Bank card (Sberbank) "Aeroflot Bonus" - flights bring benefits! Aeroflot Bonus Program from Sberbank: Conditions and Feedback

Aeroflot Bonus is a bonus program for passengers of the airline of the same name, which was established in 1999. By May 2009, more than 1.5 million people took part in it, of which 230,000 were foreign citizens. For each flight to the participant of the program miles are accumulated, the size of which depends on the tariff. Bonuses can also be obtained for shopping in stores, subscribing to magazines, using the services of mobile operators. For all these services it is necessary to calculate the card of one of the partner banks of the program. In early 2014 there were 7: Alpha, City, Russian Standard, Gazprom, SMP, Uralsib. In this article, we will look in detail at the card that Sberbank provides to its customers, Aeroflot Bonus.

For whom

Any passenger can become a participant regardless of citizenship at the age of 2 years. The smallest are connected to the Aeroflot Bonus Junior program. It rules and conditions of participation are similar. When the child turns 12 years old, his account is automatically prolonged and transferred to Aeroflot Bonus.

How to register

  • Through the airline website.
  • Filling out an application at the sales office.
  • Having opened a co-branded bank card.

It is necessary to provide passport data, personal information. After registration, the customer is assigned a personal member number. It must be presented when buying goods and services, as well as at the time of booking a ticket. After accumulating 2 thousand miles, the client receives a permanent card from the Aeroflot Bonus participant (before that he is listed as "pre-activated"). It is sent by post to the address indicated at the registration. You can find the rest of the miles from the Personal Cabinet on the site. Keys, that is, a password, are issued at the registration or at the office of the company.

Types of miles

Regardless of the type of card, the accumulated points are divided into qualifying and non-qualifying points. The first include bonuses accrued for air travel on Aeroflot flights and partner companies. They can be exchanged for a free ticket, a higher class of the participant. After registration, the customer is issued a standard card.

The program "Aeroflot Bonus" (Sberbank) provides that after accumulating 25 thousand miles per year, the customer moves to the next level - Silver. It gives such advantages: one more place for luggage, a priority at registration and service and many other things.

The golden level for 50 thousand miles gives even more advantages. As a bonus, a participant can choose to upgrade the class of service on regular flights of the airline and members of the Sky Team alliance. Non-qualifying miles accumulate for the use of partner services, special offers. They can be spent only on premiums.

Terms of the program

Miles accumulate only for tickets booked in classes O, X, Z, E, G and N. The exact figure can be viewed on the airline's website. Miles are not awarded for premium, free, charter, tickets, paid for by special. Tariffs purchased as part of travel packages. If the client did not show up for the flight, he will not get points. Persons who are participants in different airline bonus programs can accumulate discounts for one flight only for one of them.

Miles are also used for using the services of partners:

  • Registration and use of co-branding cards (Sberbank) Aeroflot Bonus, Russian Standard, CitiBank;
  • Payment for services in hotels Hilton, Marriott, Swissotel, GloriaHotel, AZIMUT, Novotel, Grand Hotel Europe (SPb): 1 mile for 1 euro;
  • Purchase of Simple wines, payment for services of Megafon, booking company, hotels

More details about the conditions of Sberbank

The largest credit institution of the country offers customers discounts in the form of additional. Services and free programs. One of them is the Aeroflot Bonus card (Sberbank). The system is simple: for every bought and used ticket miles are accumulated, which can then be exchanged for a free flight. But there is one condition: during the last two years before the discount is used, one ticket must be registered on the account.

The card "Visa Aeroflot Bonus" Sberbank issues debit and credit. For every used 30 rubles is charged 1 mile. On the Gold map - 1,5 miles. The opening bonus is 500 (1000) miles. On the birthday of the holder the same amount is charged. The Aeroflot Bonus card (Sberbank) with borrowed funds is issued for 900 rubles. Gold is worth 3.5 thousand rubles. The payment for the use of funds is 24% per annum. Other banks offer 30%. Grace period - 50 days. For registration you need to provide only a passport. A certificate of income or an extract from the workplace is not required. The feedback from participants confirms that it is worthwhile to purchase a card only if you frequently fly. Otherwise, the purchase will be unprofitable.

The number of participants decreased significantly

Last April, the bank "Russian Standard" came out of the list of partners of the Aeroflot Bonus program. Under the terms of cooperation for miles accrued, customers must receive cash-back in the amount of 3% of payments on the card. This is the fifth bank, which refuses to cooperate with the company. Released "Russian Standard" is going to join Miles & More. Citibank also cooperates with this company, but it is not going to refuse from Aeroflot yet.

Sberbank can also withdraw from the list of participants

As early as the summer of 2014, negotiations began regarding the purchase of air tickets for "Thank you" points. This bonus program, which allows you to exchange accumulated points for goods and services of partners. According to unofficial data, the credit institution is already negotiating on this topic with e-travel, Anywayanyday, Biletix. The organization also invited its customers to participate in the Sberbank program "Aeroflot Bonus". But the airline refused to sell tickets to customers for "Thank you" points, as it is implementing its loyalty program. As a result, the credit institution stopped charging "Thanks" bonuses on the cards with Aeroflot.


Persons who often use the services of Aeroflot can issue a co-branded card. For paid tickets and partner services, miles are credited to the account. Then they can be exchanged for a free ticket or upgrade the class of service. A large credit institution in Russia also participates in the loyalty program, offering its customers cards - Sberbank (Aeroflot Bonus). For every 30 rubles spent on a bonus account, one mile is credited. Separately, points are accumulated for new clients and on the birthdays of holders.

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