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How many a child sleeps in 1 month and where he sleeps

A newborn child actively adapts to the world around him. It seems to the outsider that the baby only eats, sleeps and cries, but this is completely erroneous impression. The organism experiences a considerable load, after all many systems start to work for the first time, the kid passes to a relative autonomy. Of course, he needs care, but he can breathe and eat now himself.

Every young mother imagines the correct behavior of her child in her own way. And if the girl had no experience of caring for younger brothers or sisters, these representations are usually mistaken.

How many a child sleeps in 1 month, mother is often interested in how much he should suck milk, how to gain weight. But before the baby begins to meet all the norms, he must adapt to life outside the mother's stomach.

Immediately after birth, the baby sleeps, usually a few hours in a row. Childbirth is difficult not only for mom, but for him. Then he learns to suck milk, understands that it is warm and cozy near my mother. And with the appearance of milk in the chest is also nourishing.

A child in one month sucks fifteen to twenty times a day, almost every hour. During sucking, the baby usually sleeps, so how much the baby sleeps in 1 month is not always clear. Under the word "asleep" a young mother usually means "sleeps deeply in her crib and does not disturb her mother." Such a dream for a day the baby can be very little.

Krosha constantly strives to be closer to her mother. In a dream, he listens to her breathing and palpitation and calms down.

But not all children are so "manual". Some agree to sleep in the crib or on the couch without the participation of the mother.

How many a child sleeps in 1 month and should he stay awake?

As already mentioned, the child's body experiences a great load, despite the fact that it seems to do nothing. For the first month the baby manages not only to adapt, but also to grow up, to gain weight by several hundred grams. Therefore, the wakefulness of such a child is reduced. The kid can open his eyes for a few minutes. A bright light, new sounds and impressions quickly tire him and the baby again falls asleep blissfully.

Gradually the period of wakefulness increases. The child gradually learns to focus his vision, begins to recognize his mother and smiles. The first smiles can be given to anyone.

How much does the baby sleep in 1 month usually? There is no single answer to this question. The day does not always look like the next one. In this matter, much depends on the individual characteristics and the state of the nervous system. Therefore, the question of how much a child should sleep in 1.5 months is simply meaningless.

When assessing the state of the baby it is important not to find out how much the baby sleeps in 1 month, how much he eats and how often he pleases his mother with a good chair. Much more important is another: the state of health and mood of the baby.

If the child is small (from the mom's point of view) asleep, but calm, does not lag behind in development, it means that everything is in order. If he is restless, crying a lot and falling asleep badly, he should turn to the neurologist. To calm the nervous baby you have to feed him, and you can even swaddle. The kid rarely sleeps in his crib. Mama's bed is much more attractive to him.

Over time, everything will be fine!

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