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Daniel Murillo: Biography and Creativity

Daniel Murillo is an American musician who was born in 1982, on November 21, in Hesperia, USA. He is a member of the Hollywood Undead group. Former frontman of the Lorene Drive team. The wife of our hero is called Teresa Murillo. He also has a daughter named Scarlett. Has its own clothing line called Danny Rose Supply.


Daniel Murillo made his debut in 2002 as a frontman of a band called Lorene Drive. The band released their debut album in 2005. He was called Romantic Wealth. Together with Lorene Drive, our hero took part in tours of Taste of Chaos, Bamboozle coast and Warped Tour. In addition, appeared on MTV in a competition called Dew Circuit Breakout.


Daniel Murillo, before joining the group Hollywood Undead, took part in the ninth season of the American show American Idol. He passed through the qualifying stage. Then he sang the song of the band Shy. However, he refused to continue his participation to go to the Vatos Locos tour with Hollywood Undead. He worked on an American Tragedy album as a vocalist, replacing Deuce, the former member of the band. The album was released in 2011, in April. He debuted at number 4 on the Billboard 200. He won the first position in the chart of Top Hard Rock Albums. In addition, this work took the fifth line in the official chart of Canada. American Tragedy had more significant commercial success than the first record of Swan Songs. During the first week, 67,000 copies were sold. A song called Been to Hell fell into the list of ten rock songs of 2011, according to Aol Radio's version. Da Kurlzz - a member of the group Hollywood Undead - noted that our hero gave the team a new breath, and now the team has something to strive for.


We should say a few words about the exterior, which has Daniel Murillo. Its height is 163 cm. At the same time, according to the tradition of the Hollywood Undead group, the appearance of the musician was modified due to the mask, which he received in 2010, immediately after joining the team. At the same time he was given another inalienable attribute of the team member - an alias. The mask was originally gold. It was supplemented by black spots. But later they disappeared. The slit for the eye on the left is represented as the center of the Latin cross. In 2012, the golden mask received a more severe outline. The Latin cross was replaced by cartridges from cartridges. In 2014 and 2015, the mask looked like a golden chain mail, but it retained familiar features.


Daniel Rose Murillo, along with the band Lorene Drive, recorded several albums. In 2005, Savan In Super Pursuit Mode and Romantic Wealth were released. In 2008, Out Alive appeared. Then began a joint work with a group of Hollywood Undead. In 2011, the album appeared American Tragedy. At the same time, Redux was released. It was the band's first remix album. The CD was released at the studio A & M / Octone Records. The history of this record began with the fact that after a while since the release of American Tragedy, the band opened a competition for fan remixes. The best of them were to enter the album. The tracks were created by various musicians and DJs. The first single was released in 2011, in October. A video was shot on it. Also our hero took part in the recording of the album Notes from the Underground. It was presented in 2013, on January 8. This work was created at the studio A & M / Octone Records. The record debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. In one week, 55,000 copies of the disc were sold. In addition, the musician worked on the creation of the album Day of the Dead. The work was released in 2015. It's about the band's first album, recorded at Interscope Records.

Hollywood Undead

Currently, Daniel Murillo continues to create in the Hollywood Undead. Therefore, this group should be discussed in more detail. It's about a musical band from Los Angeles. He was formed in 2005. His team chose rap-rock. Participants wear masks in photo sessions and concerts. In total, 10 million CDs of the band were sold all over the world. The band's story began with the fact that Aron Ehrlichmann and Jorel Dekker published the song The Kids on the Internet. After receiving positive feedback, they formed a team with their friends Jeff Phillips, George Arthur Reagan, Dylan Peter Alvarez, Jordan Christopher Terrell, Matthew St Claire. In one of the interviews, the musicians noted that the members of the group were all those who were in the room at some point and were able to play instruments. Regarding the name, it was noted that initially the team was supposed to get the name Undead, but the fact that the first song that was recorded together was called Hollywood played its role. Later it was renamed No.5. One of the group's acquaintances saw a disc with a record and read Undead Hollywood. Then he changed the words in places and proposed the final version of the title. The main theme of the songs was love and injustice.

The popularity of the collective began to grow. He was noticed in the MySpace Records studio. Song No.5 was released in a special collection. At the same time, the team made a video for this composition. A little more than a year it took the band to record songs for the album. Another two years the team was looking for a studio that would not censor the future record. Initially, the band signed a contract with MySpace Records. However, the company tried to influence the content of the disc. Then the agreement was broken, the search for another studio began. Now you know who Daniel Murillo is. Photos of the musician are attached to this material.

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