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What's the dream about? Dream book will tell!

Every dream, if properly understood, has a reason or some logical explanation for its occurrence. After all, very often we have to face such a phenomenon as the meeting of a familiar person, which you saw before the morning, right? Although until the time of sleep, we did not even mention it. This is indeed a very strange phenomenon. Until now, many scientists can not understand what the nature of sleep is. Many dream interpretations interpret our visions and give an explanation to the seen spectacle.

Interpretations of night vision

Let's talk today about what it means in the dream book jacket, which we saw in the night vision. To understand the causes and consequences of this dream, it is worth remembering all the smallest details. Only then can you intelligently explain and understand what it meant.

In the dream book, the jacket means the presence of some emotional experiences and problems that eat you from the inside. Think, maybe, really you have some unresolved issues and problems that do not allow you to live peacefully. Or maybe you are missing a family hearth and the warmth of a beloved man, and in a night vision this is all realized in such an absurd way.

What was the thing?

So, let's figure out what the sweater means in the dream book. To do this, remember how she looked. If it was dirty, shabby, disgusting, or had an unpleasant smell, then soon you will face a big quarrel with an expensive and close to you person.

If the jacket looked soft, cozy, then such a vision means that you need a reassessment of values. In a dream book, a warm jacket can mean a lack of information about an item or phenomenon. Take a closer look at the people around you. Perhaps, one of your relatives has some kind of dislike. And this is fraught with unpleasant consequences and, possibly, betrayal. So be careful.

A new thing. Why dream?

In the general dream book, the jacket symbolizes the need for you to help and protect you. You are not dependent and are constantly waiting for solutions to problems from other people.

In the dream book, a new jacket, most likely, means that in the near future an event will occur with you, which will completely change you and those who are close. And it is not necessary that the nature of this event is negative. It is possible that you will experience incredibly good events. They will turn your life for the better.

So, we have considered most of the options, now let's try to figure out whether the color of the jacket that was in your dream is important. Here it is possible to answer unambiguously that yes. Color in principle plays a huge role in the real world, but in a dream, in any case, something symbolizes.

Red and white thing

So, in the dream book, the red sweater is treated as a strong emotion or even passion. It is possible that you yourself without noticing, are experiencing (or will experience) strong passionate feelings for some object. In some interpretations, the availability of this wardrobe item in red can mean good health and a long life without losses.

If you saw a white sweater in a dream, then this is a pretty good sign. This color is in principle considered positive. He has a positive energy. This is the color of spiritual purity and noble moral qualities. Accordingly, if you see a white sweater in a dream, then in the near future you expect pleasant discoveries, kind people close by and a lot of surprises.

Black and pink thing

If in a dream you saw a black sweater , it's worth saddening you. Such a tone symbolizes the bitterness of loss, longing for the man who left your life and the sad news. But do not make hasty conclusions. Black color is also a color of mystery and uncertainty.

If you saw a pink sweater in a dream, it's time for you to grow up and take off the "pink glasses" through which you look at the world. Try to evaluate close people and your actions objectively. Do not rely on someone's support and engage in a personal life. Also, such a dream can mean that in a short time you can embrace a great sense of love.

Yellow and gray thing

A yellow jacket is not the best sign. Such a dream presages betrayal, and, perhaps, the betrayal of a person close to you. Be careful not to neglect this sign. Perhaps this is a kind of warning.

Gray in principle means a neutral attitude to any events. Therefore, a sweater of this color can represent the absence of your desire to act decisively and to deal with pressing probes. Do not think that everything should turn out by itself. To achieve something in life, you need to constantly engage in something, constantly stimulate yourself and step over through your weaknesses, whims and cravings for low pleasure.

Buy a thing for a gift

In the dream book, buying sweaters for a gift means that your secret dream will soon come true. Most likely, what you are going on for so long will happen in the near future. The main thing is to believe and not to give up.

Measure thing

In a dream book, measuring sweaters is not a very good sign. If you have something to hide from your loved ones, hurry up and talk about it yourself.

This dream warns that your relatives and friends can find out about some bad deed on your part. Take care that this happens in a softer form. It is advisable to confess to the deed. You will see that it is much better if they learn this from you personally than from some dubious acquaintances who can embellish the reality not in your favor.

It's good if you dream about a dream in which you put on someone else's sweater. Such a vision can be explained by the rapid exposure of one's loved one. Perhaps you will suddenly see his true face.

If a man presents as a gift sweater, then to you one of the friends is feeling jealous. Also, this kind of dream can mean that you are protected from trouble. And in some unforeseen circumstances, you can certainly get out of the water.

They stole a thing. What could this night vision mean?

If you are stealing a sweater in a dream, this is not a very good sign. Most likely, you may be in for trouble in the financial sector. You can substitute in such a way that you will find yourself owed a large sum of money. Therefore, be vigilant and careful.

If you put on a sweater inside out in your night vision, then, most likely, you will perform some strange act. It will cause great surprise to your friends or co-workers.

A small conclusion

We examined a variety of variations of dreams, in which the jacket appears. Of course, only you decide how to perceive a particular sign. The main thing is to remember that you only need to rely on your feelings. They will not be deceived ever. But in general, always tune into the good. Good luck in life!

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