg.
  • Folic acid - 5 mcg.
  • Vitamin H, or biotin, is 1 μg.
  • Vitamin E is approximately 0.2 mg.

When eating such a fruit in most people, the most common question is how much vitamin C in an orange. It should be noted that the amount of such a substance in an average fruit is about 60 milligrams, which can not but rejoice. After all, it is thanks to him that a person activates the immune system, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves the work of all internal organs and systems, and so on.

Kinds of oranges

Since the delivery of the orange tree to Europe, a huge number of species of this fruit have been cultivated. All of them are useful, but there is still a difference. And it is not only in size, color, taste and juiciness.

The most popular in our country are the following oranges:

  • Ordinary. This fruit has yellow flesh and quite a lot of seeds.
  • The variety is "Sicilian". Such small in size oranges are unusually sweet, juicy and have a bright red flesh.
  • "Umbilical" fruit. Clearing the fruit from the peel, it can find another fruit in its infancy.
  • "Jaffa" oranges. These are the largest fruits of all presented. Their rind is bulky and thick, and the pulp contains a huge amount of juice.

For sure, every one of you at least once in your life tried such fruits, in particular a red orange. The use of "bloody" citrus lies in the fact that its composition has more amount of vitamin C than in other varieties. So, eating only one fruit, you will get a daily rate of ascorbic acid.

A red orange, whose benefits are undeniable, contains other vitamins (A and B), as well as chemical elements (iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc.). But this is not all, because Sicilian fruit has a huge amount of fiber, antioxidants, sugars, thiamine, folic acid, etc.

How does the "bloody" fruit affect the body?

If you have weakened immunity and have any other health problems, then you should always use a red orange once a day. Its advantage lies in the fact that it beneficially affects the state of the heart system, blood vessels, activates brain activity and normalizes blood pressure. The presence of an element such as calcium provides complete protection of the bone system, including teeth. Antioxidant beta-carotene prevents cell mutation. As for thiamine, it easily converts food into the right energy for a person.

In general, the "bloody" fruit increases the immune system, promotes the production of hemoglobin, has an anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. One can not ignore the fact that the vitamins in the orange, as well as the micro and macro elements contained in it, contribute to the treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, rheumatism, asthma and pneumonia. Regular use of this citrus improves digestion, intestinal motility, increases appetite, and also cleanses the body of toxins and toxins. The great merit of the red orange is also in the fact that it can easily and quickly reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Orange peel: can I eat?

Orange peel, the benefit of which has long been proven by specialists, contains no less vitamins, macro and microelements than the pulp of this fruit. In this regard, it is highly discouraged to discard the peel after consuming sweet and juicy citrus.

It should be noted that the orange peel contains a huge amount of fiber. Due to this, it is often used as a mild and effective laxative. But, in addition to removing all waste, the citrus peel helps strengthen the intestine itself. That's why people with gastrointestinal problems should regularly eat such a bright and tasty fruit, like an orange. Reviews of this citrus say that his skin stimulates the production of bile, eliminates worms and helps in the fight against excess fat deposits. But how to use such a product? Of course, to use it just is not very pleasant. In this regard, on the basis of orange peel, it is recommended to brew tea, make jam out of it, use it when cooking homemade cakes, etc.

Which citrus is better: a mandarin or an orange?

Unequivocally answer the question about what is more useful - orange or mandarin, it is rather difficult. After all, each of the presented fruits is good in its own way. For example, vitamin C and organic acids in the maximum amount are contained in oranges. However, tangerines include a lot of sucrose, so they are much sweeter and tastier. It is also worth noting that both in those and other fruits there is a huge amount of vitamin D, which prevents the development of rickets in young children, and vitamin K, which provides elasticity of the vessels and prevents the development of heart disease.

Let's sum up the results

In view of the fact that both mandarins and oranges contain many useful substances, it is rather difficult to choose which fruit is better. Therefore, when buying citrus fruits, you should rely only on your own taste or on the goals for which you purchase this product.

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