Beautiful tails for long hair: variations of a stylish hairstyle

Long healthy hair - this is the pride of their possessor. Girls with long curls look feminine and luxurious. However, in order to make a proper head look, it is necessary to take care of it, to collect it in hairdresses or to make accurate packing. Every day with long hair it takes a long time to tinker to finally assemble them properly.

Some representatives of the fair sex have long been accustomed to washing and laying their long locks, but there are those who are thinking of cutting them, because they take a lot of time and nerves. If you belong to the second group, do not despair. There is a mass of light and fast in the execution of options for hairstyles for each day, in particular, this ponytail and its variations. You can make beautiful tails for long hair for girls and for adult women. This hairstyle is universal for any age. This article is about how to make beautiful tails for long hair without unnecessary hassle.

What to choose a hair elastic

Eraser - this is the main component of the hairstyle and half of all the success. To keep the tail and you do not have to correct it during the day, the elastic should be of high quality and durable.

The first thing to consider is the structure of the rubber bands. It should not be stiff, otherwise the accessory will tear and injure the hair. Eventually they will be weakened and begin to fall out. To make a beautiful tail, long hair should look healthy. The most delicate are rubber bands in fabric, with mahra, or silicone springs, which have become very popular lately.

Also there is an interesting option - rubber bands with hooks. Thanks to their structure, they permanently fix the hair, they stretch well, but they do not stretch. By the way, every girl can make such an accessory with her own hands. It is enough to have a regular rubber band for the hair and a pair of hairpins-invisible.

How to prepare hair before hair

Before you start to collect hair in the tail or any other hairstyle, you need to prepare them. From the preliminary procedures depends on the final result and the overall impression of the hairstyle. To beautifully collect the tail, long hair should be clean and fresh. Use a shampoo that fits your hair's structure, as well as conditioner or balm as needed, if the hair is dry, brittle or unruly. After washing, comb hair thoroughly and blow dry with a hairdryer.

If you are thinking how to make a beautiful tail for long hair is not ordinary, but voluminous, then you need to stack them a little differently.

  1. Wash your head well.
  2. If necessary, use a balm, but apply it only to the ends.
  3. Dry the hair dryer and comb.
  4. Using a corrugated iron, treat the hair at the roots a third of the length.
  5. Tighten the ends of the fuse inwards. Hold the hot plate on the curls no more than twenty seconds.
  6. Take the locks from the nape to the face.

So, after stacking, go directly to the question of how to assemble beautiful tails for long hair. Photos and instructions of various options you will find further.

Classic high ponytail

A simple ponytail gathered high on the back of the head is one of the most common and popular variations of this hairstyle. Very well it looks on straight long hair. However, if your hair is curvy or curly, then you just need to straighten them before assembling.

In order to collect a beautiful tall tail for long hair, you need to go through only 4 stages:

  1. Prepare a special gum with invisibility and a comb.
  2. Comb your hair and gather only the upper part of the back of the head. Then gather the remaining locks from the sides and from the back of the head.
  3. Hold the tail firmly with one hand, and the second hold the invisible inside the tail. Wrap the rubber band as many times as necessary, and fasten the second invisibility.
  4. The tail is almost ready. It remains to comb the ends of the hair, so they are not confused.

Everything is ready, and you have received an answer to the question of how beautiful it is to tie a tail on long hair. Now let's move on to more complex hairstyle variations.

Tail with strand winding

The simplest version of the high tail is the same horse, only with a string of hair wrapped around the rubber band. This option hides the elastic and brings some zest to the image.

To build such a hairstyle, you need to collect the hair in the tail, following the instructions above. Then comb the tail and separate one strand from the total mass. Gently wrap it around the gum as many times as the length is enough. After fixing the end of the invisible (preferably under the tail, so that the hairpin could not be seen).

You can diversify this hairstyle by making it even more original if you braid a braid from a strand and wrap it around, as already described.

Complicated ponytail

There are many ways to complicate beautiful tails for long hair. For girls of school age, this can be two ponytails at the back of the head or a pigtail from the tail.

A refined and easy option is the next hairstyle. You will need three bands. They can be any, at your discretion.

  1. Comb your hair back and separate the upper part of it. Tightly tighten the elastic band.
  2. Now gently take the second, middle, part of the remaining hair and connect it with the resulting tail. Fix the second rubber band as close to the roots as possible, but not too tight, otherwise you risk damaging the hair bulbs.
  3. Similarly, collect the remaining locks from below and attach them with an elastic band to the common tail.
  4. It turns out a pony tail, drawn in three places.

