How to like the girl

The first date is not scary

Are you going to a first date with a girl you like? Are you worried and think only about how not to make any irreparable mistake? It can not be said that these disturbances are in vain, because the girls are such unpredictable creatures, guided by their own - female - logic, which no representative of the stronger sex can comprehend.

Every young man would like to know exactly the recipe - how to please a girl. He is waiting for the meeting, and the minutes to its beginning last almost forever. Representatives of the fair sex can not understand what is important for the guys is the first date, even if it does not become the beginning of a serious relationship. After all, this meeting is the most important and responsible, showing whether a guy and a girl are worthy of each other, are they able to please each other, and then - to decide on the development of events, new meetings and, perhaps, love. How to interest a girl - this question is sooner or later asked by every guy.

The main thing - appearance

On the first date it is important to take into account any small thing, since it may not be enough to create a positive impression. To like a girl at the first meeting is very important, because, despite the popular wisdom that women love with ears, the ability to evaluate young people in style and appearance, the beautiful sex is almost from birth. A woman may seem to unconsciously glance at the clothes of her chevalier, and after that draw a conclusion about his qualities. Therefore, before the guy about to interest the girl, the problem arises: what to wear. From sports suits it is necessary to refuse at once, it is unimportant, how much conveniently and habitually in them to go. How do you like the girl? Choose clean clothes of classical style, but not to replay - no jackets and ties. Ideal option for creating a favorable impression can be called a clean shirt and carefully ironed pants, in extreme cases - jeans, but always with an attractive belt. Of course, shoes should be neat and cleaned. All these details are sure to be noted and recorded in the mind list of an attentive girl in an undoubted "plus".

Probably, it is not necessary to clarify that before a date, you must take a shower and use light toilet water - always easy and unobtrusive, which will be remembered by the lady for a long time and will be associated with this meeting (if, of course, it will be successful).

Further actions

The best thing about how to like a girl, they know themselves, so a young man on a date must necessarily listen to her. More than anything in the world, women appreciate men's punctuality. And it does not matter that they themselves are often late for 5-10 minutes! Cavalier must come a little earlier and wait patiently for her. This is part of the women's game, the rules of which must be strictly followed. The same can be said about choosing a place for a date: first of all you need to ask the girl where she would like to go, then if she does not decide, offer her options., If possible, to guess her wishes, for example, to walk In the park or sit in a cozy cafe.

And the last ...

If you do not know how to like the girl - lead an emotional conversation, do not limit oneself to answering her questions, ask them yourself. Girls do not like too talkative guys, but they also despise and keep silent, so in everything should adhere to the golden mean. If everything goes as it should, the fair sex representative will let her know about it, and then the first date will necessarily become the starting point for a great feeling and long relationship.

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