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How to download audiobooks for "iPhone": instructions

Books, without a doubt, are the greatest of man's inventions. Regardless of whether this is an art or professional literature, each of them has an incredible amount of knowledge and human experience that everyone needs. So it turned out, technical progress is ruthless for everything, and for the last two decades, books have gone to the background, giving way to cinematography and the Internet. Find the information you need is easier on the web, and plunge into the fascinating worlds that previously harbored the books, you can turn on the TV.

Another obstacle in the way of books was the rabid rhythm of life that overtook humanity in the 21st century. There is absolutely no time even to open the book (and it's easier to open the app on "iPhone"). Fortunately, this barrier is easy to overcome. What if someone else reads the book? Now this is real, since many books have long migrated to the audio format, and everyone has a portable gadget in their hands, capable of reproducing them.

In this material, we will talk about how to download audiobooks for "iPhone" and freely reproduce them on it.

Types of audiobooks

Audiobooks, like many other materials, are delivered in various formats. Two of them are the most common:

  • Standard, familiar to everyone, MP3;
  • Specialized M4B.

Each format has its pros and cons. The advantages of MP3 are obvious, this format supports almost any gadget, player and phone. Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting the possibility to run them only in a media player, which means that the books will be mixed with music and not broken into chapters. Also, after completing the audition at some point, you can not keep progress.

Format M4B was created specifically for audiobooks, it opens only in specialized programs. One such application is iBooks, capable of breaking books into chapters and preserving the progress of "reading".

Create audiobooks

The second format is a priority because of the above reasons, so before you download audiobooks to "iPhone" from your computer, it was not bad to find them in the proper form. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, the benefit of audiobooks can be created independently. This program will help, which is called Audio Book Converter, it allows you to convert MP3 files to M4B in semi-automatic mode.

If you have books in a different format at hand, then before working with the program you need to convert them to MP3, for this purpose, any more advanced converter, including M4A to MP3 Converter, can serve.

To create the most comfortable for listening to an audiobook, you should use the m4book application, with which you can divide the book into chapters, and also decorate it with a suitable cover.

How to download audiobooks for "iPhone"?

The process of downloading books to "iPhone" is similar to how other media files such as music are downloaded to it:

  1. First of all, you need to create a separate folder where audiobooks will lie (they will stay there permanently).
  2. Next, you need to open the iTunes program and open the "My Music" menu.
  3. At the bottom of the interface is a badge in the form of a plus sign, click on it and choose the sub-item "Create a new playlist."
  4. Open the newly made playlist and look for the button "Add" in the upper right corner, in the opened window it is necessary to transfer all files in MP3 format.
  5. That audiobooks were on the phone itself, you need to synchronize with the smartphone.

The addition of books in the M4B format is somewhat different:

  1. Having launched iTunes, it is necessary to find the "Books" item, and in it the sub-item "My audiobooks".
  2. On the right is the button "Edit playlist", click.
  3. In the appeared window it is necessary to add audiobooks.
  4. That audiobooks were on the phone itself, you need to synchronize with the smartphone.

How do I download books without iTunes?

Many users hate this media harvester developed by the Apple team with all their heart and often ask themselves: "How to download audiobooks for iPhone without iTunes?" The solution can be any utility for working with files on the iPhone, but among them there is a real diamond called Waltr 2. This is the easiest method to transfer various files to iTunes, just run the program, connect the phone, and then transfer the necessary files (regardless of Format) in the application dialog box.

How to download audiobooks for "iPhone" via torrent?

Regrettably, but the domestic market of audiobooks is in very poor condition, therefore, it is almost impossible to get a legal copy anywhere. And many readers know that the most powerful and advanced database of books is located on torrent trackers.

In "iPhone" is not provided the opportunity to work with torrent clients, therefore, before downloading audiobooks to "iPhone", you have to attend to their downloading to the computer.

There is also a workaround option if the smartphone was subjected to the "jailbreak" (hacking) procedure. Cydia repositories have applications (iTransmission) capable of recognizing .torrent files and uploading data directly to the phone.

Listening to audiobooks

In conclusion, it is worthwhile to tell about the most simple and accessible method - applications in the AppStore. There is a fairly extensive list of software from different publishers that provide not only the ability to listen to audiobooks, like functionality, but also the books themselves.

One of such is the application "Read" from Lithuania. This application on "iPhone" is designed specifically for the Russian market and provides fans of literature with an extensive base of licensed books available in one-touch.

There are other similar services, for example LoudBook, which can provide listeners with a collection of 7,000 audiobooks. Downloading one of these applications, the user will not have to think about how to download audiobooks to "iPhone" through a computer.

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