Tail with weaving from the bangs

This hairstyle combines both a scythe and a tail.

  1. Separate the bangs in the front. If you have it trimmed, then take the strands that follow it.
  2. Begin to weave a scythe. Important: do not take too many strands at once to get a more elegant pigtail.
  3. Scourge further, gradually adding hair to the strands from the sides.
  4. When you dopplete to the back of the neck, collect the tail of the pigtail and the rest of the hair in one pony tail. Maybe it seems difficult for you, and you think how beautiful it is to tie a tail on long hair? To make the tail neat, always comb your hair before you collect it, and you will not have hair problems.
  5. So, collecting hair in a single tail, tighten it well - and the hair is ready.
  6. You can go further, and wrap your hair in a bun. But still this hairstyle looks better with a tail.

Tail with released front locks

This kind of horse tail is most suitable for those who grow a bang. In such cases, the bangs are already below the eyes, but still too short to gather it in the elastic with the rest of the hair.

If you have a similar situation with the hair, then you can still collect hair in the tail, which will complement the elegantly falling on the temples curls.

Collect the hair in the tail, as already discussed in detail above. You can wrap a rubber band with a lock, or you can not hide an accessory. Then lightly comb the bangs and divide it into two parts. You can leave it as it is, but you can take a curling plate and spin the strands into coquettish curls.

Tail with weaving

Beautiful hairstyles with a tail for long hair can be not only simple and versatile, but also elegant and charming. A small weaving in the hair-do gives charm and makes the image romantic. One of these hairstyles is a lateral tail with a scythe.

This option is slightly more complicated than just a ponytail, but the result will certainly please its owner.

  1. First, you need to divide the hair into parting. It must be done obliquely - from the forehead to the ear, from right to left.
  2. Fix the hair on the left side of the elastic band to the tail. The lower part remains untouched.
  3. From the remaining hair weave the braid, with each step weaving strands on both sides.
  4. When the French pigtail is ready, tie the end of the second rubber band.
  5. Now go to the tail you made at the very beginning. Release the elastic and carefully comb the hair.
  6. Then gently release the end of the pigtail from the elastic and attach it to the rest of the hair. Assemble in a single tail.
  7. Separate one strand and wrap it around the gum. End the hide under the tail, fixing the invisible.

That's so easy and simple beautiful tails for long hair can create a stylish image for any girl.

Naches and ponytail

Overcoat returns to fashion again and again. And all because the styling with the fleece looks elegant, bold and casual at the same time. Beautiful tails for long hair with fleece look stylish and suitable for any occasion.

Such a hairstyle will suit both owners with thick hair, and with rarer and thinner. Nacheshe creates volume, why the hair seems dense and looks luxurious.

So, let's consider the execution of a hairstyle in stages.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to separate a part of the hair in the area of the crown and stab it with a hair clip or crab.
  2. Now, the remaining strands of hair collected and bandaged with an elastic band.
  3. We return to the parietal part. Remove the hairpin, comb your hair, so that there is no unnecessary confusion. Make a haircut, moving the comb from the ends of the hair to their roots.
  4. In conclusion, gather the ponytail.
  5. To hairstyle with fleece lasted longer, squirt a little hairspray. Alternatively, apply the remedy that you are accustomed to using.

Wrapped low tail

Beautiful tails for long hair can be made not only high or medium, but also low. A low tail will not look less beautiful if you follow it as follows.

To do this, you need a comb, hair clip and hair band.

  1. Walk well through the hair. Do not leave any confusion, as it will interfere with the performance of the hairstyle.
  2. Divide the hair into two parts from behind.
  3. One piece bandage with an elastic band.
  4. The second tighten the rope in the inner side. Try to keep it tight, and individual strands do not stick out.
  5. Pin the end of the harness with a hair clip, so that it does not bloom.
  6. Release the remainder of the gum and do the same with it.
  7. Remove the hairpin and carefully remove the two strands by bandaging them with an elastic band.

Tail "Crisscross"

Beautiful tails for long hair can be supplemented with various elements. So there was a kind of low tail, which was called "Crisscross".

Make it pretty simple.

  1. Divide all the hair into three parts.
  2. Take the middle one and collect it with an elastic band in the tail.
  3. Now it's the side parts. They need to be divided into small strands and alternately arrange them at the tail crosswise.
  4. Each pair of strands is secured under the tail by invisible or the second elastic band.

Thus, long hair is not a problem, but a gift from nature. You should be proud and take care of your hair at the proper level. You can invent many beautiful hairstyles, the easiest of which is the ponytail. It's a classic, but it never goes out of style, always looks stylish and elegant in its simplicity.

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